“Puh… Please…” she managed to get out as her fingers pulled at her sweater exposing more of her breasts.

It had been a foolish bet, Tommy was too smart not have had an edge in it, but she didn’t see how she could loose.  After all, unless mind control was real there was no way he could get her to “put out” as he had so vulgarly put it.

He was old, and fat, and ugly.  She was young, and hot, and stunningly beautiful.  His only “redeeming” feature, if you could call it that, was his money.

She could never understand why he lived in a same apartment building as she did.  He could afford any penthouse in the city, why live in the dumpy little apartment building she did?

But no matter, the bet had been too good to pass up.  One of the many days he’d tried to hit on her while they were both getting the mail, he’d offered the wager.

Give him five minutes in his penthouse to convince her to “put out”, if after 5 minutes she still refused, he’d give her a million dollars.

At first she’d laughed it off as a joke, but his stern face quickly convinced her he was serious.  She could really use the money and she knew she’d say no, so what did she have to loose?

Well, she guessed he could have overpowered her and raped her, but he had said she didn’t have to come in beyond the doorway and she could even leave it open if she liked.

She’d finally agreed, shaking his hand and following him up to the penthouse.  Just as he’d promised, he let her leave the door open as she walked a few steps in to the penthouse.

That’s when a light came on above her and her body had frozen in place.  A wide grin came over his face and he stepped around her, pulling the door closed behind her, “You don’t mind if I close this do you?”, he’d said.

Her lips wouldn’t form the words, her legs wouldn’t turn her around and run from the penthouse, nothing was working the way it should have been.

Then, as the seconds passed, her mind started to cloud over as her thoughts grew slower and slower.

What seemed like an eternity later the light above her shut off and she inhaled deeply, “There we are, five minutes exactly.  Now come with me.” he’d said and her body followed along before he mind could even recognize what was happening.

He’d lead her in to his bedroom where there was several pieces of clothing spread out, “Get changed and then kneel on the bed, I’ll be back in a few minutes.” he’d said as he walked to the master bath.

She’d moved in slow motion, taking each piece of her own clothing off until she was naked and then putting on the ones on the bed.  Finally she had finished and crawled on to the bed, kneeling there looking straight ahead at the bathroom door, waiting.

He’d re-entered the bedroom after changing in to a house coat and after what seemed like an eternity and smiled at her.

“Very nice, now give that v-neck a little tug.” he’d said and her fingers and done so.

And so here she was, desperately trying to avoid exposing herself in front of him.

“Use both hands, keep pulling until they both pop out.” he said and her other hand raised up, tugging on the sweater until both of her breasts spilled over the neckline.

“I… I… don’t…”

“Still trying to win the bet?  I’m afraid it’s too late for that.”  He said, reaching forward and pressing his thumb against her lower lip, then sliding it down her chin until finally cupping her exposed breast.

It send waves of pleasure through her, her pussy moistened with each touch.  He leaned in and placed a kiss on her lips, probing her mouth with his tongue, then moved down to her nipple and taking it between his teeth.

She let out a moan and then a gasp as he pulled it out from her body and let it spring from between his teeth.

He stood up caressed her face with his hand, “Alight, time to pay off the bet, turn around.” he said and she did so, no longer sure if it was because of the heat in her pussy or her body obeying his commands on it’s own.

She felt his thumbs hook in to the waist band of her shorts and pull them down, exposing her pussy to the cool air of the room and a shiver ran up her spine.

“Puh… Please…” she stuttered once more as his thumb ran along her slick lower lips.

“Please what?” he asked, her body shaking for the pleasure running through her.

“Please… please I need… I need… I need to put out for you!” she finally managed to cry out as she felt his thumb part her lips and enter her.

“That’s better.” he replied and took his thumb from her, then she felt him press up against her.

She moaned in desperate need, she wanted to thrust her body back on to his shaft, but she stay still as he slowly pushed in to her.

“See how easy it is to put out for me?  Your body wants to do it, you want to do it to.  Just accept it, you’ll put out for me anytime won’t you?”

She gasped and moaned as he slide in and out of her, the words pounding on her brain as the waves of pleasure washed over her.

He was right, her body did want it, she did want it too!  As the orgasm built she knew she’d put out for him, anytime, anywhere, she needed to more than she needed to breath.

She felt him release in to her and she cried out in orgasm as he did.

She’d lost the wager, but she was a sure bet for him now.