You know, I usually don’t post about these kinds of things, like the “Best stuff first” on mobile etc.  

And not because I like it, but because it’s always easy to tell when it happens.

“Hey look, a new version of Tumblr on my phone, what did they break this time?”

But this one really gets under my skin, I turned safe mode off when it was introduced (or at least checked that it was off, it’s hard to remember that long ago honestly) and now, by this message, Tumblr’s going to randomly re-activate it so “everyone has a chance to try it out”.

Hey guess what?  I don’t want to try it out.  I already made the choice NOT to try it out.

So now I have to wait until my dashboard basically disappears (let’s face it, my entire feed is NSFW 😉 and then go and shut the stupid thing off again.

It’s this kind of user hostile action that really gets under my skin.

So if all my posts disappear from your feed over the next little while, follow their inane instructions on how to fix it. 


P.S. as of about 5 minutes ago I was at 2994 followers… looks like a 3000 post is imminent 🙂

They just flipped safe mode on for my account in the last hour so be alert, they’ve started.