“Puh… puh.. pwease!” Jessi begged, here eyes filled with desperation as she pushed her tits out and the t-shirt split open.

She was desperate of course, she had been since that day she’d met him for the first time.  She’d cut in line in front of him at the coffee shop, brushed him off when he confronted her about it and even slapped him across the face when he’d suggested he was going to ask for the manager.

He’d looked stunned, then angry and she was about to open her mouth to cry for help and then falsely accuse him of groping her.  But the words never left her lips as he leaned in, a sudden calmness coming over him and he whispered in to her ear, “4000”.

It had struck her like a ton of bricks, she’d taken several steps back and then rushed to the bathroom, not coming out until she was sure he would have left.

After steadying herself, she left the coffee shop and headed in to work, quickly trying to put it behind her but something was nagging at the back of her mind.  All day it felt like her chest had ants walking all over it.  When she arrived home, she took a long hot shower but it didn’t help, her hands had massaged her small breasts, trying to satisfy the feeling until she finally collapsed in bed and fell asleep.

By the next morning, not only was her chest still tingling, her pussy was as well.  She managed to get to work, only to have to leave early.  When she arrived home she’d taken another shower and then spent several hours working her desperate pussy with her trusty dildo, to no avail.

It was two days later, after having called in sick and masturbating almost continuously, with no relief, that she stumbled upon the only thing that brought her any relief.  She’d finished another marathon attempt with her dildo and been frustrated once more when she set the dildo on her chest and the tingling had finally receded where it lay.

She’d looked down at it in amazement and pushed her breasts together, the relief spreading through out her entire body as her small cleavage barely came half way up the dildo.

Awkwardly she managed to hold her breasts together with one hand and slide the dildo between it until a small, unfulfilling orgasm crested.

She never managed to get another one with her dildo.

She’d grabbed her phone and called up her ex as the tingling returned once more, she’d demanded he come over to her place right away and he’d hung up on her.  She’d called back and apologised, asking nicer but he still refused.  It was only when she begged him to come over and fuck her that he’d relented and agreed.

It had been more difficult to get him to try and titty fuck her, it wasn’t that he wasn’t up for it, but the small size of her breasts made it hard and provided little in the way of pleasure for him.  Eventually he agreed on the condition that she’d play along with whatever he said.

She had laid back on the bed, pushed her breasts together as he straddled her, lowering his dick on to her chest, “Oh god!” she had cried out as soon as it touched her and followed it up with a moan.

“You like that slut?” he’d asked.

“Y… yes…” she stuttered back to him.

“Yes?  Yes what slut?”

“Y… yes… yes I like your… dick… between my breasts.”

He pushed forward hard, sending the tip of his dick to her chin, “Yeah, you like it alright.  You’re just a titty fuck slut aren’t you?” he said, pulling back and pushing forward once more.

The pleasure coming from her breasts was unbelievable, it overwhelmed her better judgement and she responded in a cry of passion, “Yes!  Yes!  I’m a titty fuck slut!”

He didn’t last long after that, his cum spraying over her breasts and face triggering her own violent orgasm, the number 4000 burning in to the front of her mind.

She hadn’t even realized he had cleaned up and re-dressed until he turned from her bedroom door and spoke, “I don’t know what’s gotten in to you Jessica, but next time you want me to titty fuck you, they’re better be something there to fuck.  Got it?”

She had managed to turn her head and nod as he left and she heard her front door close behind him.

After that she had done the first 100 with her tiny breasts, but she’d gone through everyone she knew, and everyone they knew, that she could convince to do it.  She had know the time was coming and had already scheduled her first surgery.  The two weeks of recovery had been the worst two weeks of her life, but when she’d sent the selfie to her ex and he’d just texted back, “Be there in 15.” she’d known it would be worth it.

Of course her work had suffered, she’d had to quit her job after she’d pulled off her shirt and trying to jump her boss, but at least he hadn’t pressed charges.

She’d started to work at the strip club the next week, where she had quickly gotten the reputation as the Titty Fuck Queen.  She’d let anyone slide their dick between her tits in the VIP, but she had several regulars as well and the orgasms she had from them were far better than quickies she got from the one and dones.

She had figured it out after the third time she’d let her ex titty fuck her, the more times someone did it, the more pleasure she got from doing it.

And so, here she was, kneeling in the VIP in front of Jason, her best regular of the lot.  He’d titty fucked her a hundred times at least, far more than any of the others, and now just having his dick touch her tits made her whole body tremble in pleasure.  

He’d been the one to suggest her second and third boob job.  He’d been the one to have her do her lips.  He’d been the one to suggest the botox that made her face hardly move.  He’d been the one to suggest her new hair style.  He’d been the one to suggest more time at the gym.

He’d done this all with his dick stuffed between her tits, her mind on an orgasmic high and she’d agreed to it all eagerly.

He smiled down at her, grabbed the tatters of her shirt and ripped it the rest of the way off and she quickly took her bra off, releasing her mammoth tits.  He groped them and she moaned out in pleasure as her fingers worked his pants until his dick was free, then she wrapped her tits around him and pressed them together.

“God Jessi, I love those big fucking tits, tell me how much of a titty whore you are…”

“Jwessi’s a twotal twitty whore!  Jwessi woves her bwig fwake twitties fwucked!”

“I want to be the only one to fuck your tits Jessi, tell me that’s what you want.  Tell me you want to be my big titty fuck slut.”

“Wes!  Wes!  Jwessi wanna bwe wore bwig twitty fwuck slwut!  Wonly wyou!  Wonly Wyooooouuuuuuuu!” Jessie cried out as the mother of all orgasms crashed over her and for the last time the number flashed in her mind.

Jessie dove down and wrapped her lips around his still sputtering dick, sucking out every last drop of cum as Jason stroked her head like a favourite pet.

“Do you mean it Jessi?” he asked and she looked up in to his face, his softening shaft between her lips and she nodded in agreement.

He smiled in return, “That’s good Jessi, I can’t wait for the Doc to do your next set of upgrades.  Let’s go see him together tomorrow and I can tell him what I want.”

A shiver ran down her spine and she had a small orgasm as she popped off his dick, “Wes Jwson, wake Jwessi wore pwerfwect bwig twitty swut.”