Jenna swayed her ass as she walked up the sand dune, god she’d needed this vacation.  She’d been fighting with her partners at the firm for months and she’d finally gotten them over a barrel  with some dirt she’d dug up on their extra-marital affairs.

She’d given them until she returned from her vacation to sign the paperwork, effectively signing over the entire firm to her, or she’d burn them to the ground.

She wiped the sand from the back of her arms and then gave each side of her ass a good smack to loosen the sand from it as well.

‘God that feels good!’ she thought as her hand landed on her ass cheeks.  She’d never been one to like her ass slapped but something about the sun and sand and sea had really supercharged her sex drive since she’d arrived.

She stepped over the dune and looked down at the resort’s pool, several men wading casually up to the bar that it contained and several more at the bar that was closer to the hotel.  A smile crossed her lips as she continued to sway her hips from side to side with each step as she approached the pool.

When she arrived at it, she stepped in, moved up to the bar and started flirting with several of the men there.

“Oh god yes baby, harder!  Harder!” she cried out as she pushed her hands on to his chest and he pounded in to her pussy from above her.  She was so close, she could feel her orgasm rising up from within her and she wanted it more than anything else.

“Yes Dave!  Harder!  Deeper!  Faster!” she bucked against him, trying to keep time with his thrusts.

“Reggie, fuck my name is Reggie!” he cried out and she just grunted and groaned, she didn’t care what his name was, she was so close… so close.

She felt him stiffen and pushed deep in to her, holding himself there as he came and she did as well.

Jenna felt the slap land on her ass as she had it sticking up in the air, “Oh baby yeah!  Slap my ass again!” she responded and the man happily complied, sending a wave of pleasure through her.

Soon he was right behind her, sliding his dick in to her pussy and pushing her upper body down on to the bed, “That right, slide that cock in my tight little pussy.  Fuck your sluts cunnie!  Fuck it!  Fuck me!”

Her world was awash with pleasure; his cock in her pussy, his hand landing blow after blow on her ass, his other hand grabbing her hair and pushing her face in to the bed.

She cried out for more, more, more until he finally came and she followed suit right along with him.

Jenna held on to her heels and pulled her legs back as far as she could, sending her ass as high off the bed as possible, as she looked desperately at the man’s cock, “Come on baby, fuck me, I need your cock inside of me sooooooo badly!”

He stepped forward and extended a hand to her neck, gripping it tightly, before sliding his hard cock over her wet outer lips, “Yeah, that’s it baby!  Right there!  Slide it in!  Slide it inside of me!” she growled as he continued.

Instead he slapped her outer pussy lips with his hard shaft several times and she cried out in need, “YES!  YES!  YES!”

Then, just as she didn’t think she could take any more, she felt him push up against her sphincter, “Oh god yes baby, fuck my ass!  Fuck my ass with your big hard cock!”

The pleasure burst forth as he slid in and her eyes rolled back in her head as only animalistic noises escaped her lips.

Jenna sat on one side of the boardroom as her partners sat on the other, all looking smug for what she knew was going to be a humiliating defeat for them.

She decided to get things going, “Can I assume you have signed copies of all the paperwork?” she asked, raising an eyebrow.

They all looked at each other and muttered amongst themselves for a minute before Reginald spoke up, “I’m afraid not.  There has been a development while you were away on vacation.”

She frowned, “Look gentlemen, this is not negotiable, sign the papers and end this charade.” she replied, waving her hand at the stack of paperwork in front of them.

“Well, have a look at this first…” Reginald replied and picked up a TV remote, turning on the large display at the end of the table.  A moment later he started something playing from his laptop.

Jenna gasped as the video played, there she was laid out on her bed in her hotel room, Reginald pounding away at her pussy as she cried out for him to do it harder.

A moment later the video changed to her on all fours, Quincy, one of the other partners, spanking her like a bad school girl before mounting her like some kind of animal.

Finally the video changed to her on her back, gripping her shoes, begging Conrad, the third partner, to fuck her ass.

“That… that’s no possible!” she cried out, half standing from her seat, “It must be fake… I’d never!”

“Oh it’s quite real Jenna, I have to say though I did draw the short straw when I had to take you first, but I have enjoyed watching the video of it several times.” Reginald replied, smirking at her.

“Now then, since you’ve, well, shall we say, been intimate with all three partners of the firm, I think you’ll agree your bargaining position is no longer as strong as it once once.”

She fell back in to her leather seat, her face a mask of horror as the video continued to play on a loop.

“How… how… how did you do it?”

“Does it matter?  Let’s just say that we know the resorts owner quite well and once you leave the country, well, the rules are a little less strict when it comes to certain drugs.”

Her shoulders slumped and head fell down, “I… I assume you have new papers for me to sign?” she asked, resigned to her fate.

“Yes, but it’s more than that I’m afraid.” he said sliding a bundle of papers over to her to sign.

“More?” she asked, scanning over the paperwork.  It was as she expected, the partners buying her out for a single dollar and her leaving with nothing.

Reginald’s smile turned wicked as she stood up and pushed a tray with two glasses of water on it over to her.

“Yes, you see the drugs from the resort are still in your system, they’ve just gone dormant as the catalyst is no longer being fed to your each day.  The glass on the left contains a purging drug that will flush your system within twenty four hours.  The glass on the right contains the catalyst and will send you in to a sexual heat once more.”

She raised her eyebrow, “And the catch?  What if I don’t drink either one?”

