“No, no, pick me!” Amy said as she held the pose on the pole.

“No pick me!” Jill shouted over her as she did the same.

Amy and Jill had been friends forever, growing up on the same street, going to the same school, even attending the same college when the time came.  But now they were bitter rivals, if only from a few minutes ago.

Once they’d graduated college, they’d found a small apartment in the city and become room mates, just until they could each afford their own place of course and that’s where they’d met Matt.

He lived a few doors down from them and was friendly enough, if a bit creepy at times, but they really hadn’t paid him much attention until their money had started to run out and they were still unemployed.

One day, Amy was talking to him in the hallway when she’d offhandedly asked him why he never seemed to go to work.  He’d surprised her with his honesty when he’d said he worked at a strip club so he was always on the late shift.

With their money running out, Amy had mentioned it to Jill and they’d both agreed to ask him about it the next time they saw him.

It had been a strange conversation, but it had given the two friends a lot to think about.  At least until they saw their bank balance and agreed they’d ask Matt to set up an audition for them.

Matt had agreed and arranged for them to come in in the morning when the club was normally closed.  He’d taken them to the back where the change rooms were and let them get ready.  Just before he’d left he’d pointed over to a long row of bright red shoes and told them it was club policy that all of the dancers wore the same shoes that the club provided.

Both had wrinkled their noeses at the idea of wearing shoes worn by someone else, but when they got changed in to their bathing suits, they didn’t have anything sexier to wear, and gone over to the shoe rack, they’d found they were like new.

They’d slipped the shoes on and a slight tingle ran up their legs as they stood up and gasped at how comfortable they were.

By the time the two life long friends made it to the stage, they were giving each other side long looks of daggers.

It only became worse when Matt had told them the club was only looking for one new dancer.

Amy let go of the poll and turned away from Matt who was seated just in front of the stage.  She spread her legs wide apart and bent over at the waist, “Come on Matt, don’t you want to add some nice asian ass to the club?” she asked as her fingers ran over the black fabric covering her pussy.

Jill’s mouth dropped open as she too let go of the poll and turned towards Matt, facing him and bending over at the waist.  Jill grabbed her breasts as they swung from side to side and she licked her bright red lips, “Come on Matt, I know your a boob man, you’ve been staring at these since the day we moved in to the building!”

They both threw more daggers at each other with their eyes as the tingling in their legs made it’s way up to their pussies and they both let out moans.

“Who… who want’s a skinny little ass like this at a strip club?” Jill asked as she reached around and gave Amy’s ass a slap.

“Oh!  You bitch!” Amy shouted as she stood up, turned and grabbed Jill’s hair, pulling her upright as well before landing a slap across her face.

“Your the bitch, bitch!” Jill said back as they two of the waved their hands in the air at each other and turned away with their eyes closed.  At least until Amy dropped to her knees and tackled Jill to the stage floor, her face planted firmly in Jill’s pussy.

“Oh god!  Oh god!” Jill cried out as Amy nuzzled her pussy and Jill’s hands reached down to hold Amy in place as her hips bucked.

Amy managed to extricate herself from Jill’s grasp and moved up her body, turning to face Matt once more, until she straddled Jill’s face, “I bet you like pussy you blonde slut, don’t you?” Amy asked and pulled her swimsuit to the side before pushing her pussy in to Jill’s face.

“God you do, don’t you!” Amy cried out as Jill’s tounge pushed between her lower lips and probed inside of her, “Yes!  Just like that Jill!  Lick my pussy like the horny blonde slut you are!”

Jill continued to lick Amy’s slit but she managed to reach up and grab a hold of Amy’s rock hard nipples through the thin fabric of the bathing suit , pulling her forward until the two of them were 69’ing each other.

Amy humped Jill’s face as she sucked the sweat juices from her pussy.  Jill pushed her tongue in as far as she could as she reached around and slapped Amy’s ass hard.

Both continued as the tingling moved up their spines and landed in their minds, releasing orgasms in both of them.

As they came down from their orgasmic high, they cuddled on the stage, kissing each other passionately, oblivious to Matt walking up the steps of the stage and approaching them.

“Well ladies, you put on quite the audition!”

They both looked up and Matt, their eyes wide with adoration, “Please Matt…” Amy said, “tell us who…” Jill said, “got the job!” Amy finished.

Matt smiled, “I’ll tell you what ladies, if you both get up on to your knees right now and give me a blow job together, right her on the stage, you can both get the job.”

“Thank you Matt!” they both called out in unison as they rose to their knees and scrambled to undo his pants as the tingling that had started in the shoes was now firmly embedded in their minds.