A series of captions based in a world where a new laws, or “acts”, have been passed by the government that change the balance of power between men and women.

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Alicia signed the marriage license and inwardly winced, all the while maintaining the smile on her lips as she looked around the room full of men.

She hated each and every despicable one of them, though in Jay’s case she was only highly annoyed with her new husband.

It wasn’t anything any of them had done per say, she simply hated all men in general and had only engaged in the sham of a marriage to avoid the tax shelters.

It was hard keeping her smile in place as the memories of her failed business came rushing back, she’d started it before the Acts had been passed and managed to keep it going even with more and more regulations that made it nearly impossible for a woman to own a company.

And then, of course, there was Jen.  They’d been lovers since college and Alicia truly regretted not getting married to her before the Restoration of Marriage Act of 2020 had been passed, outlawing same sex marriage among other things.

But with the collapse of her company, Alicia had little choice, the debt from the company made it impossible to find a job and so there were only two choices open to her; the Tax Shelters or Marriage.

The Tax Shelters were unthinkable, Jen had been able to avoid them, working three jobs, but Alicia refused to accept them as a viable option.

That’s when she’d started looking for a husband and Jay came immediately to mind.  She’d seen him again for the first time since high school just last year at a reunion and he’d followed her around most of the night like a lost puppy just like he had for most of their senior year.

Nobody could blame him though, she had been cheer leading captain, home coming queen, student body president and deeply in the closet.  He on the other hand was the high school nerd, captain of the chess club and lifetime AV club member.

He’d been part of the first wave of the tech revolution, in at the ground floor and made his fortune by the time he had dropped out of university.

He’d insisted she take his number at he reunion and she had given it little thought, though it had turned out to be very fortunate as it happened.  She’d called him a few weeks ago and suggested they have dinner, he’d jumped at the chance and even though he new she was a die hard lesbian, she’d been able to wrap him around her little finger and coax a proposal out of him in no time.

She set the pen down as Jay moved in close to her and they kissed, not passionately, but perfunctory as the event called for.

Her monetary problems were now behind her, as a wife could not hold any property or debt, she was free and clear.

Well free and clear to a point, she was Jay’s wife and that did bring certain responsibilities of course, but she was sure she could manipulate him just as she had been and avoid most of the more onerous parts of marriage.  If she was lucky she might even be able to convince him to hire Jen in to a reasonable position in his company, freeing her to spend more time with Alicia.

Alicia took Jay’s hand as they walked from the license office, her mind racing with ideas and plans, not noticing the joyous look on Jay’s face.

Alicia had been dreading this moment, even though she and Jay had talked it over before hand and agreed, she still was not looking forward to seeing him naked.  Or for that matter, having to pleasure him in any way.

She’d been surprised how easy he had been to manipulate around the topic of sex, she’d been quite clear that as a lesbian she wasn’t going to have “sex” with him, but he’d seemed very happy when she’d agreed to oral sex and she’d been clear it would be no more than once a week.

She hadn’t given a blow job since high school and even then it had been a quicky behind the stands after a game to one of the football players.  It had been disgusting and uncomfortable to say the least and she wasn’t looking forward to it now, but she was sure she could must up the courage to get it over with.

She brushed her blonde hair back, double checked her light makeup and then headed out of the master bathroom in to the bedroom where Jay was grinning like a fool, sitting on the side of the bed still in his underwear.

He was a little overweight, his hairline receding and would never have been considered traditional handsome, but she suppressed a groan and swayed her hips in her little black negligee.

“Well, what do you think hubby?” she asked, posing just in front of him and she saw his dick suddenly stand at attention.

“I… I… wow…” was all he managed to get out before Alicia set a hand on his shoulder and pushed him back on to the bed.

“Scooch back Jay…” she said as she grabbed his underwear and removed them as he moved farther back on to the bed.

Alicia got up on to the bed and moved to his side, taking his hard shaft in her hands and stroking it several times.  She figured she’d be able to get away with a simple hand job most of the time, though she was pretty sure she’d have to at least do it properly the first time.

She bend down, lowering her head just over his tip and lightly touched him with her lips.  It was as disgusting as she remembered; the smell, the texture, she wanted to throw up.

But instead she parted her lips and slowly lowered herself on to him, taking the first few inches in to her mouth before pulling up.

Just as she was about to go back down on him she realized she couldn’t do it… she couldn’t betray Jen this way… she’d finish him off with a hand job… surely he wouldn’t know the difference!

Alicia went to pull off of Jay when suddenly her head bobbed down, a wave of pleasure burst forth from her lips and tongue as she took him all the way in to the back of her throat.

She chocked and gagged as she held him there for a moment before rising up and the going down again and she realized what was happening.  The implant had taken over as soon as she’d decided to not perform her matrimonial duties.

She tried to calm herself down, to get back control and managed to not long after, but there was something different.  The pleasure coming from her lips and mouth was still there and she knew it shouldn’t be.  The implant was artificially stimulating her pleasure centers and it was working exceptionally well as she could feel her pussy getting wet as she stroked up and down Jay’s shaft.

