“You see, I told you this one would break just  like all the others.” Shelia said, standing over the young woman who’s vacant stare was locked on the monitor.

“Who’s the powerful young DA now?” Shelia said as if talking to a child and she tapped her finger on the end of the woman’s nose.  The woman didn’t even blink.

“I am impressed, as always at the quality of your work Shelia.  I’m sorry I doubted you, but you have to admit she was quite the firebrand.” Tony begrudgingly admitted.

“Yes, but don’t they all think that?  Lawyers or Doctors or CEOs, they all think they’re to top of the pile.  But stick a needle in their arm, fill them up with my special cocktail and then turn on the monitors and they all are empty little dolls in no time.  This little prude was fighting against just about everything; leaglized pot, same sex marrige, illegal immigrants, separation of church and state.  A one woman war path through civil liberties.  Now look at her.” Shelia said as she pulled up her shirt and leaned over, pressing her nipple to the woman’s lower lip.

“Suck!” she commanded and the woman’s lips wrapped around the nipple in front of her, her head leaning forward slightly but her eyes never leaving the monitor even as she suckled.

“Poor little thing probably hasn’t sucked on a nipple since her mother stopped breast feeding her.  Or maybe she was bottled feed and that was the root of all her problems?”  Shelia spoke the question aloud but Tony doubted it was meant for him to answer.

“Yes, well, she’s due back at work in the morning, I assume you have the rest of the programming lined up.” he asked.

“Stop!” Shelia commanded and pushed the woman’s head back down with a single finger in the center of her forehead before wiping her nipple and pulling her shirt back down.

“Yes, of course.” she replied, pulling up her phone, “Stress breakdown, leave of absence, new body self image, desire for significant plastic surgery, uncontrollable sexual urges all leading up to the grand finale where she becomes a high class escort for your boss’s agency.  Did I miss anything?”

“Not as long as ‘uncontrollable sexual urges’ includes anal and various fetishes.”

“Tony, but the time I’m done with her once you turn her one there will be no limits to what she’ll do.  Rub her pussy a little bit and then tell her your not going to fuck her until she stuffs the 12 inch didlo in her ass and she’ll be pushing it in before you can say ‘horny anal slut’.”

“Good to know.  Well, I’ll let you finish your work and let the boss know he doesn’t have to worry about the DA coming after his strip clubs any more.”

Shelia smiled as Tony left and she tapped the confirmation message on her phone.  There was no way to tell from the screens that anything had changed, but the sudden gasp the woman confirmed the new programming was on the monitors.

She leaned in lowered herself to the woman’s ear, “You know, you did a good job sucking on my nipple.  I might just have to hire you for a night or two once you are settled in your new career.  Maybe I should add just a couple little things to the program.”

Shelia scrolled through the options, finding the bi-sexual option and several other that would ensure she licked pussy at least as well as she sucked cock when she was ready.