Vivan played with a few strands of her blue hair as she cocked her hip to the side and watched Rob walk towards her.  A tingle wiggled its way in to her pussy and a smile crossed her lips as a slight giggle escaped them.

She had been so lucky to find him, she couldn’t believe it really.  Just a few months ago she’d been at end of her rope, bad date after bad date had left her thinking that there were no good men left.

But then her friend Gwen had sent her a link to a “private” dating site, that guaranteed results.  And the way Gwen talked about her new boyfriend made it certainly seem like they produced results, Gwen just couldn’t stop talking about how perfect he was for her.

So she’d given it a try, not expecting much, but figuring that at least she’d find out what Gwen was making all the fuss about.  She’d signed up and filled in their endless questionnaire before starting to browse through the profiles, but really didn’t see what was so different about this site than the other she’d been on.

If anything there was less men that might interest her as almost all of them seemed to be much older than her and, well, to put it mildly, not in her league.

It wasn’t like she was a model or something, her mid length brown hair was well kept and stylish sure and she tried to spend a few hours at the gym each week so it wasn’t like she was carrying a lot of extra weight or anything, but these men wouldn’t even have a chance with her in the “real” world.

As she continued to scroll through the profiles an alert popped up on her screen, “Hi, I’m Sandi, your personal VIP concierge!  Some of our members don’t make their profiles public and one of our VIP members has matched with you, if you’d like to see more about him, just click here to see his profile.”

She hovered over the link, wondering if she should both, but decided why not and clicked on it.  Her screen flashed white for a moment and then Rob’s profile popped up and something deep inside of her told her she was glad she had.

It wasn’t that he looked any different than the other profiles, but there were butterfly in her stomach and she felt like a school girl with a crush as she read his introduction:

“Looking for eye candy to hang on my arm.  Must have, or be willing to get, a banging pair of tits and like to show them off.  Dress like a slut and fit the part, must be willing to perform in public or private at the drop of a hat.”

Her hand quivered as she clicked on the contact link and sent him a message asking if he wanted to get together for drinks.

A few minutes later, that seemed like hours, his response came in and they had a date setup for the next day.

They had gone to an upscale bar and found a booth in the back, before they had finished their drinks she was going down on him and sucking every last drop of his cum that she could.  The spectacular orgasm that followed his cum flowing down her throat told her everything she needed to know, she’d finally found the one.

On the second date she’d ended up bent over the arm of her own couch as he pounded her pussy.  She’d cried out for him to do it hard, faster, deeper with each stroke.  When he finished she was so out of it from the pure bliss of her orgasm that she didn’t even hear him leave.

A month later she’d gone to the plastic surgeon he’d told her about, she knew exactly what she wanted and told the Doctor as much.  They need to be round and firm, to sit high on her chest without a bra.  It didn’t matter if they looked natural or not and the Doctor had delivered her request to a T.

She spent more time at the gym, and the salon, and shopping with Rob giving her suggestions all the time about what she should wear, or what makeup to apply, or what colour her hair should be.

She loved every minute of it, with each passing day she became more and more of Rob’s perfect match, until finally he had just one more suggestion.  She should quite her job and move in full time with him.

Now she stood there by the door as he walked up to her and snaked an arm around her waist and pulled her tightly to him, her tits pushing up against him as she leaned in and kissed him, probing his mouth with her tongue.  He grabbed her ass through her leather skirt and squeezed it hard, she moaned and wiggled her ass even as they kissed.

He finally broke the kiss and smiled, looking down at her cleavage, “God I love those tits Vi.” he said as he leaned down and put his face between them.

She grabbed the back of his head and pushed him deeper between them, “They’re all yours Rob.  I got them for you, do anything you want with them!” she cried out as she jiggled them from side to side.

He pushed his head back up, the smile still on his face, “Oh I will Vi, but first we have to get to the club.  I can’t wait to see the guys faces when I pop those tits out, pull up your skirt and fuck you right in the ass for everyone to see.  How does that sound?”

Her lower lip quivered as she let out a little gasp, “Oh god Rob, I can’t wait!  Please, please, let’s go!” she said and grabbed his hand, almost dragging him from the house and to the car.

Her chest heaved, her breath was ragged, her nipples were as hard as diamonds, her pussy was throbbing and she didn’t know if she could wait until they got there, but maybe, just maybe he’d let her suck him off on the way.

After all, he was her perfect match and she wanted desperately to be his, especially if that meant getting used in public like the eye candy she was.