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Tessa sat on the foot stool naked and tilted her head slight to the side as she watched the blonde take her sugar daddy’s cock in her pussy and Tessa pouted.

They’d been at the bar just a few hours ago and she’d been as happy as she could be.  The last two weeks had been heavenly, she’d stayed at his house each night since that first one and he’d fucked her in so many ways that she had never even thought of before.

Each one had been more pleasurable than the last and when they’d finally headed back to the bar for the first time, she’d beamed in pure delight as she hung from his arm.  She was his bar slut and he was her sugar daddy, nothing could be better!

Her friends had come over to talk to her, to bring her away from “that creepy old guy”, but she’d brushed them off.  Telling them how heavenly his cock was, how when he pounded her ass with it, she orgasmed with each stroke.

They’d been horrified by the way she spoke and nearly ran way, but she didn’t care, she simply wrapped herself around his arm even tighter and looked up in to his eyes with a grin from ear to ear on her face.

They’d gone back several more times to the bar, each time she begged him to fuck her right there in full view of everyone, but he wasn’t interested and instead sipped his drink as she wiggled up against him.

Then, last night, she’d seen a glint in his eye that she had feared since that first night with him.  She followed his gaze across the room to a blonde in a tight blue dress, her tits straining the material, threatening to pop out any any moment.

He leaned over and took her chin in between his thumb and forefinger, tilting her head up as he kiss her, sending his tounge in to her mouth as she did the same.

Then he broke off and smiled, “Stay here, I’ll be back.”

She only nodded as he walked across the room and approached the blonde, they spoke for just a moment, at first she looked like she was going to throw her drink in his face but her demeanour changed and suddenly she was touching his arm and leaning in to allow him to wrap his arm around her waist.  She leaned in an Tessa watched him whisper in to her ear for a few moments before the two of them started to walk back to Tessa.

He held out his hand and she took it, rising from the seat as the three of them walked from the club and headed back to his place.

There the blonde had made out with him on the couch as Tessa tried as hard as she could to get his attention, she was naked first, she was on her knees first, she was sucking his cock first, she was taking his dick in her ass first.

But it didn’t matter, he’d only pay attention to her for a few moments and then the blonde would recapture his focus.

Eventually the three of them had moved up to his bedroom, Tessa had gotten to the bed first but as soon as she had seen the frown on his face she knew she had made a mistake.  He’d pointed at the stool and said only one word to her, “Stay.”

It was a command and she obey’d without question.

And so, she stayed on the stool as he fucked the blonde, Tessa could hear her screaming out in pleasure as orgasm after orgasm crested.  Tessa knew it was exactly like the way she sounded when he fucked her and she felt jealousy well up in her.

A while later, the blonde laid face down on the bed, spent, as he rose from the bed and went to the shower to clean up.  She heard the water run and imagined him lathering himself up, much like she had shared with him so many times in the last few weeks and she bit her lower lip as she desperately wanted to run in to the shower with him once more.

Finally the water stopped and a few minutes later he emerged, his focus on the blonde on the bed at first until he turned to her and smiled.

“You had a good run, but it’s over now.  Get up, get dressed and leave the house.  Don’t come back.  Ever.”

Her world shattered, she was being replaced but the dumb blonde cunt laying on the bed!  She hated her!  She was a better slut than she would ever be!

Then she felt herself start to stand up.

She fought it withe every fiber in her body, she couldn’t leave!  She wouldn’t leave!  This was her stool!  She belonged on it!  It was her place in the world and no one would take it from her!

She felt the cool air drift between her ass and the stool as she finished standing up and walked from the bedroom and down to collect her clothes.  Minutes later, she walked from his home and out in to the blackness of the night, tears in her eyes as she realised she was no longer his slut, just a slut and she would have to find a new sugar daddy to belong to.