Fiona stepped from the boat to the doc, tippy toeing her way on to shore as her house coat hung open exposing her naked body beneath it.  She smiled and giggled as she shrugged it from her shoulders and it fell to the ground, she spun around, “Wheeeee!!!!” she cried out in pure joy at the act of freedom.

She hopscotched to the boat next door and bounced up and down as she stood by the docked boat, “Like hi Johnny!  Can I come aboard?” she asked, clasping her hands behind her back, thrusting her chest out and swaying from side to side as she lower her head slightly and looked up at him.

“Well of course you can Fiona.” he replied with a smile and extended his hand.

“Like Johnny, I told you, call me Fifi!” she whined with a pout as she took his hand and stepped up on to the boat.

“Sorry Fifi, I forgot again.” he replied with a half smile.

Her pussy tingled as she wrapped her arms around him and kiss him, her tongue darting in and out of his mouth as his hands found her ass and squeezed it hard.

He pulled away and let go of her ass, raising his hand up and bobbing her nose with his finger, “Well I guess it’s time for you to get started then… Fifi.” he said and another shiver quivered in her pussy.

“Like, right!” she giggled and headed in to the main sleeping quarters of the boat.  It was quite a bit larger than her own, maybe 3 or 4 times as big?  It was hard to tell as she wasn’t very good with numbers, but she always giggled when she saw the two boats side by side, hers looking like the little baby sister of his.

But she was lucky to have a birth here at all, it was a swanky part of the city and the only reason she could afford it was because it had been part of her divorce settlement, along with her boat for that matter.

She found her uniform laid out on the master bed and she quickly changed in to it, the thin black and white fabric hugging her body but leaving her most important parts exposed.  She then grabbed her hair and bundled it in to a pony tail and pinned it in place before donning the white headpiece and black choker, and then lastly the white gloves.

She grabbed the bucket by the side of the bed and started cleaning immediately.  She spent several hours cleaning each room, making sure they were spotless, several times Johnny had come in to inspect her “work”.  Each time he’d point something out she had missed and give her ass a little slap to encourage her to do better.

She liked the work, and the ass slaps, after all she had been lucky to find a job with her limited skills after the divorce.  She’d always relied on her husband to earn the money, she focused on spending it.  The job itself didn’t pay much, but as part of the divorce she had to have “a” job to get her monthly support payment.

Finally, when she was all but finished, she headed out to do her last cleaning job, the one she liked best at the stern of the ship.  She walked up to the polished metal railing that met at the keel, bent over at the waist and reached out to polish the small metal figurehead that was mounted there.

She had only just started when she felt Johnny’s hands take hold of her hips and she let out a low moan, “Joooohhhhnnnnnyyyyyy…” she whined, “I’m woooooorrrrrrkkkkiiinnnnggg!” she cried out as she felt him slide inside of her.

She held on tightly to the railing and lifted herself up slightly, pushing back on to him, sending him deeper in to her, “Oh god Johnny!  Yes!  Yes!”

Her cries of passion and pleasure filled the marina as he pounded her pussy until he pulled out, grabbed her by the hair and pulled her down on to the deck.  He slapped his dick against her face several times until his cum spurted forth and covered her tits and face, several drops flinging on to the deck as well.

She orgasmed so hard that her whole body slumped down, only remaining upright due to his strong hand still gripping her hair.

He set her down gently and flicked the last few drops of cum from his dick on to her and then walked away.  After she took a few minutes to recover, she pushed herself up to her knees, scooped up the cum from her body and licked it from her fingers before bending over and licking up every last drop that had escaped her.

Another small orgasm came over her as she finished and she let out a giggle from between her smiling lips.  She was so lucky to have found a job with Johnny, she loved cleaning up after him, especially when he’d just finished fucker her.

Johnathan looked down at his ex-wife and smiled as he flicked the last of his cum from his dick, the gold digging bitch had tried to take him for half of everything when she’d started the divorce proceedings, including his prized yacht.

Luckily he’d been referred to The Perfect Divorce company by one of his friends and they had ensured a much more modest settlement.  Sure he’d had to buy her a boat to live on and a birth at the same marina as his and even give her a job, but overall it seemed like a reasonable set of settlement terms considering all that he received in return.