Jessica felt the warm water flow down the outside of the nanosuit, it had been a good weekend spent with her boyfriend Gary, but now it was time to return to her boring old self.

She shut off the water and watched the beads flow off of the nanosuit without any resistance as she reached over and grabbed the controller in her hands.

It slipped between her wet fingers and crashed down on to the hard, wet floor of the shower as sparks flew from it.  She sighed, that was going to be a costly repair, before reaching up to the back of her head to find the seam to open the suit manually.

Another spark flew from the controller and suddenly her body refused to move.

‘Shit, what now?’ she thought as yet another series of sparks flew from the device and she suddeenly felt the nanosuit come alive.

The nanosuit suddenly become fully transparent and flowed over the last few remaining exposed parts of her; her eyes, mouth and hands.

Then out of the corner of her eyes she watched her tattoo’s start to fade and then completly disappear as her normally tanned skin lighten to a pale white.

At the same time she could feel something happening on her head, she managed to catch a reflection of herself as her thick black hair started to dissolve until her head was a shiny as a cue ball.

She next felt the familiar tightness in her chest, her already expanded D cups ballooned outward as the nanosuit remained tightly wrapped around them.

Her body continued to shift as she felt her waist contract, her lips expand, her ass grow outwards until finally one last spark burst forth from the controller before it was consumed by flames.

Whatever had been the last gasp from the unit was lost on her as the nanosuit invaded her mind and flushed away all that was there.

Gary knocked at Jessica’s door, but there was no answer.  He turned the door knob and it opened with a creak as he stepped through it.

“Jessica?” he called out to no answer, but a blaring smoke alarm coming from upstairs.

He headed up stairs to the bedroom and then the bathroom where the last remnants of the control unit continued to smolder.  He stamped on them several times to ensure they were no longer on fire and then turned to what he could only assume was Jessica.

He shook his head, he’d told her so many times not to take the controller in to the bathroom, but she never listen.

He let out a sigh and reached down to pick her up, the pure white nanosuit covered her from head to toe, including the ridiculously large breasts, tiny waist and bubble butt that she now sported.

The last command from the control unit had obviously been a sex doll program as the only openings in the nanosuit were the bright red rings around her mouth, pussy and ass and her fingers and toes were sealed together.

Pulling out his cell phone he looked up the companies support phone number and started to dial it, pausing just before hitting the dial button.

Couldn’t hurt to take her for a spin before call tech support could it?

Of course not, he thought as he set his phone down on the night stand and started to undress, after all if tech support managed to get her out of this mess she wasn’t likely going to be up for the sex doll program again any time soon.

And, well, if they didn’t… he’d have to know if he was going to keep her or send her in to the company for a refund after all.