BREAKING NEWS: Charlotte Turnly, world famous pop star, admitted to private hospital in suspected overdose!

Jim looked at Charlotte laying out on the bright white sheets that offset the black getup she was wearing and sighed.

“Kim, what the news?” he asked as he looked over at his partner that was hunched over the computer studying the screen intently.  If she’d taken some time on her appearance, she’d have been nearly as pretty as Charlotte, but Kim cared very little for appearances.

“I don’t know Jim, it makes no sense, the programming should be fine!” she replied exasperatedly.

Jim had known Kim since public school, she’d been the geek, he’d been the guy that knew everyone.  They’d teamed up in school to steal and sell questions and grades and ran all kinds of scams on those around them.  When they’d graduated they’d just kept doing the same thing, just on new people.

Jim looked back over at Charlotte’s unmoving form and shook his head and then checked his watch.

“I’m calling in help.”

“You can’t!” Kim replied, jumping upright out of the chair in near panic.

“We’re running out of time, she has to be ready by the morning Kim.”

Kim’s face fell and then she slowly nodded.

Jim didn’t want to do it either, but they were in too deep not to deliver something.

Jim watched the man in a long black trench coat walk in to the room, the frown on his face clearly showing his displeasure at the late hour, “Who made the call?”, he asked simply.

Jim met his gaze, “That would be me.”

“And who’s this?” the man asked pointing at Kim.

“My technician.”

The man grunted and then took his trench coat off, revealing a well tailored suit beneath it.  He walked over to the bed and removed the hat from Charlotte’s head and tilted her from side to side.

Then he walked over to the console, waited just a moment for Kim to vacate the seat and started to work on the computer.

Kim walked over to him and whispered to him, “I don’t like this Jim, we should cut our losses and get out of here.”

Jim just shook his head, there was something about the man seated across the room that sent a chill down Jim’s spine and he knew if he crossed him, there would be no end to the pain the man would cause him.

“I think it’s better to stick this one out Kim.” was all he replied in a low voice.

“You can stay if you want Jim, I’m out of here…” Kim replied and slowly turned to leave.

Jim watched her get to the door and suddenly stop mid stride.

“And where do you think you’re going?” the man asked, “Don’t bother answering, I already know.” he continued on as he finished typing on the keyboard with a flourish and then stood up.

Jim watched Kim turn around and return to his side, panic in her eyes, but every other aspect of her demeanor appearing normal.

“What am I going to do with the two of you?” the man asked and Jim realized he should have been panicking but he remained perfectly calm.

“You over reached, plain and simple.”

Jim knew it was true, they’d been doing small jobs until this opportunity had come along, the chance to get in to the big time and make a name for himself in the business.

After all, if he could deliver Charlotte Turnly to a client as a programmed sex slave, he’d have clients lined up around the corner.

The man shook his head, “You know, I can’t really blame you of course.  How do you think I gained my reputation?  But messing with one of my past job, we’ll that was never going to turn out well for you.”

Suddenly it all made sense to Jim, the trouble Kim was having getting the programming to stick in Charlotte’s mind, the past “problems” Charlotte had experienced and gone in to rehab for.

“The record company was tired of the whole princess routine so they hired me to bring her in line.  Now let’s get her fixed up and on her way.” the man said and walked over to Charlotte, touching her forehead gently.

Charlotte blinked several times and then sat straight up, “Hello Master!  I’m so happy to see you!” she chirped and smiled broadly.

“And I you Charlotte.  Would you please get changed?  Andy is waiting for you outside.”

“Of course Master!” Charlotte replied and quickly stood up from the bed and walked over to the dresser, finding the clothing she had come to the clinic in and changed, ignoring the presence of the other people in the room, before leaving.

The man turned back to Jim and he felt the man probing his mind, then the man took Jim’s phone from his pocket, unlocked it with Jim’s pass phrase and dialed what Jim knew was his client’s number.

The man spoke on the phone but Jim couldn’t make out what was being said, it was gibberish, as if Jim had forgotten how to speak English.

Finally he hung up the phone and turned back to Jim and Kim, “Well good news Jim, from my perspective of course I guess.  It seems your client was quite understanding about the mix up, well at least after I assured him he’d get his money back as well as a little ‘sweetener’ as well.”

The man walked up to Kim and touched her forehead, she gasped, giggled and walked over to the bed and started to strip.  Moments later she was naked, splayed out on the bed, one hand playing with her pussy, the other squeezing one of her breasts.

Then, something that had not happened since high school occurred, and the sight of Kim caused an erection for Jim.

The man stood beside Jim as Kim continued to masturbate until an orgasm came over her.  Then another and another.

“Your turn Jim.” the man said and Jim’s body took a step forward as thoughts filled his mind and his clothes left his body.

Soon enough, Jim was sliding in to Kim’s pussy and Kim’s moans filled the room.

Jim held the bags and the door as Kim emerged fro the salon, her long blonde hair flowed over her shoulders and on to her large round breasts that were nearly completely exposed with the thin fabric of her dress coming to just below her freshly waxed pussy.

Jim stayed several steps behind her as they approached the limo and at the last moment, Jim moved in front of Kim to get the door once more.  Then, once she was inside, he went around the car to the drivers seat and pulled away from the salon.

The last few months had seen a complete change in both of their lives, the sweetener the man had spoken of had turned out to be Kim herself.

The new Kim was a vain, sexualized parity of her old self.  Concerned only with her appearance the new Kim spent her days at the salon, the gym and the mall.  Of course her nights were spent on her knees, pleasuring their former client in whatever perverse ways he desired.

Jim, on the other hand, hadn’t changed quite so much as he might have expected.  Much like since high school, he was still the guy that made sure that Kim had what she needed to do her work.  Just now that meant keeping her on schedule, getting her what she needed and making sure their client was happy.

Jim pulled up to the house and quickly got out of the limo, moving around to open the door for Kim before they both entered the house.

Kim went to her bedroom and Jim dropped the bags off in their respective places before going up to join her.

Perhaps there was one part of his new life that was unexpected, he thought as he walked in to see Kim masturbating on the bed, the camera broadcasting out to the clients private site.

Jim dropped his pants and walked up beside Kim, who turned her head to the side so she could take him in to her mouth.  She continued to masturbate as he grabbed the back of her head and pulled her all the way down his shaft.

Soon she was on all fours, looking right at the camera as he pounded her pussy from behind.

Kim swooned and cooed in to the camera until her orgasm crashed over her as Jim came inside of her.

Jim stepped back and grabbed his pants as he left the room, yes, there was one unexpected part of his new life, which was just how much sex he was getting.  In fact, he hadn’t had this much sex since high school.