Kelly drooped her head and almost sobbed, but caught herself before she did and chided herself inwardly for being so emotional.  It wasn’t like she hadn’t seen it coming, Don was always a bit of an asshole, she’d figured it was mostly a act, but the more they’d gone out, the more she knew it wasn’t.

“Hey, where’s Don?” Jill, one of her best friends said as she walked towards her in the hotel lobby.

“He’s not coming…” Kelly replied, holding back as best as she could.  It wasn’t that they’d just broken up, but the fact that he’d done it so publicly while they were on the weekend trip to Vegas, that really hurt.

Jill frowned a bit, “Did you two…”

“Yea, he’s a real asshole.”

“Well, I did try and warn you…” Jill said and Kelly couldn’t argue with her, her friend had pointed out several times how much of an asshole Don was.

“Yea, yea, I know.” Kelly replied and sighed, why did she have such terrible luck with men?  It wasn’t like she was a bitch or anything, sure she wanted a good man and she didn’t settle for just anyone, but every time she thought she’d found the right one, they’d disappointed her.

Jill looped her arm through Kelly’s and started her walking forward, “Hey, I know just the thing to cheer you up!” Jill said and then pulled her phone from her purse and quickly dialed a number.

“Hey Jeff, Kelly and I are going to have a girls night, alright?  Thanks babe, see you back at the room.”

Kelly hadn’t been in the mood for a “girls night in Vegas”, but what Jill had planned had turned out to be nothing like what Kelly had expected.

Instead of hitting the clubs and partying to the break of dawn, Jill had taken her well off the strip to a strip mall where the cab had dropped them off in front of a store called “The Pledge”.

Inside had been several women, all beautiful and smiling as they talked amongst themselves, Jill had taken them to one of the groups and introduced several of the women to Kelly, like they had been old friends.

Kelly leaned in and whispered in to Jill’s ear, “Jill, who are these people?”

Jill took Kelly’s hand in her and patted it, “Friends.  How hush up, they’re about to start.”

Jill pulled Kelly over to several rows of chairs in front of a podium as the women all moved over to them.

The next hour was a series of women, standing up and telling the crowd all about their bad relationships.

Then, once they were all finished, one of the women stood up at the podium and lead the group in what was clearly a well rehearsed mantra.

“We control our own lives.  Men do not define us.  We are happy with who we are.”

Afterwards the woman from the podium came over to Jill and Kelly with a broad, warm smile, “Jill, so good to see you again.  And you’ve brought a friend?”

“Hi Milly, yes, this is Kelly.”

“Nice to meet you Kelly.” Milly said and extended her hand, that’s when Kelly noticed she was wearing a ring very similar to the one that Jill was wearing.

“I see you’ve noticed our rings?” Milly said and Kelly almost blushed at being caught looking.

“Yes, sorry.” Kelly replied.

“Don’t be sorry, we’re proud of our pledge rings.” Milly said, holding her hand up so Kelly could get a good look.  Jill did the same thing.

Kelly looked at them and noticed that they were almost identical, the only difference being that Jill’s had a small yellow gem in it and Milly’s had a small pink gem in it.

“Pledge rings?” Kelly asked.

“Yes, they symbolize our commitment to ourselves.” Jill replied.

“That we have taken control of our lives and the way we live them.” Milly continued.

“Come, let’s sit down and we can talk about it.” Milly said and waved her hand towards a table with several chairs around it.

Kelly looked down at her pledge ring, the small red gem sparkling as she fiddled with it, and smiled.

She had to admit that she hadn’t felt this good in a long time, after all, she was taking control of her life.

And she could live without sex for a year couldn’t she?  It wasn’t like she was a sex addict or anything.  The pledge just gave her a goal to work towards and a group to help her through the hard times.  She’d had such a great time hearing all the stories at the meeting the other night, knowing that she wasn’t alone with the challenges she faced.

She’d been surprised to learn that Jill had taken the pledge 2 months ago, after all, that was before she’d met Jeff and it seemed like it would be hard to have a relationship without sex, but Jill had assured her that Jeff was fully on board with it.  After all, Jill had met him on the pledge’s dating site.

Kelly turned the ring around on her finger once more while her laptop started up, she’d gotten home from Vegas yesterday and this was the first chance she’d had to log on.

The site was like a lot of dating sites, lots of photo’s and profiles, but on this site, all of the men had been pre-screened and agreed to honor the pledge all the women had taken.