It was only a few minutes later, when she tasted the first drops of pre-cum, that she knew how well as a small orgasm raced across her body.  It was followed buy the most intense orgasm she’d ever had when the rest of his seed entered her throat.

She could hear Jay saying something, but her ears were still ringing from the intensity of the orgasm and she could make out any of the words.

Alicia hammered the dildo in to her pussy, trying to get back the feeling of sucking Jay’s dick from their wedding night, but it was nothing but a pale imitation of the feelings that the implant had induced in her body.

She thought of the many nights that she and Jen had made love with the same dildo that now filled her, but that only seemed to make it worse.

She finally managed an orgasm, but still felt unsatisfied.

It had been a week of the same thing, each day she tried harder and harder to best that night, but each time she failed.  It worried her that the implant had been so effective, bringing her pleasure that she’d never experienced before with the flick of a switch, but she would be strong, for Jen.

It was only a few hours later that Jay arrived home, and a few hours after that before she was desperately going down on him, her pussy throbbing with pleasure as the implant feed more and more in to her.

Alicia looked up at Jay as she sat on her hunches, her arms firmly gripping each other behind her back as her lips were wrapped around his dick.

She twisted her head slightly and pulled back before turned it back and pushing down on to him.  She no longer gagged as he entered her throat, that reflex gone weeks ago.

After the third week of performing her matrimonial duties, she knew she could no longer go an entire week without her husband’s dick in her mouth and she’d asked her husband if she could perform more often for him.

He’d been very nice about it, telling her she could perform her matrimonial duties as often as she liked.

At first she’d been able to hold out for a few days, but that didn’t last long and soon she was sucking him each night.

Then he’d start to suggest new positions, new ways for her to perform.  She’d tried to refuse at first, but then he’d suggested that they could skip a night or two and she’d almost panicked, quickly agreeing to his requests.

And so here she was, naked, on her knees, sucking cock like some slut and loving every moment of it.  Her pussy was dripping in anticipation of the orgasm she knew was coming.

Alicia felt his hand on the back of her head as he pulled her off of him just in time for her husband to spurt all over her face and tits.

She cried out in pure pleasure as the orgasm raged over her body and her eyes rolled back in her head as her body went limp, held up only by her husbands strong hand still gripping her blonde hair.

Alica’s face was twisted in need as her husbands hand firmly held her head in place just inches away from what she wanted.

She flicked her tongue out, trying to reach her husbands dick to no avail and managed to tilt her head up to meet his gave with her own plaintiful look.

She so desperately wanted her husbands dick in her mouth but couldn’t understand why he was holding her back.

“You know Alicia, I think I want to try something different tonight.  That’s alright isn’t it?” her husband said looking down at her.

Alicia’s eyes lit up and she nodded, she loved it when her husband brought new things to the bedroom.

A slight frown crossed her face as the realization hit her that she hadn’t thought about her husband’s name in weeks.  He was her husband, she was his wife.  It’s how she thought of them both.

She scrunched her brow, trying to think of her husband as… as… Juh… Juh… Jay!

A flood of idea’s crashed over her all at once… she wasn’t some slut giving blowjobs on her knees… she was a lesbian… she wasn’t some submissive litte wife… she was the one who was supposed to be in control…

“There she is…” Jay said as he brushed his thumb across her lower lip and her whole body shook from the ripple of pleasure that ran through it.

No!  No!  It was the implant, not him doing this, making her feel this way, she could fight it…

He pushed his thumb between her lips and she instinctively started to suckle it before she could even fight the desire.

“You know Alicia, I think tonight we need to finally consummate this marriage, what do you think?  Do you want to be my honest to goodness wife from now on?”

Alicia’s eyes widened, she knew what he meant, he wanted to fuck her pussy!  She desperately shook her head no but all that accomplished was to send more ripples of pleasure through her body as his thumb moved from side to side in her mouth.

“No?  But don’t you to feel what it would be like to have my dick in your pussy?  I mean, you keep saying how good it is in your mouth, imagine what it would be like in your pussy.”

Alicia fought as hard as she could, she knew the implant would overwhelm her senses, induce an orgasm unlike anything she had experienced before if she let it happen, she shook her head no once more.

“Well, I’m not in the mood for a blowjob, in fact I think I might not be again for a few days… maybe weeks.” her husband said as he pulled his thumb from her lips with a pop.

The panic in her eyes was clear for him to see, she couldn’t go days, let alone weeks, without feeling the all encompassing bliss of the orgasm she had.

“Puh… puh… please… just let me… suck your cock…” she managed to get out as she leaned forward only to be stopped by his hand once more.

“I don’t think so Alicia.  I think we’re going to go back to our original agreement, no more than once a week.”

She couldn’t let him fuck her… she couldn’t… could she?  Would it be that bad?

