“Ugh, I can’t beleive Ian stood me up again!” Gabriela huffed as she lowered her phone and looked across the street at the club she should have already been dancing in.

The text message had been pathetic, “Sorry, tied up with work, be there soon.”, and so what if she was only using him for his connections to get in to the most exclusive club in the city?  That she was going to dump him as soon as they were through the door?

Couldn’t he have a least had the common decency to text her before she’d gotten all dressed up and come downtown?

She huffed once more, put her phone away in her tiny purse and truned to leave, only to run directly in to a man coming up behind her.

“Hey, watch where your going!” she spat out at him.

“Oh I think it’s you that should watch out young lady.” he replied and she took a step backwards and looked him up and down, all the while a sneer was plaster across her face.

He didn’t look like someone who should be in the club district, he was older and balding, a little over weight and dress in cheap casual clothes that made him stand out even more on the sidewalk filled with young fashionable people.

“Look creep, just get away from me before I call the cops…” she started to say, raising her voice as she did.  But to her surprise he raised his finger to his lips and shushed her.

Be even more surprising was the fact that her voice left her and her lips refused to move

“That’s better, now let’s just double check I’ve got the right one.  Nod your head in response to my next few questins.  Your Gabriela?” he said and her head nodded up and down.

“You were going to met Ian here?” Her head nodded again.

“You’ve been using him to get in to the clubs because he’s rich and connected?” Once more her head nodded.

“Any interest in him beyond that?” her head moved from side to side this time instead.

“Good.  Now Ian is going to be here in a few minutes and when you see him your going to suddenly be incredibly turned on.  Each time he speaks, each time he touches you, each time you touch him, you’re going to become more and more turned on.” he said and Gabriela wanted to slap him across his face but her hands remained at her side.

Ian wasn’t her type, she wasn’t going to suddenly get turned on by him just because some strange man said so!

“You’re not going to be able to control it, you’re not going to be able to resist it, you’re not going to be able to deny it.  It will be like you’ve suddenly gone in to heat, your body will need him so badly that your mind will have to allow it.  Just the thought of you leaving him will send a chill of fear down your spine.  The fear of him sending you away will be so great that you’ll do anything he wants as long as he lets you stay close.”

The first things she was going to do was go directly home and call the cops!  This creep was delusional if he thought any of what he said was going to happen.

“Eventually you’ll be begging him to use your body in any way he wants.  In the club, on the street, in the car, back at his place.  Just as long as your body gets what it needs.”

What she needed was the pepper spray in her purse so she could dose this asshole and get out of here, but for some reason her hands still refused to move from her sides.

“When he finally does use your body, your going to have a massive orgasm and one of four things is going to happen.  If he cums on your face your going to become his personal slut, eager to extract every ounce of cum from his body from now on.”

The only thing she was going to be extracting from anybody was several pints of blood when she finally could move again!

“If he comes on your tits you’re going to become a total bimbo.  Dumb, fake and eager to sleep with anyone that pays any attention to you.”

She didn’t sleep around, she’d never do that!

“If he comes in your pussy, you’re going to become his perfect trophy wife.  Eager to please her man and look like a perfect doll on his arm.”

She wasn’t anyone’s trophy, she was going to make it big and have a trophy husband!

“And finally, if he cums in your ass, your going to become a high class anal whore.  Anyone with enough cash to afford you will be able to stick their dick in any hole they like, but you’ll always prefer it in your rear end.”

Blood rushed to her face as her anger boiled her blood and her eyes narrowed, she was no whore, would never be a whore!

Then, over the man’s shoulder, Ian appeared and the blood rushed from her face and her eyes widened as she gasped as her body reacted to the sight of him and her pussy buzzed with excitement.

“Ah, I see Ian is here.” the man said and turned to the side just as Ian stepped up beside him.

“All ready?” Ian asked.

“Just finished, everything is as you asked.” the man said and Ian reached in to his jacket and pulled out a thick brown envelope and handed to the man.

“And her response to the question?” Ian asked as Gabriela’s breathing started to race as he spoke.

“As you expected, you were nothing more than a means to an end.”

“Thank you.  I appreciate you taking on this personal job, I know you usually don’t.”

“Not a problem, your firm has steered a lot of business my way, what’s a little side job between friends?” the man said with a smirk and the turned and walked away, give a little wave as he did so.

Gabriela was having a hard time paying attention to the man any more, here eyes firmly fixed on Ian as he stood in front of her.  Then, his arm was around her waist and his touch hardened her nipples instantly to the point they might have been able to cut glass.

She could feel the dampness of her panties as he pulled her in tightly against his body and she let out a low moan as she rubbed up against him.

“Ian… please…” she got out between moans as he leaned over slightly and kissed her on the lips.  Her tongue darted in to his mouth as his hands reached around and grabbed her ass, sending waves of pleasure from each ass cheek throughout her body.

He broke away and she looked up in to his eyes, her mouth hanging open as her chest heaved from her heavy breathing.

“Ian… lets… lets go back to your place.. please…” she pleaded with him but he only smiled.

“But I thought you wanted to go in to the club?  Come on, let’s go.” he said and grabbed her hand, dragging her across the street.

“O… ok…” she stuttered out as they came up to the bouncer and he let them in straight away.

The loud music in the club would noramlly have had her dancing with any number of men and women, but instead she held on to Ian’s hand for dear life as she lead her through to the back where the washrooms were.

“Why don’t you go in and get rid of those panties…” he said, nodding his head in the direction of the washroom.

“Ian… please… I…”

“Or I guess I could just head home and leave you here for the night…”

“NO!”“ she cried out and trotted to the washroom, emerging a few minutes later with her panties stuffed in her purse.

He placed his arm around her once more, placing his hand firmly on her ass and guiding her across the dance floor to the other side of the club where some booths were.  He sat down and patted his lap, Gabriela happily sad down on it and felt her body make contact with his and let out a loud, low moan as his hands roamed over her dress.

Before long she was grinding her ass in to his crotch, her tits were out of her dress and Ian’s fingers were rubbing her exposed pussy as her dress was hiked up around her hips.

“Puh… puh… please Ian… I need it…” she said as her head lay back on his shoulder.

“Need what Gabriela?”

“I… I… I need you… to… to.. fuck me.” she finally managed to get out.

“Here?  In the club?”

“Y… Yes… if that’s… what you want…” she said moaning as his fingers pushed in between her pussy lips.

“And you want me to fuck this slick little pussy of yours?  What if I want to fuck that pretty face of yours?  Or that tight little ass of yours?”

“Oh god… oh god… yes!  Whatever you want!  Just fuck me!”

“And you know what’s going to happen after I do fuck you?”

“Yes!  Yes!  I want to be your slut!  I want to be your bimbo!  I want to be your trophy!  I want to be your whore!  I want to be whatever you want me to be!  Just fuck me!” she cried out as he removed his fingers from her pussy and held them in front of her lips.  She sucked them in, tasting her own juices and moaning as she did so.

Ian stood up, thrusting her from his lap, and grabbed her hand once more.  He pulled her in to the club, her tits, ass and pussy still exposed for everyone to see but she paid no mind as he headed for the exit.

The club no longer mattered, her dress no longer mattered.  All that mattered was that he was going to fuck her and then she’d be exactly what he wanted her to be.