“I’m afraid not drinking one isn’t much of an option.  It’s only been a couple of days since you last drank the catalyst and so there’s still a little bit left in your system.  In another day or so it will be gone and you’ll start to go in to withdrawal.  By the end of the week your major organs will be shutting down.

As for the purging drug, well the process of flushing out the drug does some… damage.  You’ll be left with a significantly lower IQ and a significantly higher libido, but manageable.”

“And the catalyst?”

“Does exactly what you think it does, if you take it each day, your IQ will remain the same and, well, you’ll be fucking like a bitch in heat.”

“Fucking assholes, I assume if I take the catalyst that I’ll be passed around between the three of you each day?”

“That thought had occurred to us.”  Reginald replied as she glared at all three of them.

Taking neither implied certain death, taking the catalyst meant a lifetime of servitude to them.  Her fingers reached out and touched the glass on her left, picking it up from the tray.

“Well, I can’t say I’m surprised Jenna, you’ve always been smart enough to see the long game after all.  If you wouldn’t mind signing that paperwork before you have your drink?”

She set the glass back down and flipped to the end of the document, signing her name and then pushing it back across the table at them.

She picked up the glass once more and drank it down, it tasted just like water and she banged the glass down on the table when she was done.

“Fantastic Jenna.  Now as you can imagine, we don’t want you to leave here and go straight to the hospital before the full effect as kicked in, so we’ve scheduled this boardroom for you for the next 24 hours.”

“Of course, thanks.” she replied sarcastically before they all stood up and left, leaving her to contemplate her fate.

Jenna woke up the next morning with a pounding headache and a buzzing need in her pussy.  She’d stripped down to her lingerie and slept on the couch which hadn’t been all that comfortable.  She looked at her watch, the squinted at it for longer than it should have taken her to read the dial, before managing to work out that it was just past 7am.

She rubbed her temples and tried to do the math, but ended up using her fingers to figure out that it had been almost 22 hours since she’d taken the drink.

It was some time later that the door to the conference room opened and Reginald walked it.

“Uh, hi Regi… Regin…” she stuttered as she tried to work her mouth in to his name.

“That’s alright Jenna, just call me Reggie.”

“Ok Reggie.” she said and smiled before realizing she shouldn’t be, he’d been mean to her, hadn’t he?

“So how are you feeling this morning?”

“It’s, like, so hard to think…”

“Yes, I imagine it is.  Tell me, can you read this for me?” he asked, handing her a sheet of paper.

“I, Jenna… like that’s my name… do he-re-by ac-cept…” she relied, sounding out the larger words on the page she didn’t recognize.

“That’s good Jenna.” he said and took the sheet from her fingers as he stepped up close to her and wrapped his arm around her waist, his hand landing on her ass and her smile returning to her face.

“Mmmmm… Reggie… that feels sooooo good!” she cooed and leaned in to him.

“You like to feel good don’t you Jenna?” he asked, squeezing her ass as he did so.

She bit her lower lip and nodded her head, “Jenna loves to feel good Reggie!”

He let go of her ass for just a moment before raising his hand and slapping it, “Oh god Reggie!  Yes!  Slap Jenna’s ass!” she cried out as her already moist pussy went in to overdrive.

“Tell me Jenna, now that you no longer are a partner here, what are you going to do for work?” he asked, once more squeezing her ass.

“Oh god, like, I don’t know!  Jenna will get another job, like Jenna’s smart!”

“Are you Jenna?  Are you really smart any more?  I mean you had to sound out those simple words you were just reading didn’t you?”

Jenna’s face collapsed in to a pout, “Jenna’s not smart?  But… but… what will Jenna do?”

Reginald smiled as he slipped in behind her, snaking one hand to her breast and the other down to her pussy as he leaned in and whispered in to her ear, “Well, it just so happens I’m looking for a new secretary… I might be convinced to hire you.”

“Mmmm…. god Reggie, yes… play with my pussy!”

“Of course I’d be doing you a favour, so I’d expect you to show your appreciation each day…”

“Yes Reggie!  Yes!  Anything!” she squealed as she pushed her ass back in to Reginald’s groin and wiggled it.

“Anything Jenna?  You know I’m still jealous of Conrad fucking that tight little ass of yours.  You won’t mind bending over my desk each day so I can pound your ass as hard as I want will you?” he asked, sending his fingers in to Jenna’s pussy.

“Fuck yes Reggie!  You can fuck Jenna’s ass as hard as you want!”

He grabbed hold of her hair and pushed her forward towards the conference table, when they arrived he pulled his fingers from her pussy and placed them on her abs, bending her over face first on to the table.  Then he pulled her panties down and kicked her feet out to the sides.

Jenna pushed her ass as high up in to the air as she could as she heard his pants hit the floor and then his dick push up against her asshole, “Of fuck yes Reggie!  Fuck Jenna’s ass!  Fuck Jenna’s aaaaaasssssssssssss!” she cried out as he slid in to her and landed a blow on her ass cheek as he did so.

She flung her hair back over her shoulder and looked back at Reginald, “Yes Reggie!  That’s it!  Fuck Jenna’s ass!  Make Jenna your horny anal secretary!”

She felt his seed enter her bowels and her entire body shook as the orgasm crashed over her and she collapsed in to a heap on to the conference table.  She lay there, Reginald’s cum dripping down her thigh and basked in the afterglow.

She let out a giggle as a though crossed her mind, Reggie had been right, her IQ was a lot lower and her libido was a lot higher, but definitely manageable if Reggie fucked her ass that way each day!