Her mind raced as one of her hands found it’s way to her lips and she sucked in two fingers, while her other hand found her pussy and she pushed two fingers in to it as well.

“Come on now Alicia, tell your husband you want his cock in your pussy and you know what I’ll do?  I’ll let you suck my cock a little bit before hand.”

Alicia’s eyes widened once more and the words flowed from her lips with hardly a though, “I want my husbands cock in my pussy! I want my husmmpphphp cphphpk…” Alicia cried out as her husband released her and she dove on to him.

Minutes later she was on the bed, on her back, his cock pounding in and out of her pussy as she cried out in bliss as the implant sent wave after wave of pleasure though her.

When his seed entered her, the orgasm that followed made her question everything she had ever know about sex as she passed out with him still inside of her.

Alicia looked in the mirror and admired the tits her husband had bought for her.  Not to mention the amazing dress, the trips to the salon, the fake fur and the fabulous heels.  It all made her pussy quiver in pleasure at the though.

She smiled as her husband walked towards the door and she wrapped her arms around him, placing a passionate kiss on his lips as he reached around and grabbed her ass.  She pushed herself hard against her husband and rubbed herself up and down.

“So hubby, where are you taking me?” she asked, her husband had called her earlier in the afternoon and told her to be ready for a night out and she still didn’t know where they were going.

“It’s a surprise.” was all her husband responded with before twirling her around, opening the door and giving her ass a little slap to get her moving.

They headed down to the garage and her husband’s limo was waiting for them.  As they drove through the city streets she managed to fish her husbands dick from his pants and take it in to her mouth, the pleasure coursing through her.

Finally the limo came to a stop and she popped off her husbands dick, cleaning it off and then touching up her makeup before leaving the limo.

She only just managed to realize where they were before the limo pulled away and her husband ushered her in to the building… a Tax Shelter.

A shiver of fear ran through her, she was a wife, her husband couldn’t intend on leaving her at the Tax Shelter could he?

A shiver of pleasure followed when they walked up to the counter and he instead confirmed an appointment for the two of them with one of the girls living at the shelter.

The receptionist provided her husband with directions and soon they were knocking on the door of one of the poor girls who lived at the shelter.

Alicia’s eyes widened and her jaw dropped as the door opened and revealed Jen’s wherried face.

“Please come in, my names Jen.” She said with no semblance of recognition.

It took Alicia a moment to take in the sight of her one time lover, gone were the bright eyes, happy smile, strong will and tight body.

The woman that walked in front of her husband and herself had dead eyes, a fake smile, a broken mind and a body reshaped by the medical professionals of the tax service.  Her large breasts defined gravity, her puffy lips could hardly remain closed and her bulbous ass swung from side to side as she walked.

The only thing that seemed to remain unaltered was the rich deep brown hair that she had always had.

“Get undress Jen and take a seat on the bed, up against the headboard.  My wife would very much like to eat your pussy as I fuck her and I’d very much like to see you play with those big tits of yours.”

“Of course Sir.” Jen replied and immediately stripped out of the flimsy lingerie she had been wearing before taking her place on the bed, spreading her legs wide to allow Alicia easy access.

“You too my dear wife.” Her husband said and gave her another smack on the ass.  She quickly followed suit, moving right up to the clean shave pussy of her former lover.

“Oh… I have a few things I’d like you to say as well…” her husband said and handed Jen a slip of paper with some writing on it, “Just pick something that fits to say when it seems right.”

Jen read the list, slowly forming each word with her lips as she did so and Alicia inched closer to Jen’s pussy.

Alicia finally felt her husbands hands on her ass, pushing her forward and she started to lick Jen’s pussy.

It was a feeling she hadn’t had in so long, her lover’s sweet aroma filling her nostrils as her tongue tasted her sweet necture, it sent waves of pleasure through her as a flood of memories came back over her.

Soon she was back to those happy days of living with Jen, the two of them making love, when she felt her husbands cock enter her pussy and the pleasure of him flush away any other thought.

“For such an ardent lesbian you sure aren’t much of a pussy licker.” Jen’s voice echoed through the room and Alicia’s heart skipped a beat.

“You sure seem to like that cock in your pussy, I bet it feels better than any dildo ever did.”  Jen’s words hurt, but Alicia knew they were true.

“I bet your so much happier now with a good husband that can stuff you full of cock any time he wants.”  Jen managed to think back, she’d been happy with Jen once, but she was right, her husband brought her so much more pleasure than Jen ever had that she couldn’t imagine not being his wife now.

“You are such a cock slut, I bet if you go without for even a day you’d be begging him on your knees to fuck you.” She licked Jen’s pussy harder, happy that she never had to find out, her husband fucked her each and every day and she thanked him for it each time.

“I’m so glad I’m in a Tax Shelter, not a slut wife like you.”  Alicia felt her husband stiffen and release and her own orgasm crashed over her with the realisation that she was her husbands slut wife and she loved every moment of it.