Here in Toronto it was a beautify spring day right up until just after lunch at 1:30, at which point it became a terrible reminder that life is random and short.

I had a clear view of the scene from my office window and as the news came in it became clear that it was a horrific act by an individual that on its face, seems inexplicable.

Soon afterwards, reports of his motives started to circulate, his commitment to an ideology that at it’s core is fundamentally abhorrent.

Many of my stories and captions delve in to dark places, some could even be viewed to be based on similar ideas (like misogyny and male dominance) to those that set Monday’s tragedy in motion.

So let me be clear, my writing is pure fantasy.  

Mind control and many of the other topics I write about would be horrific abuses in real life.

If you are having trouble telling the difference, stop reading.

If you are thinking of hurting yourself or someone else, please get some help in real life.  Don’t come to the Internet to wallow in your problems and let other’s encourage you to act on your worst impulses.

Talk to your friends, talk to your family, talk to a professional.

Talk to whomever will listen and don’t stop until you feel better.