Red Eye Flight is a series of captions about a mysterious stranger with the ability to warp reality and the adventures he gets into when he flies the very friendly skies.

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Jennifer and Abigale had ear to ear grins on their faces as the two pilot’s, dressed in their freshly pressed uniforms, looked over their plane.

“Can you believe it Jennifer!  We’re finally in business!”

“I know, our first jet in the fleet!  Soon, we’ll own the skies!” she replied with a fake wicked laugh.

The two had been begging, borrowing and stealing everything they could to get their charter airline, well, in the air and it had finally paid off.

Abigale’s smile turned to a slight frown, “But I don’t know about our first customer… I heard… stories.”

“Oh come on, we’ve all heard those stories, but they can’t be true.  They’re just supposed to scare flight attendants in to providing good service, that’s all.  Look, there he is now.” Jennifer said and pointed to the limo pulling up to their plane.

The two best friends hurried over and started their pre-flight inspection, “Abigale, why don’t you go get out client settled in while I finish up.”

“Ok, don’t take long, we need to get to Denver by 5.”

“I know the schedule, now go.”

Jennifer closed the door behind her and entered the cockpit, settling in to her seat and turning to Abigale, the look in her eyes startled her.

“What’s the matter?”

“No… nothing.  It’s just…”

“Just what?”

“Well, the passenger kind of creeps me out, that’s all!  It’s like he sucks the light out from around him… and those eyes…”

“Come on, get serious!  He’s just another rich guy that needs to get somewhere in a hurry.  Have you done your pre-flight checks?”


“Then let’s go.”

Jennifer checked the gauges once more, they’d reached cruising altitude a few minutes ago and the auto pilot was taking care of the rest now.

“Ok, Abigale, time to go see if our clients needs anything.”

“I… I… why don’t you go?”

“Because we flipped a coin and on this trip I’m the Captain and your the co-pilot.  That means you get to go take care of the passengers.  On our next flight it will be the other way around.  Now get to it.”

“Fine.” Abigale replied in a harrumph before getting up, opening the cockpit door and heading back to the cabin.

Jennifer called out over the intercom once more, “Abigale to the cockpit please.”, but like the half dozen times before there was no response.

“What’s that girl doing back there?” she said aloud to no one as she double checked her approach to Denver Airport.

It wasn’t like she needed her or anything, the sky was a little cloudy but nothing to worry about and the air was calm.

She let out a sigh and resigned herself to landing without Abigale and radioed the tower.

“I’m going to kill her.”  Jennifer said under her breath as she took her headphones off and the jet came to rest just outside of the hanger.

She gave the thumbs up to the ground crew and watched them leave as she caught sight of a limo coming straight for them.  She turned and moved out of her seat, towards the cockpit door, turned the handle and opened it.

“Abigale what are you…” she started to say put the words stopped in her throat as she looked back in to cabin to see their passenger sitting in one of the soft leather seats, a mass of golden blonde locks bobbing up and down on his lap.

Abigale had been right, the bright cabin seemed darker around him and the sound of her voice had caught his attention, the two glowing embers where his eyes should have been sent a shiver down her spine.  On pure instinct she tried to bolt for the door, but her legs refused to move.

Suddenly she felt her uniform start to shift, the dark navy blue jacket started to shirking, pulling up her arms until it completely disappeared.  Likewise her slacks receded up her legs until there was nothing left of them but a tiny set of thong bikini bottoms.

Her clean white shirt shifted as it ruffled out the buttons coming apart down the front and it formed a big knot as it pulled up her lower abdomen.

Then she felt her hair tickle her shoulders and then run down her back, bleach blonde locks falling in front of her face as she felt her body start to tighten and reshape itself.

Then those glowing eyes pierced her mind and she gasped, then moaned as her mind reshaped as well.

Jenni blinked and saw her bestie blowing their client, “Like, oh my gawd Abi!  I’m totally the Captain!  I get first blowsies!”, she said as she wiggled her way over and knelt down in front of their client, pushing Abi to the side.

“But Jenni!” Abi whined as she was forced over and the client’s cock slipped from between her lips and she pouted.

“You can, like get thempm nepmpht onmmphhe” Jenni said as she wrapped her lips around their client and slide all the way down his shaft.

Abi undid the knot in her shirt and took off her bra, then straddled over her bff and pushed her tits right in front of their client, who leaned forward and took one in hand and then pulled it forward to suck on.

“Oh yes!  Yes!  Yes!” Abi cried as he tugged and nibbled at her nipple.

Jenni pulled off of him and quickly pulled her “pants” down, turned around and bent over, backing up until her pussy was right over his hard shaft.  Then, using the seat in front of her to steady herself, she lowered herself on to him.

“Oh my god Abi!  He’s soooooo hard!”

“Please Jenni!  Let me try!  Let me!”

“Ngh nugh!  He’s, like all mine!” Jenni said and spead up her rythm, feeling him harded even more and the first drop of cum enter her.

“Like, he’s cumming Abi!  He’s cuuuummmmiiiinnnggggg!” Jenni cried out as her own orgasm crashed over her.  Abi’s voiced filled the cabin as well as her own orgasm crescendoed with her bff’s.

Jenni and Abi walked from their plane, their uniforms a mess but a pleasant afterglow on their lips as their recent orgasms were still fresh in their minds.

“Like, Jenni, does Denver have any strip clubs?”

“Uhmmm… I don’t think so Abi.”

“Awwwwww… but, like how are we going to make any money then?”

“Gawd, like, maybe he can help?” Jenni said as she looked over to a man standing beside a plane, he was looking over at the two bombshells as well.

“*giggle* He’s kind of cute!” Abi replied as they turned towards him.

“Hey, like mister!  Can you fly us to Vegas?” Jenni called out as they approached him.

“I don’t know, I’d have to inspect the cargo.  And it wouldn’t be cheap.” he said.

Jenni and Abi both set their cases and equipment down, smiled and pulled open their uniforms.

“Like, you can inspect this cargo all you like honey!”  Abi said as she jiggled her tits at him.

“And, like, we’re not cheap, we’re high class all the way!”  Jenni added as she moved in close and rubbed up against him.

He reached around and grabbed her ass and she let out a moan, “I can see that.” he replied as he reached out with his other hand and pulled Abi in close as well, kissing her on the lips.

Abi pushed her tongue in to his mouth and wrapped and arm around him and her bff.

“So, like, when do we leave?” Jenni asked.

“Right after I bend you over one of the seat in my plane and fuck you nice and hard.” he said with a glint in his eyes.

“OH MY GAWD! Like it’s totally my turn!” Abi said, bouncing up and down a bit.

“Well, if it’s your turn, I guess we’re all set to go.” he replied and wrapped his arms around their waists, leaning them both towards his plane.

Neither noticed they’d left their bags or equipment behind, and neither seemed to care.