Karen sat in the waiting room, several other girls were there with her but she didn’t speak to any of them, instead keeping to herself.  But that didn’t mean she wasn’t scoping out the competition.

There were two blondes on her left, then a redhead and three brunettes across from her, but she was the only raven haired one there.  That might be good, or bad, depending on what the producers wanted of course.

She looked back down at the casting sheet for “Enhanced”, the latest reality TV show pilot, in which young women were given the opportunity to have plastic surgery as long as they allowed the show to record everything.

She’d been trying to break in to the business for several years, but nobody seemed to want to cast an average looking asian-american, so when she’d seen the ad in the newspaper, she’d gone to the website and filled in her details.  She’d assumed they’d pass her over, but what did she have to lose?  And maybe a little bit of cosmetic work would help her get more parts if they didn’t.

“Karen?” the woman with the clipboard called out, her plain white top barely containing her gigantic breasts, and Karen stood up, maybe just a little too quickly.

“That’s me!” she almost squeaked out.

“Follow me.” the woman replied and so Karen did.

They arrived in a pretty standard looking casting room, a plain white background along with a table behind which three men sat and a camera pointing over them towards her.  Mentally she rolled her eyes at the old boys club that made up the industry as they sat there looking at her from over their papers.

“Miss… Karlson?” the one in the middle asked.

“Yes, but please call me Karen.” she replied.

“Alright, we have a few questions for you.  First, why are you auditioning for the show?”

“Well, I’m an aspiring actress and I think that by changing my look I might get some more roles.” she replied honestly.

“And it says here your from Iowa?”

“Yes, that’s right.  I came to the west coast last year after I graduated college.”

“And what does your…” the man seemed to pause for a moment, struggling to get out what he wanted to say, “…significant other think about you auditioning?”

“Oh, I’m single at the moment.”

“Very good.  And do you make any regular out of state calls?”

She squinted slightly as she hesitated to respond, “You understand we’ll be filming you all the time, out of state calls require permission from both partys and thats… more challenging to get if we don’t know up front.”

She let out a little sigh of relief, “No.  My parents didn’t understand my choice and I don’t keep in touch with any of my old friends.”

“Alright, anyone here we’ll need to get a release from?”

Karen smile few a little as she realized they wouldn’t be asking these kinds of questions if she wasn’t on the short list, “No, I haven’t really made any friends here yet.”

All three men jotted down a few notes and then turned and nodded at each other, “Well Karen, congratulations, welcome to Enhanced.”

Karen suppress a squeal, “Thank you!  I’m so happy to be part of it.”

“Great, if you’ll just follow Candy, she has some paperwork for you to fill out.”

Karen looked over at the stacked blonde and smiled as they walked from the room through a door on the other side where there was a desk with various papers for her to sign.

It had been a week since filming had started, the crew spending 16 hours a day with her as she went about her daily routine, telling them all about herself in the process.  How her traditional parents hadn’t understood her desire to become an actress instead of putting her dental hygienist degree to good work.

And how hard they had worked to put her through school in the first place, having just immigrated when she was born.  They’d had to work two jobs each to make enough money to give her a better opportunity than they had had.

They’d followed her to a few auditions, to her job serving at a local dinner, to the gym, everywhere.  And all the time asking her questions, about what she liked to do, what she wanted to accomplish in life, what kind of dream date she would want.

But today was her first visit to the plastic surgeon that the show had set up for her, they’d arranged for a car to pick her up and take her just outside of the city limits to a small business park that was mostly deserted, except the doctor’s office.

Now, as she sat in the doctors office and the crew had finished setting up the cameras, she had butterflies in her stomach.

“Hello, I’m Doctor Torbin.” the man in a white coat said as he extended his hand and Karen stood up to greet him, returning the hand shake.

“I’m… Karen.” she replied nervously.

“Well Karen, just relax, I’ve done several episodes now and I guarantee you there’s nothing to worry about.”

“Thanks.” she said and smiled in reply, but the butterflies remained.

Soon the director was ready and the Doctor sat down behind his desk.

“So Karen, what can I help you with today?” he asked.

“Well Doctor, I was thinking about a slight… breast augmentation.” Karen said as she held her small B cups in her hands.  It hadn’t taken her long to decide what she was going to get done, after all it was obvious that casting directors were men, and well, they tended to bring in actresses that had a little more up top than she did.

“Very good, how much larger were you looking to go?”

“Just a little, maybe a large C?”

“Well, that shouldn’t be a problem, why don’t we take a closer look in the exam room?”

