“Hey Kacy, how’s the studying going?” Uncle Dan asked and Kacy looked up at him, still chewing on her pen.

She frowned and pouted a little, “Like, it’s so hard Uncle Dan!” she whined and flipped the pen from her mouth and sent it sailing across the room.

“Awe, well, you know you have trouble with the big words in those books, why don’t you go back to the lessons on the computer?”

Kacy frowned, it was true, she was having trouble with her university physics book and had been for the last few weeks.  She’d even gotten a dictionary out and started to highlight some of the common words that she seemed to keep forgetting.

Uncle Dan was right though, she’d been whizzing through the computer lessons he’d given her just after she’d arrived.  He was the head of the physic’s department at the university and had been developing a new set of course ware that he’d wanted her to try out for him.

She figured why not?  After all he’d been generous enough to let her stay at his beach front home all summer instead of going back to her parents place.  After the blowout she’d had with them at Easter Uncle Dan had been a life saver.

Technically he wasn’t her Uncle, just a very close family friend that her parents had known since their university days.  When she’d shown an interest in physics it was only a natural to apply to the university he worked at, she knew she’d be able to count on him if she needed anything and it made her parents feel better that someone would be around to look after her as well.

After he’d left her room, she rolled off the bed and walked over to her desk with her laptop on it.  Unlocking it and starting up the next lesson in the course ware program and clicked the mouse with one hand as the other slithered down beneath her skirt and found her waiting pussy.

Kacy licked her fingers as she came down from another orgasm and giggled, god she’d been so horny lately that she’d hardly gotten any studying done.  Well except for the course ware that Uncle Dan had given her, she couldn’t get enough of those.

She’d been through the entire set at least 5 or 6 times, though she found it hard to remember much of what was in them.  It didn’t matter, by the time she finished one she’d had several orgasm which was so much better than learning anyway.

She sucked her fingers for a moment longer before pushing the chair back from her desk and heading to the bathroom to freshen up.  A quick shower, a lengthy session in front of the mirror doing her makeup and nearly as long picking out the perfect outfit, she was finally ready.

She stood in front of the full length mirror and did a final check, running her hands over the tight, short black skirt and half open white top that her blonde hair fell down on to.  She finally looked down at the black platform heels on her feet and then half turned to the mirror to make sure her ass looked good in the skirt, before leaving her room and heading downstairs.

The clip clop of her heels echoed through the hallway, down the stairwell and across the tiles of the foyer until she stood in the living room doorway.  Uncle Dan was sitting on the couch watching the news on TV, a shiver ran down her spine and buried itself in her pussy as soon as she caught sight of him.

She stepped in to the carpeted room and walked around in front of him, blocking his view of the TV, “Hi Uncle Dan!” she said, grasping her hands behind her back and swaying from right to left.

“Well hello Kacy, you look very nice tonight.” he said with a wolfish grin on his lips.

She let out a giggle at the complement as she felt her pussy buzz even more.

“Thanks!  Like, you’ve been so nice to me and I totally want to show you how grateful I am Uncle Dan!”

“It’s my pleasure Kacy, what did you have in mind?”

She giggled even more before answering, “Well, like, that’s totally what I had in mind Uncle Dan… you’re pleasure. *giggle*” she replied as she fell to her knees and crawled between his legs.

Her pink fingernails worked at his fly until she had it undone and then she pulled his pants and underwear down around his ankles before leaning in and wrapping her matching glossy pink lips around his hardening shaft.

She pushed down on to him and felt wave after wave of pleasure wash over her, when she was down as far she could managed, she tilted her head back so she was looking right up at him.  Then her eyes rolled back in to her head as a mini-orgasm came over her.

She managed to pull back up before she passed out and felt his hand brush her hair from over her face before taking a firm grip on her head and pushing her down once more, farther than she thought possible as her hands flew from her sides.

He slammed her mouth down on to himself several more times, Kacy eagerly following his lead and pushing herself as far down as she could.

Then he pulled her off one last time and lead her forward as she crawled up on to his lap, her pussy dripping wet as she slide it over his hard shaft on the way.  He reached around behind her and found the clasp to the skirt, undid it and tossed it to the side.  Then he reached up and pulled her shirt in two, sending her tits bouncing as it slipped from her arms and on to the floor.

“Uncle Dan, I’m so horny!” she cried out as her fingers dove down to his dick and guided it in to her pussy.  She bounced up and down on it, sending her tits bouncing as well.

She felt his hand slide around to the back of her head and pull her face to his, he kiss her on the lips and she returned it, sending her tongue in to his mouth as she sat impaled on him.

A quick slap of her ass got her moving again, her hips rolling back and forth as he held the kiss and grabbed her tit with his free hand.

Eventually he broke free and pulled her head all the way back until she was looking at the ceiling, “Oh god yes!  Fuck me!  Fuck me Uncle Dan!  I’m your slutty little niece and I need your cock inside of me!”

She bounced up and down, impaling herself on his dick deeper and deeper until she thought she couldn’t stand it any more and she’d explode from the pleasure.

But then it stopped, his hands were on her hips, lifting her from him, his shaft no longer inside of her and she felt a great emptiness.  She panicked, “Oh go no!  Please Uncle Dan, stick it back it!  Stick it back in!  I need it!” she cried out, her hands flailing for his shaft as he lifted her and stood up, twirling her around until she was bent over the arm of the couch.

A slap across her ass sent another wave of pleasure through her, “What do you need Kacy?” he asked.

“I… I need your cock in my pussy!  Please Uncle Dan… please fuck my pussy with your cock!”

Another slap landed on her ass, “What do you need Kacy?” he asked again.

Kacy hesitated as the pleasure continued to emanate from the last ass slap throughout her body, “I… I need to learn.  Need to learn to be a good slut.  Need to learn to be a horny slut.  Need to learn to be your slut!” she finally cried out.  Wave after wave of pleasure coursing through her.

He rubbed her ass firmly, “And how do you learn?”

A sudden flash of understanding blossomed in Kacy’s mind, “You teach me Uncle Dan!  I love your lessons!  Please… please teach me Uncle Dan!  Teach me!  Teach me!” she cried out as a small orgasm crashed over her.

“That’s right Kacy, I’m going to teach you.  This lesson is going to be all about black holes.” he said and Kacy felt his hard dick push up against her sphincter.

She cried out in pure bliss as he started the lesson and pushed deep inside of her ass, “Yes!  Yes!  Teach me all about black holes Uncle Dan!  Fuck my ass until I know eeeeevvvveeeerrrryyyyyyyttttttthiiinnnngggg!!!!!!”.

The orgasms started crashing over her, one after another as he stroked in and out of her ass, teaching her all about her own black hole and how much she loved learning about it.