‘Oh god, why did it feel so good to me kneeling by the pool?’ Stephanie thought as she listened to the water droplets gently falling on to the surface of the pool.

She tried to stand up, but the turmoil in her stomach stopped her half way up and she fell back on to her legs.  A sudden tingle in her pussy made her momentarily close her eyes and purse her lips together.

She looked over towards Johnathan and her heart skipped a beat.

Stephanie shook her head from side to side trying clear her thoughts, but all she accomplished was to toss her long blonde hair around like a model doing a photo shoot by the pool.

It was just six months ago that she had executed her latest hostile take over of Johnathan’s company, it’s technology would be a crown jewel and propel her own company rocketing up the stock market.

Johnathan had been very unhappy about the takeover, but it was his own fault after all for not ensuring he’d retained controlling interest in it when he started accepting outside investment.  The offer she made to the investment firms for their stake in his company had been irresistible to them.

She had tried just about everything to get Johnathan to stay on, he was critical to his companies success.  And while she could eventually replace him, it would delay her plans and she wouldn’t tolerate that.  At first she’d tried to sweeten his employment contract.  More stock options, better bonuses, etc.  But he’d waved that off, after all she had made him quite rich with the buy out.  She switched to threats, tying him up in court with years if he tried to go somewhere else, using his own patents against him.

But that hadn’t worked either.  She’d even hired a private detective to try and find some dirt on him, but he was squeaky clean.

In the end, she really wasn’t sure why he’d decided to stay on.  He’d just popped in to her office one day, a broad smile on his face and a signed copy of one of the extensions she’d offered him.  It hadn’t even been the best offer she’d made!

“Would you turn around Stephanie?” his words broke her recollection and she turned herself around, bending over and raising her ass in to the air slightly.  Another shiver ran through her and she let out a small gasp as it did.

‘Why did doing what he told her feel so right?’ she thought as the smell of the chlorine filled her nostrils as she was so close to it.

Even after he’d agreed to stay on, they’d fought about what she was doing, but as the months passed the fights had become less and less intense.  Until finally, the 3 third month since the acquisition, she’d had enough and just started agreeing with him.  It was just so much easier.

And, though she hated to admit it, he did make  lot of sense.

She had put on a few extra pounds, so working out in her home gym more was an obvious solution.

Dressing a little sexier was ok, after all she had started wearing a lot of suits and other drab clothing.

Give him a key to her place?  Well why not, he was spending a lot of time having after work meetings with her there.

Go for a swim to relax?  Well she was tense.

Wear the swimsuit whenever he came over?  Why not, it wasn’t like the extra workouts weren’t paying off.

Sit down on the patio stones and enjoy the sun?  Sure, they were warm and felt so good under here knees.

Take his dick in to her mouth and suck it?  Well it was right there in front of her face after he’d lost his swim trunks in her pool.

Put herself on display for him while he got some work done?  Well, why not?  After all she hadn’t been in to the office in weeks.

Lay down on the sun cot and stick her ass in the air so he could fuck her?  It only mad sense with how horny she was all the time.

She head his footsteps approaching her and another shiver ran through her as he knelt down and placed his hand on her ass, “Hey Stephanie, I’m all done work for the night, you want me to fuck you now?”

“Oh god yes Johnathan, I’m so horny!” she replied as his hand slide across her ass and under her to her moist pussy.  He slide his fingers along the fabric of her bikini bottom and she bounced her ass up and down as he did.

“Well then, get over to the cot then and take the position.”

She turned around and scurried over to the cot, never leaving her hands and knees, crawling up on to it and pushing her ass high up in to the air for him.

He pulled her bikini to the side and slide in to her pussy, she moaned loudly, “Oh god Johnathan, yes, fuck my pussy!” she cried out.

It had only been a week ago that he’d told her how much she needed him to fuck her, and like everything else he’d been so right about it.

He grabbed her hands from her side, pulling them back and forcing her to raise off the cot as he slammed in to her repeatedly.  She tossed her hair to the side and looked back at him, her hungry eyes locked on to his as her lips curled in to a growl, “Fuck yes Johnathan, fuck me hard and deep and fast!”

He pushed forward, forcing her back on to the cot as he drove deep in to her one last time before she felt him explode inside of her, “Oh my fucking god YYYYYYEEEEEESSSSSSSSS!” she cried out as her orgasm crested over her and she collapsed on to the cot.

Johnathan pumped her a few more times before pulling out and slapping her ass with his softening cock to get the last few drops of cum from it.

“Hey Stephanie, you know what?”

She turned her head to the side and smiled a goofy smile, “No… what?” she managed to get her lips to say through the fog of bliss that still clouded her mind.

“Your tits are too small, call your plastic surgeon and get them upgraded.”

Stephanie’s entire body shook with another orgasm at the words he spoke.  He was right as always, her tits were too small, she’d call her Doctor right after she cleaned up.

She reached back with one hand and scooped up some of the drop of cum Johnathan had left on her ass and then brought her fingers to her lips, sucking them clean.

‘I wonder how big Johnathan would like them?’ she thought to herself as the taste of his cum filled her mouth.

‘Maybe he will tell me, or maybe I should just go as big as the Doctor will let me.“  Both the thought and the taste brought a smile to her lips and she let out a large sigh.

How had she ever managed before Johnathan had taken over?

A sudden thought occurred to her, ‘I executed a hostile takeover of Johnathan’s company, but he executed a hostile takeover of me!’.

Another orgasm crested as she now knew why kneeling on the patio, showing off her ass, being fucked by him, obeying his commands all felt so good.  She was his property now and an owner was most proud of his possessions when he was using them or showing them off.