Tabitha looked up the man standing above her, her face showed the confusion she felt on the inside even though the rest of her body seemed to know exactly what it was doing.

“Please… what’s going on?  Why I am on the floor half naked?” she pleaded with him as he smiled down at her.

“Hmmmm… should I answer those questions or not?” he replied, tapping his finger against his chin as he crossed his arms.

She was so confused.  She had been at the mall, doing some shopping for new work clothes when all of a sudden she’d veered off of her normal stores and started going in to ones she never visited.  There she bought risque outfits and frilly lingerie along with high heels that she would normally never wear.

“Well, I guess I did kind of keep you in the dark at the mall, so I guess I’ll answer them.” he finally announced before continuing, “As to what’s going on, well, I’ve decided to take you as my new sex slave.  And I guess that kind of answers the second question by itself doesn’t it?” he said with a chuckle.

Tabitha’s mouth almost dropped to the floor, “You… you… can’t do that!”

“Can’t?  Oh my dear, of course I can.  I mean, really, you’re kneeling there half naked in lingerie that you would never have bought yourself, but you think I can’t make you my sex slave?” he replied, shaking his head with a smile on his face.

“You… you can’t… it’s impossible!”

“Ah, I see the problem.  Your still thinking of me as just a man, but I’m so much more.” he replied and reached down, touching her forehead with his index finger.

It was like her former life had been just the tiniest spec of dirt and then her mind expanded like the big bang, inflating into infinity as she understood exactly how infinitesimal she had been.

He lifted his finger from her forehead and just as suddenly her mind collapsed back down in to insignificance.

“It’s… it’s… it’s not fair…” she whimpered, realizing that nothing was impossible for him.

“No, no it isn’t, but nobody said life was fair.  Now since we’re having this nice little conversation, I’ve decided to give you a choice.  But first, a little demonstration.  Give me a blowjob.” he said and she found herself leaning forward, his pants disappearing before her lips reached his crotch, allowing her to take his tip in to her mouth.

Her eyes widened as she pushed herself down on to his shaft, the pleasure was unlike anything she had felt before.  Each stroke up and down his shaft was like she had ten clits on her lips and each was twice as sensitive as the one she did have.

Her nipples hardened instantly, her stomach did flip flops, her pussy gushed with each stroke.  She no longer cared that he had forced her to do it, or that he was controlling her, of anything else, all that matter was the pleasure coming from her lips and she focused entirely on it.

She worked him hard and fast, for what seemed like hours as her body quivered until she finally tasted the first drops of cum on her tongue.  She sucked it all down as the orgasm to end all orgasms rocked her body and her eyes rolled back in to her head.

She didn’t know how long it took, but eventually the ringing in her ears, the buzzing in her pussy and the bliss all over her body finally subsided enough and she managed to get herself back half upright and see the man sitting in a chair across from her.

“Ah, finally coming around are you?  How was it?”

She was speechless.  She had had lovers before that could bring her to orgasm, even a few that could make her orgasms multiple times, but never anything like the blowjob she had just performed.

“I know, I know, it’s quite the experience isn’t it?  I wanted to demonstrate what I’ve done to your lips so you could understand the choice I’m going to give you.”

“Ch… choice?” she stuttered out.

“Yes, you see I can make you do anything I want, including being my sex slave.  But that’s too easy.  No easy isn’t the right word, predicable.  Yes, that’s a better word.  You see if I just snap my fingers and make you a sex slave then I’ll get exactly what I want.  And I mean exactly, down to the very last thought in your head.  And that’s boring because you’ll be predicable.”

She scrunched her head, she thought she understood what he meant, she was clearly not his first and getting exactly what you wanted all the time would become tiresome.

“What I want is for you to choose to be my sex slave, well at least choose what kind of sex slave you want to be I guess is more accurate.  You see, just as I enhanced your oral pleasure, I’ve also enhanced you clitoral pleasure.  If I was to bend you over and fuck your pussy right now, you’d experience the same kind of mind blowing orgasm you did a few minutes ago.  Slightly better, but not so much that it will make a difference to you which hole I use.”

“My god…” she half whispered considering what he’d said.

“And so we come to your choice.  I’m going leave in a few minutes and let you go back to your normal life for two weeks, then I’ll return.  This is where your choice comes in, you can either fight the fact that you will be my sex slave or you can embrace it.”

“Why… why would I embrace it?” she said suspiciously.

“Well, if you embrace it, I’m going to increase that clitoral pleasure by 10 times.  Your going to orgasm like a runaway freight train every time I fuck you.”

Her whole body shivered, how could it be any better than what she’d just experienced?  But she knew he was telling the truth, he could, and would, do it.

“And, when I’m done with you, I’ll reverse what I’ve done and let you go back to your old life.  Well, mostly at least.”

“And… if I don’t?”

“Ah, well, I’ll still increase your clitoral pleasure by 10 times, but I’m going to also increase your anal pleasure by 100 times.  At that level of pleasure you will quickly become addicted to it, want it more than anything else and be willing to do anything to achieve it.  Then, when I get bored with you, I’m going turn you lose exactly as you are.”

Fear crawled up Tabitha’s spine and nestled in to the most primitive regions of her mind.

“Don’t try and decide now, there’s no point really, that’s why I’m giving you two weeks to think it over.  Take care Tabitha and I’ll see you in two weeks.” he said as he rose from the chair and walked out of her house.

A few minutes later she managed to stand up and headed to the bathroom, quickly applying toothpaste to her toothbrush and vigorously scrubbing her mouth.

She spit out the last bit of foam and put her hands on the counter top, looking at her refection in the mirror as a bit of toothpaste ran down from the corner of her mouth.

How could she make such a choice?  It was impossible!

But she knew that wasn’t true, not making a choice was making a choice.  

She closed her eyes and lowered her head for a moment before raising it again and opening them once more.  Something deep inside of her told her that she had already made the choice, that she just hadn’t come to terms with it, whatever it was.

Her shoulders dropped and she stood back up, wiping the bit of toothpaste from her chin and headed back to her bedroom.

There was nothing she could do about it tonight, she had two weeks to figure it out.  But there was one thing she could do, and that was make sure he had been telling her the truth.

She opened her nightstand drawer and pulled out her favorite vibrator before laying down on the bed and turning it on.

As soon as it touched her pussy lips she cried out in pleasure and plunged it in as deeply as she could.  It wasn’t long before her first of many orgasms crested and a smile crossed her lips.

Only one though crossed her mind before the continued buzzing of the vibrator distracted her, what exactly would an orgasm ten times, let alone one hundred times, as powerful as that one feel like?