As a new pledge, as denoted by her red gem, Kelly could browse and contact any of the profiles she had access too, but none of the men could contact her.  It gave her a great feeling of control even if she wasn’t quite ready to jump back in to the dating pool.

In addition to the standard profiles, there was also a section on the site that had inspirational music files.  She didn’t think she needed them, but made a mental note of it just in case.

Jill and Milly had told her that there were four levels in the pledge, each denoted by the colour of the gem in the pledge ring.  Beginners were red, intermediate was yellow, advanced was green and graduates were pink.

They had both dodged her questions about the levels, only letting on that graduation happened only to those that honoured their pledge for the full year.

Her phone rang and she picked it up as soon as she saw Jill’s number, “Hi Jill!”

“Hey Kelly, you busy tonight?”

“Nope, why?”

“I’m going over to the pledge center, want to come?”


Kelly listened to the inspirational music on her phone, the soft music rising and lowering as the words came over top of it, “You are strong.  You are your own woman.  You have everything you need.”

She’d only started listening to them at Jill’s insistence, but now, after a few weeks, she loved their messages and they made her feel even better about herself.

She clicked through to the next profile on the site and smiled, they were all so handsome, how was she to decided which one to contact?

She finally gave up and clicked several times in quick succession a random number of times.  When she stopped she quickly read the profile and then sent him an e-mail.

It was past time she got back on the horse, but to her surprise he responded almost instantly and they had a coffee date setup for the very next day.

“Jill, I can’t believe how good things are going with the pledge!  I’ve been on a dozen dates and not a single one has tried anything!”

“Of course Kelly, all the men on the pledge site are fully committed to the program.”

“I know, it’s so amazing… but…” Kelly said, biting half of her lower lip.

“But?” Jill asked.

“Well… I’ve been… kind of… you know… randy after the dates.”

Jill laughed out loud, “Hey, it’s not funny!” Kelly childed her friend.

“I’m not laughing at you Kelly, I had the same problem for the first little while.”

“You did?  What did you do?”

“Well, you know the pledge is to abstain from sex for a year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have any fun.  After all a blow job isn’t sex is it?” Jill half asked as she winked at Kelly.

“You mean you…”

“Oh don’t be such a stick in the mud Kelly.  You want to get your yellow gem don’t you?”

Kelly looked at the ring that Jill was holding up, the yellow gem glistening in the light, Kelly really did want one.

“Is that how you got yours?” Kelly asked.

“Well, let’s just say I didn’t get it by not doing it.” Jill replied and stuck her tongue in to her cheek.

“I… I don’t know…” Kelly replied.

“Well, think about it, maybe your next date won’t leave you so… randy.”

Kelly bobbed up and down on Todd’s dick and could hardly believe how good it felt.  She’d never been one to enjoy giving head, but for some reason the pledge made it so much better.  It was like she knew she wasn’t going to get anything in her pussy and so her body had compensated by making her mouth so much more sensitive.

She felt Todd’s dick stiffen and the first drops of cum hit her tongue, she pushed herself down in to his lap as he grunted and unloaded in to her throat.

She held herself there, swallowing every last drop until she felt him start to soften and she pulled herself up and off of him, taking in a large breath of air as she did so.  She held him in her hands and pumped the last few drop from him, extending her tongue and licking them from his tip.

Then she gently slid his dick back in to his pants and did the zipper up once more and rising up from his lap.  She smiled and Todd pointed to the corner of his mouth, motioning like she had something there.  She took a finger and pushed the drop of cum in to her mouth and swallowed it, “Thanks Todd, I really needed that!”

“Any time Kelly, always happy to help a lady keep her pledge.” he replied as she opened a compact from her purse and re-applied her lipstick.

Once she finished she leaned in and kiss him on the lips, then pulled back, opened the car door and headed back to her apartment.  She crossed her legs in front of each other and made sure she wiggled her ass so Todd could get a good look, it sent a chill up her spine and her smile broadened even more.

As she pushed the elevator button, she caught sight of her yellow gem in her pledge ring and the shiver ran back down her spine and right in to her pussy.

God she loved the pledge.

It was the best thing she’d ever done and she owned it all to Jill.  As the elevator rose upwards, Kelly pulled her phone out and messaged Jill, “Congrats on getting green, I’m so jealous!”

