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Jenni tottered on her heels in the lab, trying to balance herself with her arms as Doctor Martian worked away at the bench.

“Bolt, come over here and hold this.” he said, not turning to look at her as she took one tentative step at a time.  She was still learning to walk in the heels, but each step sent another shiver of pleasure up her legs and in to her pussy.

She arrived at the bench and held the small piece of equipment for Doctor Martian as he worked away at whatever device he had in front of him.

A few moments later he set his tools down and closed it up, re-attaching it to his belt and then turned to her.

“You know, I had the costume change firmly in my mind, but I still can’t quite figure out why I turned you in to a blonde.  I guess at some subconcious level I prefer them, but this…” he said, tapping the device he’d just re-attached, “should solve that problem.”

Doctor Martian stood up and took a step back from her as he closed his eyes and a bolt of cosmic energy lept forth from his fingers striking her.

Suddenly she felt her entire body start to “ripple”, like a stone had landing in a pond.  Her waist shrunk, her breasts enlarge, her lips ballooned, her hair burst forth as the arc of energy streaked up in to her mind.

As suddenly as it started, the energy was gone and Jenni let out a little giggle as her hands glided up her body to her massive tits.

“Like, oh my gawd!  Thank you Doc!” she squealed and bounced over to him, wrapping her arms around him and placing her lips firmly on his, her tongue probing his mouth.

Doctor Martian pulled back after a moment and Jenni dropped to her knees, her hands parting his lab coat quickly to find his exposed cock underneath it and quickly took it between her inflated lips.

Her pussy was buzzing with excitement with each stroke, of his dick in to her throat and soon her fingers were furiously rubbing her clitty trying to reach orgasm.

It was only when she felt his cum start to run down her throat that her orgasm crested though and moments latter she was nothing but a giggling pile of flesh laid out on the lab floor.

Doctor Martian looked down at The Bolt and smiled, Jenni’s old power coursed through him but she was blissfully unaware of it now.  The hero that had walked in to his lab a few weeks ago was gone, the buxom blonde bimbo that remained was nothing more than a shadow of her.

It had turned out that he was both right and wrong about the cosmic power she had wielded, it was so much more powerful than she had known, but he had also been wrong.  That power was very limited, in fact so much so that he was impressed that she had been able to generate the bolts of cosmic energy she had been.

The problem was that the energy could only effect someone who was also infused by it.  The greater the infusion, the greater the effect that could be generated.  Most people had only the tiniest amount of cosmic energy in them and so it was nearly impossible to even send an energy bolt towards them.

Jenni had done so almost every day of her hero career as if it was nothing.  Perhaps one day he would gain that level of control with the power, but until then it was of little use to him.

Well, except for Jenni herself of course.  She had been touched by an incredible amount of cosmic energy over the years and with his understanding of her power, she was now like putty in his hands.  He could re-mold her in to any form he wanted.

Which had been part of the problem, when he’d transfered her power to himself, he’d reached out with it to reshape her mind and costume, but he’d affected her hair as well without intending to.

The device on his belt, helped control the cosmic power and the giggling bimbo at his feet was the proof.

He still had work to do on it; miniaturised it, optimise it, refine it.  But it worked and that was the most important part.

After all, he could get to work on it right after he took Jenni in to the bedroom to see how close to his imagination she really was now.