Beatrix looked at the box of chocolates and forced a smile across her lips, “Thanks Dan.” she said with fake enthusiasm.

Dan didn’t flinch though and instead flicked his head, “You’ll see, turn it over.”

She gave him a questioning look and did so.  She started to read the descriptions of the chocolates and a genuine smile crossed her lips this time.

“Ok, that’s kind of cute.” she said, “Pink Fluff: fill your head with with pink fluffy goodness with each bite!  Seasonal Delight: Get immersed in the season and take pleasure from it!”

Ok, so maybe it wasn’t such a bad gift after all, Dan knew she wasn’t much for chocolate, but corny gag gifts?  That was a whole different thing.

And so what if they were celebrating Easter a few days later, they both worked on holidays and so it was like this every time one rolled around.

Dan’s smile was ear to ear as he spoke, “Give one a try, why not that Seasonal Delight one?”

She tore the wrapper off the box and found the one Dan had suggested, taking a slight nibble from it.  It hit her like a freight train, her eyes widened and she popped the whole thing in to her mouth.

A sudden shiver washed over her body as she let out a sigh and her eyes fluttered for just a moment.

“Oh my god Dan!  These are so good!” she said as Dan reached over to the box.

“Here, let me try one.” he said and Beatrix pulled the box to her body and shook her head as she scutched down the couch away from Dan before quickly poppping three more chocolates in to her mouth.

Dan watched in amazement as a shimmering haze seemed to form around Beatrix for seveal seconds before fading away.

Dan’s eye’s widened at what was revealed afterwards, his mousy brunette stick in the mud girlfriend had been replaced by a beautiful blonde, decked out in bunny ears and a shimmering pink top that barely contained her new found cleavage.

Before he could say a word, Beatrix “hopped” across the couch and dove for his pants, her fingers working faster than he thought possible to get his penis free of them.

“Beatrix!” he called out in surprise, but it did nothing to stop her from wrapping her pink lips around his hardening shaft and sucking it all the way in to her mouth.  Then, she proceeded to “hop” up and down on the couch causing him to slide in and out of her mouth and producing the first blowjob she’d ever given him.

It didn’t take long for him to unload but she refused to release her vacum like grip on him until he was completly empty.

“Oh my god Beatrix, that was amazing!” he said as he leaned back, stroking her hair as she sat on her hunches beside him.

“Call be Bunny Dan and Bunny’s still really horny!” she cried out as she stood up, grabbed his hand and dragged him upstairs to the bedroom.

The sound of sex could be heard throughout the house as an unnoticed slip of paper fell from the box and slipped under the couch:

“Easter Chocolate: Lover’s Delight – Warning, only consume on Easter Sunday for best results.  Consuming chocolates before or after Easter Sunday may result in; permenant effects, increased libido, decreased IQ, wight gain, wight loss or other undesirable side effects.”