Tasha walked in to the backyard Canada day pool party with a wide grin on her face as the dumbfounded looks on the rest of the guests faces brought a little joy in to her otherwise cold heart.

She’d been heading up the companies Canadian subsidiary for the last several months, ever since the new tariffs the President had introduced had forced her company to move some of their manufacturing out of the US to avoid the retaliatory tariffs the other countries had slapped on American goods.  Of course she fully supported him, well at least his tax cuts to the 1% and getting rid of all those lazy immigrants, but even she had to admit that the trade war he started was a dumb idea.

She hated it here of course, all the managers seemed far to friendly with each other and they’d even planned a Canada Day pool party together, since she had no friends here they’d invited her to join them.  She was pretty sure they were hoping that she’d turn them down, but instead she saw an opportunity to teach them a lesson about being too nice.

So she’d ordered the perfect bikini online and even paid for the express shipping to make sure it arrived on time.  Now, with the American flag stretched across her breasts, she strolled in to the party and made sure she talked to each and every person there, gushing about how much better the Forth of July was in the US than some dump pool party in Canada.

A while later she found a nice cot to lay back on and enjoy the sun for a little while before dinner.

At some point she noticed a shadow cross over her and she turned her head just in time to see a man tossing a vial of fluid right at her.  It splashed across her face and a few drops fell from her chin on her bikini top.

“What the fuck…” she started to yell as she began to sit upright, only to feel her body go limp and fall back against the cot as the man pulled up a chair and sat beside her.

“Well hello there Tasha, how are you today?  Don’t bother answering, you’ll find your body is quite unable to move.” he said, obviously rhetorically.

She wanted to jump you and bean him across the head with the small table that stood beside them, but he was quite right about her current condition and so instead all she managed was to let out a small whimpering sound.

“You know when they contacted me about this job, all they said was they wanted a few tweaks, just a little softening here and little empathy there, nothing major.  You know, make you a little less American, a little more Canadian, just so you’d fit in around the office.”

She tried to snort at him in disgust, the last things she wanted was to be more “Canadian”, she was going to whip her managers in to shape and make the more American if it was the last thing she did here!

“But when I arrived, the all took me aside and made a few additional… requests.  And I have to admit I don’t blame them, I saw the last part of your show there.”

She fumed inwardly but her body continued to refuse to move as he spoke, then just as he was finishing a strange buzzing started in the back of her mind.

He looked at his watch and then back at her, “Right about now the second part of the chemical should be activating, once it’s fully activated your mind is going to be completely open to suggestion and we’ll begin… ah yes… there it is.”

She felt the buzzing get stronger and stronger until suddenly her entire body stiffened and arched as her eyes rolled back in her head and she fell limply back to the cot.

The buzzing was still there, like the white noise an old TV with no antenna attached to it would make, her thoughts being pushed aside by it.

“You like Canadians, how friendly they are, how easy going they are, you want to be more like them.” he said and the buzzing suddenly stopped, replaced by the booming echo of the words he spoke reverberating in her mind.

The buzzing returned as soon as he finished and she fought through it, she didn’t like Canadians did she?  No… no she didn’t… at least she hadn’t had she?  Why didn’t she like them?  They were polite and friendly and easy going… what wasn’t to like about them?  Hadn’t her parents told her to be all those things?  Shouldn’t she try and be more like them?  Yes… yes she should!

The fight left her and the buzzing dominated her mind once more.

“You enjoy working with your management team, making sure they have everything they need to do their jobs, helping them with whatever issues they have, making sure you succeed as a team.”

Once more the buzzing vanished at the words boomed through her mind.

When the buzzing returned she fought it, those managers worked for her!  They were supposed to provide her with what she needed!  She was the only one to claim success… wasn’t she?  But how could she succeed if they didn’t?  Shouldn’t she make sure they had what they needed?  Wasn’t that what made her successful?  

She tried to shake her head to clear it, but her body still refused to move and the thoughts buried deeper and deeper in to her mind.  Yes, she need to support her managers.  Yes, she enjoyed working with them.  Yes they only succeed as a team.

“Whenever any of the managers hands you an American bikini, like the one your wearing now, you will immediately put it on.”

Why would she do that?  Just because one of the managers gave it to her didn’t mean she had to put it on did it?  Was that part of being a team member?  Yes… yes it was… obviously.

“Whenever your wearing a bikini like the one you are now, you will forget all about being Tasha, the high powered executive at the company and instead be Tata, the horny bimbo intern willing to do whatever a manager says.”

No!  She wasn’t some bimbo intern, she was Tata… no… wait.. that was wrong.. she was Tata!  Tata!  Tata!  “Tata so horny!“ she heard her own voice echo through the back yard.

“Now one last thing before it wears off completely.  When Tata takes off the bikini and puts on Tasha’s clothing, Tasha won’t remember anything about Tata.”

Tata giggled both inwardly and outwardly, Tata was her own person, she’d never share herself with that boring Tasha person!

Tata felt the man take her hand and guide her up off the cot and over towards a couch that had several of the managers sitting at it, she giggled as she walked by several of them, batting her eyelashes at them as her pussy moistened.

“Now crouch down here Tata.” the man said and she bounced up on to the couch and knelt on it and then bounced up and down a few times.

The man walked away and Tata pouted as he did so, only to smile as Jim approached her from the other side.

“Hiya Jimmy!” she called out, the smile stretching from ear to ear on her face.

“Uh… hi… Tata?” he asked hesitantly.

“*giggle* Like, Tata’s so horny Jimmy!  Can Tata, like give you a blowjob?”

“Well.. yea… I guess so…” he responded and before he got the last words out Tata had reached out and undone his pants, sending them to the ground as she leaned forward and wrapped her lips around his dick.

It didn’t take her long to bring him to orgasm and she instinctively pulled him from her mouth and sprayed his cum all over her tits and bikini before diving back on to him to suck the last drops out.

“Oh my god Jimmy, thank you!  *giggle* I, like totally needed that!” she said as she ran her lips up and down his softening shaft.

“Like, Jimmy, do you wanna fuck my pussy or ass now?”

“God Tata, I don’t think I can do it.  But maybe if you ask Tom…” he replied and she bounced up from the couch and nearly sprinted off towards Tom.

“Like Tommy!” she called out across the back yard, swinging her hips and tits from side to side as Jim’s cum stained her bikini top, “I totally need a good fucking, can you like fuck me please?”

“Well… I…” Tom said taken aback slightly as she nearly jumped in to his arms, “I… sure.”

“Oh my god thank you!  Like, do you want to fuck my pussy or ass?  I haven’t had a big hard cock in either one, like, all day!  Or maybe *giggle* you wanna do both?” she said, reaching down and grabbing his dick through his pants.

“Of fuck… your ass, your ass all day long…” he replied and she squealed like a school girl on Christmas morning before he grabbed his hand and dragged him in to the house.

She couldn’t wait to get his dick inside of her ass, she was sure that in no time she’d good from a lowly intern to a full time slut for the managers to use whenever they wanted.

Happy Canada Day!