Karen nodded and they both stood up and walked to the exam room across the hall, where a nurse was waiting for them.

The nurse was stunning, like the rest of the staff at the doctor’s office, this one was a slim brunette with some of the largest lips Karen had ever seen.

“Now then, if you’ll get undressed Karen?” the doctor asked and she unbuttoned her plain blouse and removed her bra.

The doctor poked and prodded for a few minutes, taking a few photos, all the while the crew was recording the entire exam.  She blushed furiously as the did so but she’d been working herself up to this moment all week and manged to get through it.

Finally the doctor was done and let her get dressed once more before the returned to his office.

“So, as you can see, this is what the results should look like with 400cc implants.” he said, holding his tablet so she could see the before and after images on it.

She smiled, “Wow, that looks great!” she said honestly, the fullness of her after image giving her cleavage that she’d never had before.

“Alright, we’ve got you booked in for next week and then a two week recover period in one of our VIP rooms.  Any other questions?”

“No, thanks Doctor.” she said as the camera’s stopped rolling and she headed back to the car.

Karen laid on the gurney, wearing only the surgical gown the bombshell nurse had provided.  She had shook her head, she could only imagine the doctor gave his staff a discount as they all appeared to have had procedures done.

“And how are you feeling Karen?” the doctor asked as he stepped out from behind the curtain.

“Nervous but ready!” she admitted as she saw the camera over his shoulder and smiled as confidently as she could.

“Ok, well, that’s normal.  We’re all ready for you.” he said and nodded to the nurse who pushed the gurney from behind as the doctor walked beside it.

They wheeled her in to an operating room and before she knew it, blackness had engulfed her as she counted backwards from 100, even with the bright lights of the OR and the cameras.

“Her vitals are good Doctor.” the anesthetion said.

“Good, let’s get started, we’ve got a lot of work to do on this one.”

“Yes Doctor.” The nurse and anesthetion said in unison.

“Get the 1000cc high profile silicon implants ready, we’ll do her tits first and then the rest.”

“Doctor, can you describe what your doing?” the camera man asked.

“Oh, yes of course.  Well, as you can see, I’ve made an incision just at the crease here and I’m now forming a pocket to insert the implants in to.  The client has selected a rather large implant and was quite specific that it should not appear natural in any way.”

“And what about Karen’s request for a modest C cup?”

“Yes, well, if she’d read her contract a little closer she would have realized that her ‘suggestion’ for what she wanted didn’t really matter.  That in fact the producers of the show had final ‘cut’ of her enhancements, if you know what I mean.”

The doctor continued to speak as he inserted the implants in to Karen’s chest until he was satisfied with the results and closed her up.

He then went to work on her face, injecting several syringes in and around her entire face.

“And what are those Doctor?” the camera man asked.

“These?  A mild, long lasting paralytic.  Kind of like botox, but much more effective and should last well over a year.” he replied before handing the syringe back to the nurse.

The nurse switch the tray with another one that had several more syringes on it and handed the doctor one of them.

“And this is the latest in lip enhancement technology.  Unlike traditional lip injects, these are permanent.” the doctor said as he inject the entire syringe in to her top lip before passing it back to the nurse and taking another one from her.

“That seems like quite a lot Doctor.” the camera man half asked, half said.

“Yes, well the client wants her to always have a gap between her lips, so I’m having to go with quite bit more than I normally would, but I’m sure he won’t be disappointed with the results.”

“And what about when she wakes up?”

“Oh, our VIP recovery room service will be taking care of that.  The poor girl will be kept on a cocktail of drugs and audio/visual stimuli that will complete the clients requests.  There we go, all done.”

Karen felt groggy and only half awake as she tried to open her eyes but found it difficult.  She let out a low moan as she tried to turn her head to the side but lacked the strength to do it.

“Ah, she’s coming around a bit, perfect.  Keep her at that level.” she heard a woman say.

She tried to forms words with her lips, but they felt strange and refused to move for her.

“Just relax, doesn’t it felt good?  Just let yourself float away as if on a cloud dear.” the voice said and she found it hard to argue with, she did kind of feel like she was floating on a cloud.

Then she felt something slip over her head and on to here ears, then something was placed over her eyes.  Suddenly images of clouds appeared before her as the sound of a breeze entered her ears and the floating feeling she had been experiencing suddenly became 10 fold more real.

She let out a little gasp as she only barely heard the voice in the distance speak, “She’ll be good like this for a few hours, the night shift can switch her over to phase 2.”, but Karen was floating far too far away to care about the voice in the distance.

