Diane couldn’t believe her luck, it was finally going to be her big break!

She slipped on the couture and let the others fit it and make sure it was perfect before she strutted out on the runway and gave it her all.

“Very impressive, and she truly believes she’s on the runway at some fashion show in Paris?” the thin man asked as he watched the beautiful young woman strut against the plain white backdrop as the camera streamed her image out to the dark web.

“Oh yes, she’s been wearing the visor for almost a week, she’s quite convinced she’s a top model and on her way to being quite famous.  Of course once the auction is complete and we have the buyer’s preferences, we’ll update the programming appropriately.” the smaller, balding man replied.

“What do you think she’ll fetch?”

“That’s hard to say, these model types are very popular, but there’s something about this one that has peaked a lot of interest.”

“Sir, it looks like the bidding is complete.” one of the men sitting at a laptop called out.

“And?” the balding man asked.

“180k looks to be the winning bid.”

“Not bad, best sale of the day so far.” the thin man replied and nodded.

“Yes, I wonder where she’ll end up…”

Diane stepped out from behind the curtain and tripped, falling forward only to be stopped by two strong arms that held her easily.  She looked up and butterfly’s swarmed in her stomach as she look at her saviour and smiled, “Oh my goodness, thank you sir.”

“My pleasure Miss?”

“Diane?  And you are?”

“You may call me Sir.” he replied and the swarm threatened to flow up her throat and slipping from her lips.

“Y…Yes Sir.” she stuttered, pushing the butterflies down into her pussy.

“Come, let me take you away from all of this.“ he said, wrapping his arm around her waist and she quivered at his touch, her knees almost giving out forcing her to lean in to him for support.

Before she knew it they were in his limo, driving from the city and in to the country and all she could do was hold on to him for dear life.

No, that wasn’t true, she could do something else.

She slipped from the seat and on to the floor, pushing between his legs and looking up at him, her lower lip quivering as she spoke, “Please Sir, may I suck your cock?”

“You may.” was all he said and her whole body quivered in delight as her fingers undid his pants and she wrapped her lips around him.

With each stroke her whole world rattled, everything she had believed seemed to come apart at the seams; being a model, being famous, being rich, being a strong independent woman.  The dick between her lips replaced all of those things.

She wanted to belong to him, needed to belong to him, would do anything to belong to him!

He grabbed her hair and pulled her from his shaft, her tongue darted out trying to make contact once more, “Puh… puh… please Sir, let me suck your cock!” she cried out in desperation.

“And what will you do if I let you suck my cock?”

“Any… anything Sir!“ she begged.

“Will you be my private fuck doll?  Nothing more than a set of tits, ass, pussy and mouth for me to fuck whenever I want?”

“YES SIR!  I’ll be your fuck doll!  Fuck me any way you want!”

He pulled her up by the hair on to his lap and then grabbed her thin dress and ripped it off, revealing her naked body underneath.  He grabbed her hips and positioned her over his cock and then lowered her down on to himself until he was buried deep in to her tight rear entrance.

“Oh god Sir yes!  Fuck my ass with your magnificent cock!  Use your fuck doll’s ass!”

She cried out again and again as she slide up and down his shaft as small orgasms crested each time, followed by an earth shattering one when she felt his cum enter her.

“Alright, get her sedated and shipped to the clients country estate, he’s expecting her this weekend.” the bald man said as he looked down at Diane’s limp form, the visor still firmly affixed to her face.

She’d been through the scenario at least a dozen times already but these last few times had proven she was ready for delivery.

He reached down and took the visor from her head just as the technician was injecting the sedative in to her arm.  Her unfocused eyes rolled back in to her head as the sedative took effect and then her entire face slumped.

When she woke in her new owner’s bedroom, she’d believe it was just the next day after the fashion show and that she had found true happiness being a perfect fuck doll.

She’d been purchased by one of the better clients, someone who preferred his purchases to enjoy their new realities.  He couldn’t say the same thing for most of his other clients, but it was not for him to question their requests, only deliver upon them.  He took quite a bit of pride in the fact that he’d never yet failed to deliver for a client.

He stepped away as another technician approached Diane’s limp form and helped to lift her from the bed in to a wheelchair and take her away.

He turned the visor over in his hands several times, checking it thoroughly.  After all there was always another client and another auction so he walked in to a room with a young brunette tied down to a bed and placed the visor on to her head before activating it once more.