Kelly looked over at Jill’s beaming smile, “And the guys can contact you!” she said excitedly as she talked about all the new features on the pledge site that had opened up when she’d achieved green status.

“That sounds amazing!” Kelly responded in a similar tone.

“Yea, and there’s a message board where other green members can chat about their dates too.”

“You’re so lucky!  I can’t seem to get beyond yellow.” Kelly said, pouting just a little bit.

It had been six months since she’d taken the pledge and her life was better than it had ever been, but over the last month or so, something had changed.  Oh giving head was still amazing and her dates always complemented her skills, but she felt like there was something else she could be doing.

“Hey, why the sad face?  Don’t tell me you haven’t’ figured it out yet…” Jill said.

“Figured what out?”

“Oh god, you haven’t have you?” Jill replied and giggled uncontrollably for several seconds.

“Hey, I’ll figure it out… I just need some time… that’s all.”

“Oh dear, no.  Don’t worry though, I had to have someone tell me about it too.”

“You did?” Kelly replied, suddenly feeling better that she wasn’t alone.  That was the best part of the pledge though, there were always others to help.

“Yeah, you want to know what it is?”

“YES!  I mean… yes.”

“Well… you know how blow jobs aren’t sex right…”


“Well, there’s something else that isn’t sex either…”

“What… wait… oh my god do you mean…”

“Yep… anal!”

“You can’t be serious!?!”

“Oh I’m totally serious.  It only counts as sex if he sticks it in your pussy, nowhere else!”

“But that’s… that’s…”

“So amazing?  God you have no idea.  If you think blowjobs are good, wait until you get…”

“No!  No, don’t say it.  I’m not going to… I mean…” Kelly protested but something in the back of her mind had clicked as soon as Jill had said it, that something that was missing had fallen in to place.

Kelly held her ass cheeks apart as she knelt on the bed, “Please… please be gentle.” she almost whimpered as Henry rub the tip of his dick around her sphincter.

“Of course Kelly, you know I’m fully committed to helping you keep your pledge.” he said as he slowly pushed in to her.

“Oh god!  Oh god!” she cried out as he did.  She’d expected it to feel tight, or painful, or something.  Anything but the glorious pleasure that blossomed throughout her body.

It was unlike anything she’d experienced before, but exactly like Jill had described it.  Over the last few weeks she’d gone to the pledge meetings and talked to Jill many times.  They had all been so sportive of her decision, no matter what it was.  She’d talked to so many of them that had done it, each one described it just like Jill had and eventually she’d decided to find out for herself.

She’d found Henry’s profile and he’d just seemed like the right man to lose her anal cherry to, and he’d been so supportive all night on their date that she just knew it would happen when they got back to her place.

“Oh god yes Henry, yes!” she cried out as her eyes rolled back in to her head and she followed up with a guttural moan as he pulled back out and then pushed back in.

It wasn’t long before she felt his hot seed enter her bowels and sending even more pleasure through her body.

She lay there on the bed, her hand snaking down between her legs when she felt Henry pull her hand away, “Now now Kelly, bad girl.” he said and gave her ass a little slap.

It was true, she hadn’t even masturbated since she took the pledge and she’d almost thrown it all away!

She turned over and slid off the side of the bed, going to her knees, “Thank you Henry, I’m so glad you were my first and I can’t thank you enough for respecting the pledge!” she said as she wrapped her lips around his deflating dick, sucking out every last drop of cum she could.

Kelly could feel the cock in between her lips harden slightly and she knew he was about to cum, but the one in her ass wasn’t yet ready.  She pulled off Jim’s dick, while still holding it with one hand as she looked over the shoulder at Ron, “Come on baby, fuck that ass harder!”

Ron promptly obliged her and after a moment she took Jim’s dick in to her mouth once more, before long both dicks hardened and sent their loads in to her.

She worked Jim’s dick until every last drop was out of it and then she spun around and did the same for Ron’s.

She smiled and looked at both men, “Thanks guys, I can’t tell you how much I appreciated that!”

“Always happy to help a lady keep her pledge.” they both replied almost in unison.

“Awwwe… that’s so sweet.  Maybe next time you can both stick your dicks in my ass at the same time!”

Both men smiled as she headed towards the bathroom to clean up.  When she came back out, they had both left her apartment.

Kelly smiled as the recent memory of them came back to her and she fiddled with her ring, the green gem sending a shiver through her.