Karen seemed to float forever, but at some point she felt a pressure on her chest, it was uncomfortable and it caused her to start to sink lower and lower in to the clouds, until finally it stopped.

Then she rose upwards once more, higher and higher until the pressure returned and the process repeated itself.

Finally, it ended and she once more floated high above everything else.  She looked down as the clouds started to shift beneath her, forming in to crude shapes that she almost could recognise but for some reason couldn’t quite grasp.

She tried to focus on them as they shifted but it seemed to elude her the harder she tried until she finally gave up and let the patterns in the clouds simply wash over her.

The nurse squeezed the patient’s breasts firmly, massaging them as she watched the monitor beside the bed, making sure the woman never fully became aware of what was happening.  It had been almost a week and phase 2 was nearing completion, tomorrow they would activate phase 3, the final phase before the patient was sent home.

The nurse checked the time and gave the patient’s breasts one final hard squeeze before completing the days final round of massaging and returning to her rounds.

Karen looked down at the clouds and giggled, it seemed like the right thing to do as some of them formed in to a puffy white pair of lips and another elongated out and slipped between them.  She moaned as a wave of pleasure rolled over her just thinking about how good a cock between her lips would be right then, maybe even better that floating so far above the clouds!

And then, for the first time in, well she didn’t know how long, she saw a word.

It floated just above the cloud cock and lips, “slut”.

She let out a giggle again as she could only agree that sluts gave blowjobs.

More images came and went, with words above each of them.

A pair of cloud boobs, large, round a puffy, with the word “trophy” above them.

A cloud head, with long flowing hair and big vacant cloud eyes with the word “bimbo” above it.

A woman’s cloud body, leaning back with a cloud man ramming her cloud pussy with the word “purpose” above it.

Kay stood in front of the white backdrop with the table before her, the same three men she’d auditioned for before sat behind it.

She fixed her long flowing black hair, grabbed her boobs and shuffled them around a bit until she was satisfied with their presentation and then put her hand on her hips and looked straight at them.

“So Kay, how did you like your experience on Enhanced?”

“Like, oh my god it was just the best!” she replied and giggled a bit as she jiggled her tits from side to side.

“And the enhancements the panel choose for you, are you happy with them?  After all you had said you only wanted a slight breast augmentation.”

Kay leaned forward, closed her eyes and parted her lips even more as she took each breast in hand and alternately shook them up and down, “*giggle* Like, Kay didn’t know what she wanted!  Kay’s tities are the best now! Kay’s lips are the best now!  Kay is a perfect bimbo doll!”

“Very good Kay.  Mr. Brooks?” the man said, turning to the one at the end of the table from him.

The man stood up and walked out in front of the table and towards Kay, as soon as he came fully in to the light her knees wobbled and she gasped as her pussy instantly moistened.

“Hello Kay, my name is Mr. Brooks, I’m the one that selected you for the show.”

“Oh my god Mr. Brooks!  Like thank you so much!  How could I ever repay you?” she squealed in delight as he stood beside her.  

She had never seen anyone like him before, so masculine, so forceful, so dominating her every thought.

“Well, how does a good little slut thank anyone?”

Kay squealed in joy as she dropped to her knees and fished Mr. Brooks’ dick from his pants and wrapped her inflated lips around it.

She felt his hand on her head, titling her up slightly so she was looking right up in to his eyes before pushing her all the way down his shaft.

She blinked several times as she felt his tip hit the back of her mouth and slide down her throat.  She gagged, but her placid face remained perfect as he pulled out and then thrust back in again.

Her hands pulled her top down over her tits before reaching down and pulling her skirt up, revealing her naked pussy as her fingers dove in.

Soon she felt his cum flow in to her and her eyes widened ever so slightly as her orgasm crashed over her.

He pulled out from between her lips, gripping her hair and tilting her face back farther as he slapped his deflating member on her lips several times, sending drop of cum over her face.

He let go of her hair and she giggled as she scooped up the drop of cum and licked them from her fingers, the taste of her own pussy and his cum nearly sent abother orgasm through her.

“So Mr. Brooks, are you satisfied?” the man from behind the table asked.

“Yes.  Very much so, you’ve done fine work.”

A small orgasm crested as she heard he was satisfied with her and her lips formed the best smile they could.

“So Kay, do you want to be my perfect little trophy wife?” Mr. Brooks asked.

Kay gasped and giggled, “Oh my god of course Mr. Brooks!  I’ll totally be your best trophy wife ever!” she gushed as she dove for his soft dick and wrapped her lips around it once more.

After all, what else did a trophy wife do but suck and fuck her husband until he was satisifed… and then do it all over again!