“What do you think Sir?” Bambi asked as she looked over at Kendra, her eyes half closed and unfocused as a man came walking up to them.

Kendra been uneasy going to the party, but Barbra, or as she insisted on being called now, Bambi had almost dragged her there by force.

Kendra knew something was going on with her and her new boyfriend Todd, she’d changed so much in just the few weeks they’d been dating and in the end she’d agreed to going to the party only because she wanted to find out what was going on.

Of course that was before she knew Bambi would also insist on the ridiculous “matching” dresses as well.

The two of them had been there for several hours and Todd had yet to show up, but Bambi had been feeding her drinks all night and now she was more than a little tipsy to say the least.

Her eyes finally focused enough to make out Todd as he arrived just in front of them, “Not bad Bambi, but it looks like Kendra’s only half done her drink…”

She looked down at her mocha coloured drink and frowned, she didn’t remember getting yet another drink, let alone drinking half of it.

But before she could open her lips to say something, Bambi grabbed her hand and brought the glass up to her lips, tilting it back until the liquid ran down her throat.

Her head spun even more as her eyes rolled back in to her head for a moment until the worst of it passed.

She opened here eyes once more and looked down at her dress, stretched even more across her chest and she let out a giggle, “My dress got smaller!”

Todd step in closer to her and smiled, “Oh I don’t think so, I think your tits got bigger.”

“That… that’s… that’s not… ooooohhhhhhhhh…” she started to say as he grabbed one of her larger breasts and gave it a squeeze.

Before she had a chance to say anything else Bambi tipped the glass back once more and the rest of the mocha liquid flowed down her throat.

She felt it’s effects even more intensely as Todd continued to squeeze her breasts.

“That’s right Kandi, just let the drug do it’s work, no need to fight it.”

Kandi moaned again as she felt her waist constrict, her tits enlarge and her mind cloud over in a mocha haze.

“You and Bambi are BFF’s.  You share everything, especially boys.  You love competing to see who can fuck each other’s boyfriends the best.  You with your big rack and dirty mouth or Bambi with her giggling bimbo body.”

Kandi almost came from Todd’s continued assault on her tits, but didn’t until Bambi’s tongue finally enter her mouth and Todd’s hands slipped under her dress and played with her pussy.

Kandi came down from her orgasmic high and smiled at Bambi, giving her a peck on the lips before turning to Todd, “Fuck Todd, those magic fucking fingers sent my cunny a’twitchin!  I can’t wait to get the hard fucking cock of yours between my legs!”

She leaned in and kiss Todd, pushing her tongue in to his mouth as she pushed her tits in to his chest and her fingers massaged his dick from outside of his pants.

“Hey, like, don’t forget about Bambi!” Bambi cried and dropped to her knees, pushing her BFF’s fingers away from Todd’s crotch and replacing them with her lips.

A few moments later Todd grabbed Bambi’s pony tail and dragged her to her feet once more.

“As much fun as it would be to fuck you both right here at the party, what you say take this back to my place and see who’s the best lay tonight?”

“Fuck yeah Todd, let’s do it!” Kandi replied and moved to Todd’s left side to hang off his arm.

“*giggle* Like, I’m totally going to get laid tonight! *giggle*” Bambi giggled and took up Todd’s right side.

The three walked out of the party arm in arm and Kandi had a wide smile on her face, after all she’d finally found out what was going on with Bambi.

Bambi was good and fucked by Todd and so was she even if he hadn’t actually stuck his cock inside of her yet.