Darla looked over at Counter Strike his frown marring his face, she titled her head to the side slightly and pouted, “Baby, like what’s wrong?  Are my panties too big?  Like I can fix that baby!” she said as she hooked her thumbs under her waist band and pulled her panties down to her feet and stepped out of them.

Counter Strike looked up, his frown disappearing as Darla’s fingers found her pussy and started to probe it.  A moan escaped her lips as her free hand reached up and pulled her top to the side freeing one of her breasts allowing her fingers to play with the hard nipple that adorned it.

“No Darla, just some trouble with some heroes.  Nothing for you to worry your pretty little head about.”

Darla trotted over to where he was sitting, pulling her top over her head before she arrived there, “Like I’m sorry baby… can I suck your cock to make it all better?” she asked as she dropped to her knees and her fingers went to his zipper even before he had a chance to answer.

“Sure Darla, go ahead.” he replied as she managed to get him free of his pants and wrapped her lips around his hardening dick.

She stroked all the way down to his base several times and then pulled off of him, moving her tongue to the base of his shaft and licking all the way up it as she giggled.

“Oh my god baby, I bet if they could suck your cock as often as I do they wouldn’t give you any trouble at all!” she said before impaling her mouth on him once more.

He let out a grunt as she continued and he marveled at his own good fortune.

Her teammates were still looking for her of course, though they certainly didn’t know he had been the one to bring her down.  And they certainly would never dream that the Silver Psychic, one of the most powerful psychics in the world, was now his giggly little pool side bimbo.

Even he still had a hard time believing it, but like so many things in life, it had been a combination of being it the right place, at the right time, with some luck, and good timing thrown in to boot.

He’d been completing a contract in the city, a simple enough coercion job for a large pharmaceutical company to get their produce on the market sooner, when she’d confronted him leaving the federal building.

The job itself had been easy, after all his special skill was finding the weakness in others and turning it against them, but he had been extra careful to ensure he didn’t run into her or any of her teammates.

She’d confronted him and started to give the started speech; give up now, make it easy, etc., etc., etc.  But he’d made a break for it and that’s when she’d reached out with her mind to stop him.

He’d never seen a psychic attack before, it was unlike anything else he’d experienced.  Time seemed to slow down as the energy burst from her forehead and reached out towards him.  He saw it coming and instantly recognised it’s weakness, how to turn it back on to her and entirely instinctual, he let his skill do the work.

The world returned to normal speed and she screamed out, dropping to her knees and grasping her head.

He could feel himself inside of her mind, her power entirely at his mercy and he reached deep down in to her mind, grasping on to her deepest, darkest fantasy and brought it to the fore.

She’d collapsed on to the pavement as everyone around them had run away and he’d stopped in his tracks, looking around for any of her teamates coming to the rescue.  Taking a chance, he rushed over, picked her up and quickly carried her to the waiting car he had in the parking lot next door.

He sped away, leaving the city far behind him as he rushed to his safe house, taking her inside and waiting for her to recover.

He’d only managed to get a glimpse at what he’d pulled up from the bowels of her mind, but he was pretty sure it was safe to be there when she awoke.

When she did finally come around, she opened her eyes wide and looked up at him from the bed, her lips partly slowly and he saw her gasp, her lower lips quiver, her eyes close for just a second as a moan escaped her.

She opened her eyes again, smiled and giggled, “Like, what happened baby?” she’d asked.

“Nothing Darla, you just got a little excited and passed out for a second.” he’d replied placing his hand on the side of her face.  Darla had been the one clear thing he had gotten from her mind, a name that seemed to have some kind of power for her.

Darla had moaned and rubbed in to his hand for a moment before turning her head slightly so that she could wrap her lips around his thumb and started to suck it.

His cock had been next and then he’d managed to pull away and get her a change of clothes so they could make there way back to his home base.

Once there Darla had easily fallen in to her role as his giggly little pool side bimbo, sucking and fucking any time he wanted.  And her enhanced physical abilities certainly made her ready to go at the drop of a hat.

It was unfortunate that she seemed to have lost her physic abilities though, but perhaps they were still there, just buried under the fantasy that she was nothing more than a sexual object, her body being the only thing of value that she possessed.

He looked down at her head bobbing up and down and grabbed her hair, pulling her off of him and she let out a squeal and giggle as she tried to keep her lips attached to him.

He stood up, turned them both around and bent her over at the waist, her hands holding on to the chair he had just vacated as he kicked her feet out to the sides.  Then he pushed his dick up against her sphincter and buried himself in to her ass.

“Oh god baby yes!  Yes!  YES!  Fuck my tight ass with that big hard cock of yours!” she cried out as she rocked backwards, trying to get him in deeper.  He grabbed a mass of her long blonde hair, forcing himself in as deep as he could go before pulling out and repeating.

He raised his other hand and landed blow after blow on her ass as he pounded in and out of her bowels.

“Yes baby, harder!  Harder!  Use your little anal slut!  Bury your cock in my ass and dump your cum in to me!” she cried out and he obliged her, letting his seed flow in to her as he was buried deep inside of her ass.

He watched her body spasm as his skill told him what he already knew, whether or not Silver Physic would have enjoyed having her ass fucked by one of her sworn enemies, Darla’s weakness for being used like nothing more than anal fuck doll ensured that she would never leave his side and he’d never have to find out what Silver Psychic thought about it.