Kimberly plastered on a fake smile and snapped the selfie of her “cute” pink outfit that she’d had no choice in wearing.

In fact, as she hit the send button, she knew she had no choice in anything she was doing these days, all because of that bastard Dave.

Dave was the source of all her problems, not just the more recent ones, but even back before things had started to change.  Ok, maybe not all her problems, but certainly most.

She’d dated him for a few weeks before she’d realized he was broke, out of a job and had dropped out of school as well.  After all, she couldn’t really date down could she?  She had standard to maintain after all.

And even if Dave did a good job of playing the upper class trust fund brat, he didn’t have the money to back it up.

So she’d publicly broken up with him and made sure everyone heard that he was a low class plebe.

She didn’t know how he’d done it, but a few months later, after she’d ignored all of his messages and he’d stopped trying, he’d sent her a message and for some reason she’d felt compelled to answer it.

Soon they were text all the time again and before long even dating once more!

When they had first dated she’d never let him past third base, but within a week they were going at it like rabbits, any time Dave was horny she had found herself ready and rearing to go as well.

Then things had really gotten out of hand when one day she’d gone to the salon and instead of asking for her usual, she’d asked for her hair to be dyed blonde!

The shopping trips followed after that, her usual conservative dresses and muted colours were replaced with skin tight outfits that were bright pinks and other colours.

She had even bought heels!  Actual 4, 5 and six inch heels that pushed her ass out and accentuated her mostly bare legs in whatever she was wearing that day.

She still shuttered inwardly at how much time she was spending at the tanning salon, but she had bought a platinum membership at the salon right beside the gym she was spending even more time at.

In fact, between the tanning, gym and salon, her grades had fallen so far that she’d actually received a letter from the university telling her she would be expelled next semester if things didn’t change.  Her!  She was a straight A student before Dave!

Her phone binged as the message from Dave arrived and a slight shiver of pleasure ran down her spin right to her pussy, “Looks great babe, can’t wait to pull that skirt up and fuck you good!  Hurry over.”

The shiver intensified as she read the message until she finally let out a little moan at the pleasure.

She sent back a heart emoji, an eggplant emoji and several kiss face emoji in repsonse.  She hated emoji, desipsed them with all her heart and had refused to use them until a few weeks ago.

Now, she found herself only sending emoji if at all possible.  It was just one more thing she had no control over.

She cursed inwardly as she walked towards the door and headed down to the garage.  It wouldn’t take her long to drive over to Dave’s.

She mentally corrected herself, it really wasn’t Dave’s apartment if she was paying for it was it?

She didn’t like to think about how much of her family money Dave was spending, but she’d given him a credit card and access to her bank account soon after they’d started dating again.

She pulled out of the garage and sped away, pulling in to Dave’s garage a few minutes later and headed up to the apartment where she knocked on his door.

It was just another one of those things she couldn’t control, she had a key, she could of just walked in, but he insisted she knock and wait for him to open the door.

Sometimes he was quick, other times he took longer, making her stand in the hallway on purpose she thought.

The door opened and she smiled, “Hi Dave, can I come in?” she asked, another thing her required her to do.

“Sure Kimmy, come on in.” he said and she wanted to slap him, she hatted being called Kimmy, but he’d started calling her that almost a month ago and she’d just smiled at him when he did.

She step inside and as soon as the door closed Dave wrapped an arm around her waist and grabbed her ass, guiding her in to the living room right towards the couch.

But instead of sitting down on it, he pushed her over the arm and hiked up her skirt, grabbing both of her ass cheeks in his hands and squeeing them.

“God damn Kimmy, all that time at the gym is really paying off isn’t it?”

“Mmmmm…. *giggle* god Dave, squeeze Kimmy’s ass harder!”

That was something that had happened just last week, she had found herself unable to referrer to herself in the first person any longer.  Now it was always in the third person, and by the name she hated as well.

She heard Dave’s pants hit the floor and her sopping wet pussy eagerly awaited him.  She felt him stoke his dick over her outer pussy lips and then push up against her sphincter.

“What are you doing to Kimmy’s asshole Dave?” she said in a near panic as she grabbed her own ass for leverage and pulled herself around to look Dave in the face.

“Why, I’m going to fuck it of course, you don’t mind do you Kimmy?” he asked as his tip gently pushed up against her rear entrance.

“Kimmy… Kimmmy…” she stuttered as he pushed nearly half of his tip in to her, sending waves of pleasure from her ass.

“Yes!  Yes!  Kimmy likes it!” she cried out as he pushed the rest of his tip in to her.

“Yes, I thought you might Kimmy.  Now hold on tight, this is going to rock your world!” he said and pushed deeper and deeper in to her.

The pleausre exploded throughout her body and her first orgasm crested when she felt his pelvis bump up against her ass cheeks, “Oh god yes!  Fuck Kimmy’s ass Dave!  Fuck Kimmy’ssssss aaaaaaaassssssssssss!!!!!!!!”

Dave looked down at Kimmy and smiled as orgasm after orgasm rocked her body as his dick slide in and out of her ass, he’d been waiting for this moment for months and at first he’d thought it might never come.

He’d known that Kimberly would dump him the moment she found out he was broke and out of work, but that hadn’t concerned him.  He’d dropped out of school to work on his personal project full time and was confident that it would solve all of his problems, even Kimberly if he got it done in time.

But just in case, he’d installed the client side piece on her phone the first opportunity he’d gotten while they were dating, then it was just a matter of getting the server finished.

She’d dumped him before that was done, but it had only been by a few days, so he’d started sending the programming to her phone almost right away.

He’d been disappointed that it didn’t seem to work at first, then frustrated, then down right depressed.

He’d decided to start all over and try and figure out what was wrong, it had turned out to be simpler than he at thought and so he’d started resending the program to her phone and was presently surprised at how effective it had been.

In just the last few months he’d taken the once conservative, straight A, trust fund brat and turned her in to a complete blonde, anal loving bimbo.

She’d make a fine trophy wife and with the kind of money her family had he’d be able to spend his time on his research without any more worries.

After all, he still wasn’t quite sure how much of the old Kimberly was left in there, if she knew what had happened, if she was trying to fight it.  Those were important questions he had to answer.

But right at the moment, with his dick buried so deep in her ass, he just couldn’t seem to find the time or the interest in answering any of them.