Jen’s eyes were wide as she watched the patterns on her phone shift in shape and colour and the sound of the low hum filled the room.

A friend had passed the program to her after they’d all received their mid-term grades, she’d gushed about how it had helped her study for the mid-terms and get an A on them, where as Jen had only just managed to get a C with the bell curve.

She figured it couldn’t hurt to give it a try and so she’d followed the instructions that came with it; find a quiet spot, dim the lights, lay down, get comfortable and watch the display.  After that, do her normal studying routine and it was supposed to make her retain more of what she read.

The first time it didn’t seem to help much, but she had felt a little better after using it, so she’d tried it again.

After a couple of weeks, she was definitely seeing an improvement, even if she hadn’t noticed how the program was running for longer and longer each time she used it.

Nor had she noticed that she’d been slowly stripping more and more of her clothes off each time.

But it didn’t matter, after using it and the program opening up her mind, she studied better than she ever before, taking in entire chapters and committing them to memory.  She was finding everything in her life easier.

Jen’s lips parted slightly as a soft moan escaped them, her free hand sliding down to her bare pussy as her mind emptied of everything but what was on her phone.

Suddenly a single word flashed in front of her eyes, “mindless”, and a shiver of pleasure ran through her as her lips silently repeated it.

Minutes later, another word came on the display, “obedient”, this time a gasp came with the pleasure as her lips quivered as the moved.

Finally the last word was displayed, “doll”, and an orgasm crested as Jen struggled to hold the phone above her.

Jen blinked several times and looked at her phone, “Program complete!  Study hard!”, was displayed on it and a smile crossed her lips as she stood up and walked over to her small reading desk with her computer on it.

She pulled up her course material and finished it in minutes, her mind absorbing every last detail of it.  Then, her mouse flicked to her web browsers bookmarks and clicked on her favourite site for her recently newly found fetish.

It was filled with images and stories or latex covered women, hoods covering their faces making their puffy lips look even more pronounced along with the massive tits that each one had.

The stories were filled with descriptions of their mindless obedience to their owners and she leaned back, her fingers finding her pussy as she imagined herself being one of them.

She came another half dozen times before eventually collapsing in to her bed and drifting off to sleep, the only thought on her mind being how much she needed to find an owner for herself so he could make her in to a perfect living latex doll for himself.