She was so proud that she had figured out how to get the to the green level without anyone telling her.  Though really, after talking to several of the other girls that had achived it, it seemed like they all figured it out on their own.

But that was great too, all of the strong women in the pledge deserved to make it on their own and she was so happy for them all.

And now that she was a green member, the pledge dating site was so much better!  Not only did she get guy’s contacting her all the time, but the green members only chat board had been a life saver.  She’d never have known that Ron and Jim were up for a threesome otherwise!  And the other green members had so many other things to share; like how some of the guys like to tie them up, or what kinds of costumes some of them like you to wear, or the guys favorite things for the girls to say while they pounded their asses!

It just made things so much better knowing all that inside information before she agreed to go out on a date with one of the men from the site.

Kelly bounced up and down as she hugged Jill and they both squealed in excitement.

“Oh my god you did it!” Kelly cried out as she held Jill’s hand, marveling at the pink gem in her pledge ring.

“I know right?!  It’s so amazing, I can’t believe it!”

“So, what’s it like?  Who is he?” Kelly asked.

“It’s… it’s, well it’s so much better than I remembered!”

Kelly nodded along, eager to hear more, after all getting the pink pledge ring meant that not only had she finished her one year pledge, but that she’d finally had sex again!

“You remember Jeff, right?  From Vegas?”

“Yeah… but didn’t you guys only go on a few dates?”

“Yeah, but that was just because I wasn’t ready for anything long term.  I mean I had the pledge to consider and so many guys on the site to try out and all.  But a few days after my pledge was up, he contacted me on the site and asked if I wanted to go to dinner to celebrate.  And I of course said yes!”

“That’s so nice of him!”

“I know right?  Well, dinner turned in to drinks back at my place and before I knew it was on my knees sucking him off!  Then we were in my bedroom and he was banging my ass when it suddenly occurred to me, he could fuck my pussy!”

“And he did?”

“Well, after a little bit of begging on my part, he really wanted to make sure I was ready for it.  Then he did and I was cumming and cumming and cumming!  I don’t know how many orgasms I had but by the time he pulled out and came all over my face, I just knew no other man would ever be able to match him in bed!  That’s when I got down on my knees and made a new pledge.”

“A new pledge?”

“Yeah: I control my own life.  I give control of my life to you.  Men do not define me.  You define my in any way you please.  I am happy with who I am.  You make me happy with whatever you make me.  God the orgasm that I had as I said those words was amazing!”

Kelly bit her lower lip as her whole body shook with pleasure as Jill said the words.  Would she be so lucky as Jill had been to find the perfect man for her?  She could only hope so as the end of her pledge was coming up in just a few more weeks.

Kelly hugged Jill once more, “Oh my god your so lucky Jill!”

“I know!  But don’t worry Kelly, I’m sure you’ll get to graduate as well!”

The two friends squealed in excitement once more as Kelly felt such happiness at having the support of a fellow pledge to show her that anything was possible, as long as she finished her pledge.

Jill continued to go on about Jeff but Kelly’s mind had wandered back to earlier in the day when she’d been on the pledge dating site, she’d been scrolling through profiles and recognized Chuck from high school.

For the life of her she couldn’t remember why she’d been so mean to him, spreading those rumors about his sexual orientation seemed so unbelievable now.  She’d recognized his picture right away, he still had those thick rimmed glasses, still dressed like a nerd, but god just seeing him on the site made her want to suck his cock.

She giggled out loud at the thought but Jill just kept on talking, her thoughts turned to what it would be like to have him in her ass.  She bet he’d really pound her good, probably call her all kinds of dirty names.  She bit her lower lip and then interrupted Jill, “Sorry Jill, I’ve got to go!  Congrats though!” Kelly said as she gave her friend one last hug and headed straight home.

Once there she logged on to the site and sent Chuck an invite, she hoped he’d respond, something deep down inside of her needed him to.  She just knew that if he did, that in a few weeks she’d be on her knees, giving her pledge to him just like Jill had to Jeff.

And the timing couldn’t have been better, just a few weeks after her pledge was ending was her high school reunion.  What better way to show off to all of her old friends than to show up on the arm of her hunky boyfriend?

She could just imagine sucking him off in the high school bathroom, him fucking her ass in the locker room.  And how amazing would it be to have him pounding her pussy in the principles office?

Her computer binged and she saw the message from Chuck come in, she smiled and giggled, her life couldn’t be any more perfect and it was all thanks to the pledge.