Jasmine touched the edge of the steel collar as she half heartedly tried to fold her arms over herself.

“It’s not fair!” she thought to herself as her finger ran along the cold metal wrapped around her neck, “I’ve paid my dues, they have no right to collar me!”

She stood in the darkened enclave, her feet unable to move from the spot the worker had placed her in even though she could move her arms and the rest of her body.

She’d been out shopping, like she did every weekday, finding new trinkets to buy for herself, on her husbands credit card of course.

She’d married well, finding a rich husband to pay her way throught life, including her dues to the Ministry of Labour so that she was exempt from enslavement.

Suddenly the lights came on and her body snapped to attention as she heard footsteps coming down the hallway until two men stopped in front of her.

“David!” she tried to scream, but it only echoed in her head as her lips stay perfectly still.

“As you can see, this one is in good condition, only collared earlier today.” the man she didn’t recognize said.

David only nodded, “David, help me!  Get me out of here!  There’s been a terrible mistake!”, she cired out in her mind but no sound filled the room.

“Here’s the details, I’ll leave you alone to inspect the unit.  Just press the Approve or Decline button when your ready.” the man said and David took the tablet from his hand before he walked out of sight.

David stepped forward and circled her once before tapping on the tablet and Jasmine’s body spread it’s legs and bent over before her hands wrapped around her and spread her ass cheeks wide.

“Oh god David, stop this!” but he didn’t hear her pleas and instead continued to inspect her like a piece of meat.

Finally she returned to her standing position and David spoke, “Surprised Jasmine?  I didn’t mind paying your dues, or funding your shopping trips, or even your constant ‘headaches’.  But did you really think I wouldn’t find out about Barry?  I don’t take sloppy seconds Jasmine.”

A cold shiver ran down her spine, Barry was her personal trainer… very personal trainer.  They’d been having an affair for several months but she had no intention of leaving David, Barry had no way to pay her dues or keep her in the lifestyle she wanted.

“I’m told one of Barry’s… older… clients has already purchased him.” David said with a grin on his face.

“You, on the other hand, I had to put in a standing order on to make sure I had first right to purchase you… which I’m doing right now.” David said as he pressed the Approve button on the tablet as he held it right in front of her face.

Suddenly the collar felt warm and Jasmine felt something cold and menacing reach in to her mind.  It only lasted a moment and then she felt her body come free of the control of the collar.

“Master, how may I serve you?” her voice rang out with reverence and awe that she felt in the deepest parts of her soul.

“Get down on your knees, stick your ass in the air and spread your cheeks Jasmine.  I might not take sloppy seconds, but I’m sure going to pound that tight, virgin asshole of yours until I tire of it and sell you off.”

“Yes Master, please take pleasure in this body any way you wish.” she replied, bending down and getting in to position.

She felt him enter her and she cried out in a mix of pain and pleausre, she could only hope he felt as much pleasure as she did as then he would use her body again and again.  And that was all she lived for now.