Tamara reached down and squeezed her nipples, the jolt of pleasure casing a moan to escape her lips as her head tilted back slightly.

It had been impossible to resist the urge to take hold of them as soon as she saw them, and it was only after several minutes of playing with them that she managed to tear her hands away.

She frowned and tried to look straight ahead, afraid of what might happen if she looked down again.  She walked around the room, unsure of where she was or what was going on, but realizing that something major had happened.

The last thing she could clearly remember was walking out of the lawyer’s office, having finally decided to divorce her husband, she’d gone to get the paperwork started.  It was going to be a long drawn out battle of course, the pre-nup was rock solid and as far as she could tell he hadn’t cheated on her.  She couldn’t say the same of course, but no one knew of that so she figured she was safe.

Tamara finally made it to the bathroom and avoided looking at the large mirror above the sink but caught a reflection of her bare pussy in a hand mirror by the bathtub.  Just like with her nipples, her fingers shot down to her pussy and started to probe it, sending waves of pleasure through her body.  This time they didn’t leave until the orgasm crashed over her and she slide down the wall to the cold tile floor.

As she recovered from it, she caught the reflection of her face in the same hand mirror and was stunned at the visage that she saw, but only in so much as that it told her who was responsible for whatever was going on, Johnathan, her soon to be ex-husband.

She had never been under the illusion that she was his perfect match, at least physically.  They’d hit it off more on an intellectual level than anything, she was almost as much of a geek as he was.  But even though any man would have called her beautiful, Johnathan had a certain type that wasn’t at all the dark haired beauty she was.

No Johnathan was all about the big titted blonde, and now seeing what he’d obviously done to her, she knew he was behind it.

The sound of the front door opening shook her back to her senses and she managed to get her self back upright without catching a glimpse in the mirror and then proceeded back in to the living room.

There Johnathan stood, a wide grin on his face.

“I’m going to bury you in court, I’ll get every last penny you have you bastard!” she shouted out at him, but his smile never left his lips.

“Oh I don’t think so.” he replied nonchalantly.

She took a step towards him and raised he fist, swinging it towards his face, only to have it stop just inches from it.  The struggle on her face was plain for him to see as she tried to land the blow but her body refused to complete the task she had given it.  All the while, Johnathan’s smiled remained.

“Having a little trouble there Tamara?  Why don’t I give you a hand then… Stand at attention Tammy.” he said and her body suddenly stood bolt upright, her hands at her side, her chest puffed out.

“You see Tammy, I haven’t just had you body altered, I’ve had you mind altered as well.”

Tamara fumed, she hated being called Tammy and he knew it, but she was also fuming at the fact that she stood there, at attention, just like he had told her too.

“Let me demonstrate some of the physical upgrades I’ve done.” he said as he raised his hand to her lower lips and gently stroked his thumb across it.  Her who body buzzed with pleasure, her nipples hardened, her pussy moistened as he pulled away leaving her wanting so much more.

He then grabbed her breasts and squeezed, causing the pleasure from her lip to pale in comparison before he once more let go.

His fingers slide down her stomach to find her moist pussy waiting for them to slide in and her knees almost buckled from the pleasure burst forth throughout her body.

He pulled his fingers free, “That felt good, didn’t it?  You may answer truthfully Tammy.”

“Yes, that felt very good Sir.”  The words were out of her mouth before she even had a chance to contemplate them and she blushed furiously from them.

“Very good Tammy, now come over here with me.” he said and walked over to a chest of drawers and opened one of them.

Inside were a dozen jewelry boxes, long and slender like a bracelet or necklace.  He inspected several until he found one he was satisfied with and then opened it, taking out what was inside.

He held it up in front of her so she could see it, it was a silver choker, and on it was a single word, “Slut”.

She immediately knew that if he placed it on her neck, that would be what she was.  She didn’t know how she knew this, only that something deep inside of her knew it to be true.

“There’s other ones in there of course, I’ll be trying them all out over the next few weeks.” he said as his hands wrapped around her neck and secured the chocker with the clasp.  As it clicked in to place she felt her mind awash with new feelings and needs.

She blinked several times and smiled, a predators smile of a woman with a man in her sights that would not take no as an answer, “So Johnathan…” she purred as she wrapped her arm around he shoulder, pushed her tits in to his chest and reached down with her other hand to find his stiffening shaft under his pants.

“Are you just going to stand there or are you going to fuck your hot little slut?”

Johnathan reached around and grabbed her hair, pulling her head backwards and placing his lips on to her’s, sending jolts of pleasure from her lips once more.  She thrust her hips in to his crotch as both of her hands reached down to undo his belt and pants.

It didn’t take long for him to bend her over the arm of the couch and slide in to her waiting pussy, “God yes Johnathan, use your slut’s tight little pussy!”

“Is that what you are now Tammy?  My slut, my personal slut?” he said as he stroked in and out of her.

“Yes, god yes Johnathan!  I’m your personal little slut!  I love your cock in my slutty pussy!” she cried out, no longer able to hold back the pleasure as her body spasmed from several orgasms in quick succession.

Then, she felt Johnathan’s seed enter her and her world exploded in pleasure as a series or orgasms unlike anything she had experienced before crested.

She recovered just in time to see Johnathan pulling up his pants, “Not bad for your first time slut, I’m sure you’ll get the hang of it after a few more visits.” he said and the smile across her lips vanished for just a second.

“But then again, maybe I’ll put one of the other choker on you next time, I’m interest in trying out bimbo and anal whore as well.  So many choices now that we’re divorced.” he said with a chuckle at the end.

“Oh, did I forget to mention that?  You should have read the pre-nup more closely, it was written by my divorce company, they guarantee a perfect divorce every time.  And I can’t argue with them, I’ve gotten rid of my boring brunette wife and replaced her with a perfect blonde sex kitten, what could be more perfect?”