Tracy pulled the gloves from the box and turned them over once, twice and then a third time as the confused look on her face was clearly evident to Brain.

“Don’t you like them?” he asked.

“I.. well.. they’re a unique Valentine’s day present… that’s all.” she managed to regain her composure and reply.

“Yea, I saw them in this little shop and just immediately thought of you when I saw the hearts cut in to the back of them.”

She took a second look at them and noticed the cut out hearts, she guessed it was kind of cute…

She turned them over in her hands once more, feeling the fine leather, even if they were a strange present, they were definitely high quality and expensive.  And she liked expensive.

She’d been dating Brain for a few months, only because of his money.  He’d taken her to all kinds of fancy restaurants, wining and diner her as she feigned interest, but it was almost over.  She’d met another fish for her to string along and he was just about to make a move so Brian would be nothing but a memory in a few days.  Well another two weeks to be precise as this was the first day of the two week vacation he was taking her on for Valentine’s day after all.

She felt a strange tickle in the tips of her fingers as they caressed the gloves, “Aren’t you going to try them on?” he asked and broke her enchantment with the gloves that she hadn’t even realized had happened.

“Oh… well sure!” she said quickly and pulled the right one on and then the left.  The tickle moved up her arms as she did and a sudden jolt of pleasure shot through her body as she buttoned each glove to her wrist.

“Oh!” she gasped as the feeling intensified and a dizziness came over her, she looked at Brian, a wide grin on his face.

“They feel good don’t they?” he asked and she let out a small moan.

“Oh god… yes!  But… but… what’s happening!?” she managed to get out as her whole body started to buzz.

“Well you didn’t think I hadn’t noticed you flirting with Tom did you?  I mean I knew you were a gold digger when we started dating and knew it was only a matter of time before you tried to ‘trade up’, but I figured we’d have a bit longer honestly.”

Her breathing quickened as her body started to tighten and stretch all at the same time.  She looked down and watched her small chest start to expand, her shirt start to fade away, platinum blonde locks fall all around her face as her lips puckered in to plump pillows.

She watched her jeans darken and thin as two bright red suspenders looped over her shoulders and clasped on to the skin tight rubbed pants that now adorned her legs.

“But… but… oooohhhh….mmmmmmm…” she started to say as she raised her hand up to her face to feel what other changes were happening, but as soon as the glove came in to view she felt an overwhelming need and pushed her thumb in to her mouth, all the way down until her lush, bright pink lips made contact with the leather and her world exploded in an orgasm.

“Well how do you like your present now Tracy?” he said and her eyes opened wide as she ‘popped’ her thumb from between her lips and giggled.

“Oh my gawd Brian, like, they’re the best!” she cried out as she wrapped her arms around him and planted a passionate kiss on his lips, her tongue pushing in to his mouth as she rubbed her tits up against him, pushing the suspenders to the side and freeing her rock hard nipples.

He grabbed her ass through the rubber of her pants and squeezed, the moan from her muffled from their tongues intertwined.

She felt his hand snake up her back and in to her hair, pulling her back from him enough to separate their lips, “And what about Tom?” he asked.

“Like… who’s Tom?” she asked, her eyes confused as her mind raced to understand the question, Brian was the only man for her, no one else was important.

“That’s what I thought.” he replied and pulled her down to her knees, she sunk down without resistance as her fingers worked at his pants.  When they accomplished their job, she wrapped her lips around his hardening dick and took him all the way in to her mouth.

She moved up and down his shaft, her hands coming up to hold on to his hips as she did so.  His strong hands took hold of hers and guided them to the back of her head where she clasped them together.  The feeling of his hands on the leather sent her pussy spinning out of control as her belly twitched with excitement as to what she knew was coming.

He took control of her pace, speeding up, slowing down as she felt her own orgasm growing by the moment.  Finally, his hard cock buried deep in to her throat, he held her down and she felt his cum flow in to her.  She swallowed greedily, taking every drop in to her as her body convulsed from the orgasm that rocked it.

Brian looked down at the glassy eyed blonde with her lips still wrapped around him and smiled.  She had been beautiful; rich golden blonde shoulder length hair, a right body with a nice sized set of tits and a classical facial structure that made her look classy.

All of that was gone now of course; the long platinum blonde hair, the big round tits and the puffy lips that adorned her slutty face left nothing classy to be seen.

When they flew back in a couple of weeks, she’d tell all her friends that the trip had been to an up scale plastic surgery clinic in Europe and she’d gush about how great it was to be a sexy bimbo fucktoy for him.  It would drive off most of her friends of course, the few that remained would slowly fade from her life as well as she ignored them more and more.

The gloves, of course, had contained the latest nanites from one of his companies and had rewritten pretty much everything about her.  She really would enjoy being his trophy girlfriend in public and his eager little slut in private.

At least until he grew tired of her and moved on to someone else, then he’d activate the nanites again and remade her once more.  He was thinking she’d make a great living sex doll, permanently encased in bright red latex with tits bigger than her head, to keep in his basement along with the other sex toys in his private dungeon.

But that was a ways off, right now he had a powerful urge to roll her over and take that tight little ass that she’d been denying him for months.  The silly grin spread across her face told him that now she’d have no reservations about giving it, or anything else, he desired to him as his Valentine’s day present.