Kiri looked at her old uniform and half smiled, half frowned, she really didn’t know why she kept it around any more, she hadn’t worn it in months and had no plans to take up the cape again.

Though, looking at it now, the shiny skirt and boots were kind of cute even if the rest seemed dull and boring.  She’d replaced them after one of her last battles had shredded her old ones and the shiny plastic had turned more than a few heads in the league.  She’d shrugged them off explaining the new material was far stronger than the old, even if inwardly she didn’t really care about the tensile strength of it.

No, it had been a slow process, her march towards indifference.  She could still remember her righteous vigour in her fight for justice, but now it all seemed so pointless.  After all, no matter how many villains she defeated, there were always more.  And more heroes as well, it wasn’t like the world had ended when she retired.  In all honesty, looking back, she couldn’t see any difference that she’d made and that was the crux of it really.

She turned away from the mannequin draped in her old uniform and back towards the bedroom, the buzzing in her pussy starting to become distracting enough that it was time to take care of it.  The clicking of her heels on the tile floor gave way to the muffled sound on the carpet as she wiggled her hips from side to side with each step down the hallway.

Walking in to the bedroom, the large bed dominating the room, she stood at the end of the bed, spread her legs apart and ran one hand down between her legs and the other over her ass.  She bent over at the waist until her face was on the bed as her fingers rubbed her pussy through the tight black material of her pants for several minutes until she could stand it no more.

Pushing herself forward, she slid along until she was almost at the head of the bed, on her knees, her ass in the air and her fingers still rubbing furiously.

She stopped just long enough to sit up on her knees, hook her thumbs in to her pants and pull them down, revealing her firm ass and dripping pussy.  She looked over to her nightstand and grabbed the vibrator from it, once more bending over and pushing her face in to the pillow, rotating her hips so that her pussy could clearly be seen from thr foot of the bed.

She reach between her legs and slide the running vibrator between her lower lips, “Oh god yes!  That feels so good!” she cried out to no one in particular before letting out a long hard moan.

She slide the vibrator in and out several times as she reached around with her free hand and grabbed her own ass, giving it a good shake.

‘God…’ she through to herself as the pleasure rushing to her mind, ’…those league do gooders are such stick in the muds!’

They were always going on about how they couldn’t give in to temptation, how they had to be pure and righteous all the time.  How was a girl supposed to find any kind of release doing that?

She let go of her ass and raised her hand up, then landed a blow on her ass cheek, sending it jiggling once more, “Fuck I love my ass smacked!” as she landed several more blows on it.

“Yes!  Yes!  That’s it!  A vibe in my pussy, my ass being smacked, it just doesn’t get any better than this!” she cried out confidently, but hen a sudden doubt crept in to her mind.

“Unless… unless…” she stuttered as her fingers that had landed the blows on her ass cheek crept slowly to her rear entrance, one of them circling it before sliding gently in.

“Unless I had… I had… a big, hard, cock in my… mmmmmm… ass…” she moaned out as she plunged both her finger and the vibrator deep in to herself.

“Yes! Yes! God yes!  That’s it!  Fuck my tight little asshole with your big hard cock!  Dump your load deep in to my bowels!”

She sped up her ministrations until her body could take no more and a massive orgasm crested and she cried out in pure bliss.

A few minutes later she rolled over on to her back, removed the vibrator and let her fingers gently bring her down from the orgasmic high.

“Oh, such a bad pussy…” she said with a mock pout as she gently slapped her lower lips, “…I think you need to be punished.  Next time the vibrator only goes in my ass, no more pleasure for you, you bad pussy.”

Finally she pulled up her pants and rolled off the bed and walked to the bathroom to freshen up.  Then, when she was done, she walked down the hallway and caught sight of her old uniform.

Kiri looked at her old uniform and half smiled, half frowned, she really didn’t know why she kept it around any more, she hadn’t worn it in months and had no plans to take up the cape again.

In Kiri’s bedroom, the screen on the laptop sitting on the dresser beside one of the multiple cameras in the room flashed, a new count down had started until the next show and there were already hundred’s signed up for the live stream.