Brooke held up her phone and snapped the selfie, her massive rack stretching the thin fabric of her dress as her platinum blonde locks flowed down her shoulders.

She let out a little giggle as the thought of the mousy brunette she had been just nine months ago at the start of the first semester as she worked towards her masters in communications.

She’d been a straight A’s student for as long as she could remember, focused on her grades and school and not much else.  That had changed this year, a new professor had come to the university and he had a much different teaching style than her previous professors.  Suddenly, her grades started to slip, while everyone else’s had climbed.

She couldn’t understand it, she had studied harder, worked harder, done everything she could think of but nothing seemed to help.  That’s when she’d finally decided to make an appointment to see the professor.

It was strange, even now, when she knew what had been done to her, she still couldn’t remember the actual meeting beyond the first few minutes.  She’d started to plead her case, showing him her work and why she deserved a better grade, but he’d just shook his head.

He’d gone on to explain it to her, in the most condescending tone she had ever heard.  How her work was all about the content, the facts and figure, but communications was all about the presentation.  How she communicated was far more important than any thought she might have about any given subject.

She’d felt dizzy for a moment and then her memory faded in to a swirling mass of confusion, the rest of the meeting lost to her.

But she’d taken the words she could remember to heart and started to work on her presentation.  At first it was little things, using pink to spruce up her material, then changing the kinds of words she used, finally adding cute picture of kittens and puppies to her work.

It helped, her grades started to improve, but when she started to change her clothing, dumping the boring old slacks and shirts for dresses and skirts, that’s when things really clicked for her.

By the time Christmas break arrived she had a completely new wardrobe and her hair was a golden blonde.  She had been flirting with the professor every day after class and she’d found her grades almost back to where they had been.  She giggled in excitement as she looked wide eyed at the professor, holding her latest assignment out in front of her.

He’d taken it from her hands and she’d shivered in pleasure as his fingers brushed up against her own.  He’d smiled, which sent an even bigger wave of pleasure through her, and then turned the assignment around so she could see it, opened to the second, and last, page.

She looked at the kitten on one side, the puppy on the other and the blonde with the big tits in the middle.  He’d asked her to read the text that was overlaid on top of the blonde, she’d giggled in excitement and said “Like, blondes with big tits have more fun!”

She knew it was true, she’d masturbated all week to the image and even though her own tits weren’t small, they didn’t match up to the image either.

He’d handed the assignment back to her and she’d skipped off to get ready for the Christmas break, she had spent it researching plastic surgeons and by the time reading week had arrived she was under the knife.  Her recovery had cut in to her class time afterward and she’d fallen behind, but as soon as she was ready, she went straight to the Professor’s office.

Her newly platinum blonde hair, with extensions, framed her heavily made up face and when he suggested some extra circular assignments to make up for the time she had lost, she bounced up and down in her chair, giggling and sending her tits bouncing all around.

The first assignment had been to show up at his home that night and work on her oration skills. She’d show up right on time, her body eager to show him she had taken his lessons to heart.

She’d sunk to her knees, wrapped her lips around his shaft and sucked it with wild abandon.  She moaned and mewed with each stroke, knowing that the content of her message was not the point, only the presentation and she presented herself with everything she had.

There had been an assignment for her tits, another for her pussy and another for her ass and she gave each one her all, focusing on the presentation over the message each and every time.

By the end of the spring semester, she’d moved in with the professor, presenting herself to him each day.  She’d long since stopped attending class, after all the content just wasn’t important, just like the paperwork he had had her sign.

The words, the content of them were unimportant, the pretty pink binder they were in and how she signed her name with two little hearts instead of O’s made their presentation far more important than any gibberish about resigning from her schooling.

She knew it wasn’t what the old Brooke would have thought, but the old Brooke was just a distant memory.  Something the new Brooke remembered being important in the past, but now was just unimportant content to her.  Her presentation was all that matter now.

Brooke lowered her phone and stepped forward and placed it on the counter, then she went in to the Professor’s bedroom, clasped her hands behind her back, pushed out her tits and giggled.

“Like, Professor, I’m totally ready for my final exam!” she beamed as he stood up from the bed.

He stepped close to her, wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her in close, here tits pushed hard in to his chest.

She let out a moan, opened her lips and licked them as she closed her eyes, “Oh my god Professor!  Like, your cock is soooooo hard!”, she said as she felt his shaft push up against her.  She wiggled her hips, trying to rub it against her pussy.

He spun around behind her, keeping his arm warped around her waist as his other hand rose up and squeezed her tit.  She pushed her ass back in to his crotch and squealed, “Yes Professor, squeeze my big fake tities!”, as she ground herself against him.

He let go of her tit and used his free hand to push her forwards on to the bed, then hiked up her dress.  She spread her legs and pushed her ass up in to the air, presenting it to him just as she felt him push up against her pussy.

“Yes Professor, I’m the perfect presentation for your content!” she cried as he pushed in to her and she rocked back, driving him in as deeply as she could.

“Yes! Yes! Yes!  Give me your content!  Make me your presentation piece!  Fill me with your cccccoooonnnnntttttteeeeennnnnntttttt!!!” she screamed as she felt his content enter her and an orgasm crash over her.

Brooke new she’d never have to worry about content every again, the Professor would always give it to her and all she had to do was present herself to him.