Lady White sat on the sofa, the tight corset crushing her waist, the black latex snug against her skin, the black high heel boots pushing her knees up above where they would normally sit.

Her gloved hands were in front of her, her mask barely covering anything and the choker and earings the only things that matched the rest of the room.

The room was otherwise pure white, everything in it with a few exceptions was light and bright, much like her old costume had been.

But for the buzzing in her pussy she would have gladly worn nothing instead of the black uniform she now wore.  But the buzzing was there, like it had been every time she had put on the black uniform all those months ago.

At the time she hadn’t known where it had come from, the shiny black material sent a tingle up her fingers the first time she had touched it, having just found in on her bed after coming back from yet another long night on patrol in the city.

Of course she now knew that it was there of her own doing, the memory of carrying it back from Dr. Mezmo’s lair blocked from her consciousness at the time.

The entire night of patrolling had been a fabrication of his, she’d actually spent the night at his lair, having been captured and succumbing to his machines.

She had spent the next several months slowly removing herself from the spotlight, spending more and more time at home, wearing the black uniform, until she no longer patrolled at all.

Stepping away from her personal life had been easier than her professional one, after all, it wasn’t like she had any time for close friendships or relationships.  Selling her home, moving in to a rented apartment and breaking the few connections she had was relatively simple.

Then, just a few weeks ago, she’d moved in to her new room, her at Dr. Mezmo’s lair.  He’d had it constructed just for her, a gleaming white room to offset her new black uniform.

Her fingers twitched once more, trying to touch her pussy and sooth the buzzing, but Dr. Mezmo didn’t allow her to pleasure herself and so her fingers remained just millimeters away.

She heard footsteps approaching and the buzzing in her pussy rose with each one that brought him closer to her.

By the time he was standing in front of her she could barely contain herself, her eyes wide with need, her breath nearly panting between her lips.

He reached down and squeezed both of her breasts, then reached up and placed his thumb on her lower lips before pushing in to her mouth.  Her lips closed around it but otherwise she remained perfectly still as he slowly pushing it in and then pulled it out.

It was so hard to control herself, the pleasure, the need, coursing through her, but his programming held her firmly in place until he finally pulled his thumb free and spoke.

“Stand up.” he commanded and she stood bold upright, placing her feet together and pushing her chest out, placing her hands behind her back.

“Turn around.  Spread your legs.  Bend over.” her barked each command, sending her deeper and deeper into the need she knew he had implanted in to her mind.

Her black gloved hands were on the pure white of the sofa as she pushed her ass up in to the air, the slit running from just above her sphincter to just above her pussy exposing her private parts to the cool air of the room.

A slap on her ass sent the shiny black material jiggling; once, twice, three times before she felt his push up against her pussy with his dick and she let out a high pitched cry of pure joy.

Her mind was awash with the programmed pleasure she felt each time he used her body, no matter how degrading or humiliating.

With each thrust she was overwhelmed with it, until she felt him cum inside of her and her world exploded in unimaginable pleasure as her body spasmed with orgasm after orgasm.

Then, like each time before, she felt him pull out of her and a bottomless pit formed in her stomach.

He was done with her, and while the joy of knowing she had fulfilled her purpose was still there, it was followed with the knowledge that it may be hours or days or even weeks before he would return and use her once more.

As he walked from the room, Lady White stood up once more, turned around and retook her seat on the sofa, her hands once more in front of her pussy as the buzzing returned and his cum slowly dripped from her on to the leather.

She knew deep down the pleasure was artificial, induced by the programming he had placed in her mind, but it didn’t matter.  It had been 8 days since the last time he used her and the constant buzzing in her pussy and nearly driven her insane.

All she could hope for now was that he returned to use her sooner rather than later.

She held on to that thought, that he should use her more often, because of all the thoughts he had placed in her mind, she knew that it wasn’t one of them.

That thought was her own and she would do everything she could to make it true.