Denise snapped the selfie and sent it to Rick, her nipples hardening and her pussy tingling as she typed out the message, “Deni wanna suck cock!”

In her own head she was screaming in frustration and anger, but “Deni” was in full control as she had been for the last several months.

At first, Denise hadn’t noticed the missing time, or as she recognized it now in hind sight, the blackouts when Deni took over her life.

She’d often tried to remember the first time it had happened, she wasn’t sure but she thought it was about six months ago while she had just started watching a TV show.  Her cell phone had rang and she’d answered it.  The next thing she remembered was the credits rolling up the screen and a strange, satisfied, feeling enveloping her.

At the time she hadn’t realized it was Rick of course, in fact she still couldn’t seem to remember looking at the caller id the many times she’d answered his call, but that was the tell in itself that told her she must have been right.

The calls had started to increase in frequency after that, and the missing time grew a little bit longer each time.

It was a couple of weeks after that first call that she recognized something was going on.  She’d been at work when the call had come in, just before lunch with some friends, and then time seemed to skip.  Right in front of her were several of her friends from work that she had planned lunch with, annoyed with her no show.

She’d tried to remember what had happened, but she gave some lame excuse and her friends had left, unhappy, but pacified for the moment.

Things continued to go down hill, the gaps happening even when there were no calls started shortly after that.  Things she couldn’t explain too, why was there a gym bag under her desk?  Or a membership card in her wallet?

Then the first picture show up on her phone, it wasn’t a text message or something, it was in her camera roll and she knew it must have been taken with her phone.  In it, she had a dick between her lips and a look of absolute bliss on her face.

She tried to delete it, wanted to delete it, needed to delete it, but for some reason her fingers simply wouldn’t delete it.  Instead she went home, grabbed her trusty dildo and slide it between her lips as she stared at the picture and masturbated to orgasm.

The pictures started to show up every couple of days, then every day, then several times a day.  Each one had her performing some kind of sex act on an anonymous dick.

Then, almost three months to the day of her first blackout, she woke up one morning, got ready for work, left her apartment with the sun shining.  The next thing she remembered was her closing the door behind her as she returned well past 9pm.

‘What the fuck!’ she thought to herself, she had lost over 12 hours!

‘Awww… like now you know how Deni feels!’ echoed in her mind and she let out a small scream.

It was the first, but not the last time, Deni would talk to her in her own mind.  Over the next week Deni took over more and more of the time, but Denise also started to become aware of what was happening during each of the blackouts.

After two weeks, Denise was a full time passenger in her own body.  She watch Deni ruin her life as she sucked and fucked her way through her co-workers and boss.  She recoiled in horror as Deni took her out to clubs, hooking up with random strangers and taking them back to her apartment, or theirs.

When she’d been fired trying to seduce the female director of her boss, Deni had gone straight to the strip club and found Rick.  It was the first time Denise had seen him, though she knew Deni must have visited him before, her memory of those visits was wiped clean.

He’d put her to work right away as she wiggled and jiggled on stage, rubbed and tugged in the VIP and let the men squeeze and tease her body.

Throughout it all Denise tried to fight it tooth and nail, but Deni was in complete control and soon enough she’d moved out of her apartment and taken up residence a condo tower just around the corner from the club.

Deni had also made several doctors appointments and with the money she was making from the club, invested in herself heavily.  A nose job, lip fillers, botox, breast and buttock implants.  In no time she looked like a plastic doll from a man’s twisted fantasy.

That seemed to work out well though as she was making more money at the club that she dreamed possible.

Her phone beeped as Rick responded to her selfie, “Hurry in, Don’s been waiting.”

Deni giggled and Denise groaned.  Don was a regular, he especially liked her new enhanced breasts, sucking and twisting her nipples for several songs.  Of course Deni squealed in delight with each suck and twists, but Denise hated each and every moment of it.

Worse yet thought was, like with all her regulars, Don had figured out that Deni would do anything they ask after the first half dozen visits or so.  Deni had sucked him off so many times that Denise had lost count.  And each time was the same, his cum running down her throat, or on her tits, or on her face, followed by a massive orgasm on her part.

