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Tessa sat on the foot stool naked except for her sneakers and socks, her hands on her head, her nipples hard and her pussy moist as she tried desperately to lower her arms and cover herself.

But they did not move and she didn’t understand why.

She’d been at the bar, hanging out and getting free drinks from all kinds of different guys when she’d literally bumped in to him.  She’d seen him a few times before, he was older, too old for the bar scene really, but he also always seemed to have some hot young thing on his arm as well.  They were nothing more than bar sluts of course, using the youthful charm to coax him in to being their sugar daddy for a few weeks.

It was the first time she’d been this close to him and it was also the first time there didn’t seem to be anyone with him, “Oh sorry!” she had said, more out of reflex than anything.

He turned to her and smiled and suddenly a shiver had run down her spine and she gasped out loud, “No problem… what’s your name?” he’d asked and before she even realized it she’d responded.

He’d taken her hand and stepped back a bit, taking her in with his eyes as he scanned up and down her body.  She’d decided to go for the school girl look that night, a plaid skirt and tight white top.

He had pulled her back in to him and wrapped and arm around her and started whispering things in to her ear.  She still couldn’t remember what they were, but she did remember how they made her feel and by the time he was guiding her from the bar, her pussy was dripping wet.

When they arrived back at his place, he’d lead her straight to his bedroom, pulled the skirt and top from her body and laid her on her back on the bed.  His cock had felt heavenly as it slide in to her waiting pussy and the first of several orgasms had crashed over her.

She didn’t know how long it lasted, the orgasms playing havoc withe her sense of time, but she didn’t want it to stop when it finally did.  He’d told her to sit on the foot stool just as she sat now and then went to the bathroom to take a shower.

She heard the shower shut off and a few minutes later he stepped back in to the room, “Well Tessa, I have to say you were a pleasant surprise tonight and you performed very well.”

For some reason her whole body shivered in pleasure at the compliant even as she tried to fight whatever he had done to her.

“Come over here and let’s see if your ass is as good a fuck as your pussy… if it is I might just keep you around for a few weeks.” he said and patted the bed.

Her body unfroze and she hurried over to the bed, laying face down she pushed her ass up in to the air as she fought each movement of her body.

A moment later she felt him press up against her sphincter and slide in as another orgasm crashed over her.

She fought the pleasure with every fiber in her body… she couldn’t want him in her ass could she?  But the orgasms continued to crash over her as her struggle soon changed from trying to block the pleasure out to trying desperately to keep him inside of her.

She knew she had lost when her lips parted and she cried out in pleasure, “Yes! Yes! Yes! Deeper! Harder!”

She felt his release in to her and a final massive orgasm burned away any last resistance as she knew her body was his to use in any way he wished.  That she was his to use in any way he wished.

Her pussy buzzed with pleasure as she realized that next week she’d be the bar slut on his arm and she’d do anything to get his sugar from him.