Trish sat on the bed, the rose still lightly gripped between her fingers as they rested just in front of her pussy.  Her legs were slightly arched, her long blonde hair flowed over her shoulders and just touched the side of her large round breasts.

Her eyes were fixed straight ahead and her lips were slightly parted.  The only thing she wore were the pair of high heels that adored her feet.

She sat there silently waiting as inside of her head she screamed in frustration.

‘Fuck you Gerald!’ she screamed in her own head as her lips refused to form the words.

Of course it was Gerald, even if she didn’t have “proof” per say, but who else could it be?

How many other people on the planet could have done this to her?

How many other’s could have changed her slightly overweight frame, dull brown hair and acne scared face in to the perfect fuck doll that she could see reflected back in the mirror at the end of her bed?

No one, that’s who.

Gerald’s nanobots were going to revolutionize the world and make her rich beyond her wildest dreams.  She’d invested in his company early and for all intents and purposes, owned his ass.

Of course he had never seen in that way and the two of them had fought constantly for the last two years as he perfected his work.  He’d announced at the board meeting yesterday that by the end of the month he’d be ready to start human trials and they’d once more fought over strategy, time lines and costs.

She knew they couldn’t go to market with the technology, it was too much, too soon, for society in general to accept it.  Instead she had argued for keeping the technology in house only, letting only a select few take advantage of it, for a price of course.

Gerald, the eternal optimist, had argued for the opposite, to almost give it away to anyone who needed it.  Though she had to admit that he didn’t seem as forceful in his opinions as he had in the past, almost like he had been phoning it in.

So when the bouquet of flowers had arrived that morning, with an apology note, she hadn’t thought much of it.

It was a few hours later that she’d started to feel strange, not sick or anything, just tired and dozy.  She’d headed in to her bedroom to take a nap and taken the flowers in with her as she enjoyed the smell of fresh flowers.

She’d woken up some time later, unable to move, but sweating profusely until finally her body had sat up, taken one of the roses and shifted in to the position she now found herself in.

She let out another tirade of profanity in her own mind, she’d been here for what seemed like hours, though she had to admit it was probably less.

Finally she heard the front door open and close in the distance, followed by footsteps coming up her stairway.  Then, her bedroom door opened and Gerald stepped through with a smile on his face.

“Well hello Trish.” he said as he stepped between her and the mirror.

“I assume you’ve figured it out by now.  As you can see I’m a little farther along than I let on at the board meeting.  And while I’d never admit this to the board, I’ve come to agree with you on how we should use it.”

He stepped to the side of the bed and stood beside her, brushing the lock of hair at her side back over her shoulder and then reaching down and taking the rose from her limp fingers.

“As you can see the delivery mechanism can be just about anything, and well, the effects can be completely customized.” he said as he placed the rose back in the bouquet on her nightstand.

“Now, let’s see how well some of the other changes have taken hold.” he said as his hand gripped her left breast and a wave of pleasure erupted from it unlike anything she’d ever felt before.

‘OH GOD!’ she cried in her own mind as she heard her own voice suddenly spring to life and emit a low moan.

He squeezed harder and her moan grew louder as her mind was flooded with pleasure and her head titled backwards.

Suddenly his lips were on hers as his hand slide down between her legs and started to rub her pussy.  She had always enjoyed sex, but this was something else, this was more than sex, this was like her entire body was made for sex.

He broke off the kiss and grabbed her legs, twisting her around so she was on her back.  Soon she felt him push up against her outer lips and she screamed out in pleasure.  Her body suddenly responding to her, her hands flew to her breasts and squeezed them, gripping her nipples between her finges as Gerald pushed deep inside of her.

“Oh god Gerald, fuck me!  Fuck me!” she cried out, the pleasure washing away any other thoughts that might have come to mind as he stoked in and out of her.

She felt him explode inside of her and orgasm after orgasm washed over her until her mind was cleansed of everything else.