Jessica stared straight ahead at the screen as the colours swirled around and the soft music played from the speakers.  Suddenly an photo of herself from six months ago appeared on the screen and a wave of discomfort came over her.

She looked so sad in the photo, sure she was smiling and she remembered when it was taken, she’d been out with friends, having what she thought was a great time, but now she knew the truth, she had been so unhappy.

After all, how could she have been happy looking the way she did?  Dull brown hair, almost no makeup on, such small lips and she shuttered at the thought of her old small b cups.

Then another photo flashed before her, it was just after she’d dyed her hair blonde and small jolt of pleasure passed through her.  The look on her face was so different as she held her hair in her hand.  Perhaps it was described best as ‘confused’, though now she only wondered why it had taken her so long to do it.

A thrid photo came up, her hair even blonder, her makeup thicker and a slight smile on her lips.  The pleasure was greater this time as she knew that she had been happier than ever before in that photo.

The next photo was from just a few weeks ago, just after she had her boob job, taking her from that tiny b cup to a full double d.  While she’d been there she’d had her lips done too.  Her pussy tingled with the memory of it, how happy she had been even if the look on her face wasn’t showing it due to the medication and pain.

Finally the screen displayed her face just as it was right now, her full lips, her blank expression, her hair perfectly framing her face, it sent a shiver down her spine right to her pussy as she let out a little gasp.

The screen suddenly went black and Jessica blinked a few times before standing up walking out of her bedroom to the living room.  Just as she arrived there was a knock at her door and she answered it.

She opened the door, looking at the man standing there with a grin on his face, she didn’t recogonize him.  She was about to say something when he stepped in, pressing right up against her body and wrapping his arm around her waist, before kissing her on the lips.

She moaned as her lips send waves of pleasure through her, his tongue probing her mouth and her’s responding in kind.  Soon he was pushing her back in to her apartment, kicking the door closed as he did.

Soon she was on her knees, pushed up against her sofa as she sucked his dick, the pleasure was unlike anything she had ever experienced.  As she tasted the first drops of cum start to flow, he grabbed her head, tilted it back and blasted his seed across her lips and face.

The orgasm that rocked her sent her eyes rolling back in to her head as she cried out in pure pleasure.

She heard her own voice echo through the room, “Thank you for using BlowJob Jessica, a product of The Perfect Dating Service.”

A sudden flood of memories came rushing back, applying for the job at the dating service, her interview, the strange questionnaire, the weird training video… all of it.

Her eyes widened in horror, but her hands were already moving on their own, scooping the cum from her face and sliding it between her plump lips, sending more pleasure through her as she sucked her own fingers, another orgasm building that she couldn’t stop.

Suddenly she felt her fingers being pulled from her mouth, then man holding them as her desperate eyes looked up at him.  He stepped in, his softening shaft in his hand as he ran it across her lips.  Her pussy was on fire and her hands dove for it, her fingers finding another hold to fill as he raised his member up from her lips and then slapped it down.

Her orgasm blossomed as it made contact, and then again and again with each blow across her lips that it made.

She recovered from the massive overload of pleasure just in time to hear her front door close.

Taking her fingers from her pussy and managing to get to her feet, Jessica headed back to her bedroom, the afterglow still strong throughout her body.  As she entered, her computer screen came to life, the colours once more swirling around and she felt herself being pulled towards it.

She tried to fight it, to look away, but soon she was sitting once more in front of it, the colours only being interrupted by the same set of images from before.

This time though, one additional image was displayed, her face, still partially covered in cum and for the first time, text below it, “BlowJob Jessica, product of The Perfect Dating Service.”

BlowJob Jessica shuddered with another orgasm as the cycle started again and she wondered how long it would be until she was used again.