The orgasm wasn’t just Deni’s though, Denise felt it just like she felt every last pinch, slap, grope and fondle Deni’s clients gave her.

It was getting worse too, each orgasm that followed each humiliating act had started to get to her.  The other day she had caught herself getting excited as Deni took off her bra for one of her regulars.  It got doubly worse when the humiliation of being excited was even more humiliating and made her even more excited.  It was a feedback loop and before she knew it neither Deni or her were really in control of her body, they were in sync as they both rubbed their tits against him, suckled his cock between their pumped up lips and swallowed his load causing an orgasm to wash over both of them.

Deni rushed her body through the club and in to the change room, quickly swapping out her already revealing street clothes for virtually nothing as she head out to find Don.

Deni zeroed in on him like a heat seeking missile and sat in his lap, wiggling her ass as she giggled, “Like hi Don!”

Don smiled, placing one hand on her ass and the other between her legs, “Hi Deni, I see my horny little slut is happy to see me as always?” he said as he slipped his fingers under the tiny thong she was wearing and in to her dripping wet pussy.

Deni spread her legs, giving him easier access and the rest of the club a better view, “Deni soooo horny Don!” Deni said, almost too loudly and several heads turned towards them.

Denise tried to push it out of her mind, the humiliation of being on display, of a man probing her most private parts, was too much.  Months of repeating the cycle; humiliation, degradation, compliance and then blissful pleasure had wormed their way too deeply in to her mind to resists and for the first time in months, she spoke.

“Like, let’s go Don!” she grabbed his hand and nearly dragged him in to the VIP.

She had regretted it as soon as she’d said it, but by the time she tried to correct it Deni was back in full control, guiding the two of them in to the dark VIP area where Denise knew an orgasm awaited her.

Moments later, Deni was riding Don’s cock as he manhandled her tits, “Squeeze Deni’s tits hard Don!  Squeeze them hard!” Deni cried out as she ground her pussy down on to Don’t shaft and made contact with his crotch.

Denise couldn’t stop it, her mind awash in pleasure, she sync’d up with Deni once more.  “Yes!  Yes!  Yes!  Fuck Deni!  Fuck Deni!“ she cried out as she leaned forward and bent over, her lips finding his and her tongue probing his mouth as he reached around and slapped her ass several times as she bounced up and down on him.

She felt his hot cum enter her pussy and she pulled back, arching her back and desperately rocking back and forth as fast as she could as her orgasm rocked her.  She collapsed on top of Don and giggled as he grabbed her ass and continued to pump his softening dick in to her.

Some time later, Denise realized Deni was once more walking around the club, looking for her next customer.  It was the first “black out” she’d experienced in months.

No, blackout wasn’t the right word.  White out maybe?  It wasn’t that she didn’t remember sucking the last drops of cum from Don, or taking the money, or cleaning up in the back, or dropping by Rick to give him the cash.  No she remembered each moment of that, but she didn’t remember thinking of herself as Denise.  Each of those memories were of her *being* Deni as she went about her work.

The thought sent a shiver down her spine, or would have if Deni hadn’t been in control once more.  Denise knew her time was short, in a few more weeks all that would be left would be Deni and she’d be just a memory.

‘Like, that’s right honey!  It’s going to be Deni all the time and I can’t wait to get rid of the prune up my ass that you are.’

‘But… I’m me… not…’ she tried to argue, but found it harder and harder to come up with a good reason.

‘Nugh ugh.  I’m gonna suck and fuck your right out of my head!’

Denise shivered at the thought of more sessions like the one that she’d just experienced washed over her.

‘Puh.. puh… please… don’t…’

‘Awe, poor baby need some more convincing?  Ok, look there’s Jack!’

Denise nearly panicked, ‘NO!  NOT JACK!’ she cried out in her own head as Deni walked her right over to the older man sitting in a chair by the stage.

‘Don’t be sad Denise, like Jack fucks our ass better than anyone!’

Denise tried to fight it, but the waves of pleasure rocked her as the humiliating memories of Jack fucking her in the ass crashed back over her.  By the time Deni hand leaned over Jack’s shoulder and nuzzled his neck, all Denise could manage to say was “Like hi Jack!  Deni really needs her ass fucked, can you like help her with it?”

And she meant every word of it.