Jenna woke up early and snuck out of the bedroom without waking John as she made her way to the bathroom and started to get ready.  It was still dark outside, but she’d managed to get a few hours of sleep in which the dream came to her once more.

It was the same as it had been for the last few weeks, there she was, standing in front of a pure white tree dressed with presents all around.  She was dressed up in some kind of sexy, latex elf costume and her hair was long and deep red.  She giggled and snickered, dancing about until she finally pulled her top down, revealing her large tits before dropping to her knees and crawling her way over to John to give him a blow job.  Followed by John fucking her to a mind blowing orgasm that left her a drooling mess.

The thing was thought that while she knew it was her in the dream, it wasn’t really her at all.

The giggling, silly, sexy elf was her in the dream could be nothing further from the truth in real life.  Her boring dull brown hair, her small breasts, her introverted personality were all the complete opposite of her dream.

The problem was that the dream had been getting more and more real over the weeks, until just over a week ago she’d woken up just as her ‘dream’ orgasm crested to her own powerful orgasm.

She still didn’t know how John hadn’t woken up to her moans, but he’d always been a heavy sleeper and she’d been thankful she hadn’t had to explain what had happened.  It had happened each night since then and John had even turned over one night and she’d almost panicked thinking he’d woken up.

Jenna checked her hair in the mirror after taking the curling iron from it and smile a little.  It wasn’t nearly as good as her dream hair, but the curls at least gave it a little bit of volume.  She started to put on her makeup, her eyes darking over to the plain white box that sat on the counter once in a while.

By the time she was finished, it was almost light out and she knew John would be getting up soon, a shiver of nervousness ran down her spine and landed in her stomach, but somehow also seemed to extend to her pussy as it buzzed with pleasure.

Her fingers reached out and touched the box, slowly lifting the top off of it revealing the green, red, white and gold latex inside of it.  She stood up and slipped her housecoat off, quickly picking up the latex outfit and squirming her way in to it and slipping the half gloves on her hands before looking at the last piece that rested in the box, a thin latex choker.

A shiver of pleasure ran through her entire body as she wrapped it around her neck and secured the clasp at the back of it.

The sudden sound of John stirring in the bedroom shot her bolt upright as she hurried from the bathroom in her heels and raced downstairs and in to the living room to stand by the tree.  She started to dance around it, just like she had in her dream, and as each moment passed, it was easier and easier.

Just like in her dream, she was getting hornier and hornier, her pussy dripping wet as she smiled and giggled as she moved and posed until she heard John’s footsteps coming down the stairs.  When he entered the room she looked right at him, her eyes widened as she took in a gasp of pure pleasure at seeming him.

She wiggled and jiggled as he stepped over to the couch and took a seat, then parted his housecoat to reveal his dick, then something clicked inside of her head.

She stopped dead, turned towards him, reached up behind her neck and unclasped the two straps of the costum and pulled them down, revealing her tits just as she had in her dream.  Her nipples were hard and without a second thought she dropped to her knees and crawled over to John.

Her lips wrapped around his cock and started to moved up and down his shaft.  She had always hated giving blowjobs, the smell, the taste, it was all so repugnant.  But this was different.  Her lips felt as if they were just as sensitive as her clit and the smell was like the sweetest flower.

She couldn’t stop.  She didn’t want to stop.  But before too long John had taken a handful of her hair and pulled her up off of his shaft, her lips smacked and her tongue desperately tried to find his dick once more.

“Happy Christmas Jenna, how are you feeling?” he asked and she raised her eyes to meet his.

“Horny!” was all she could get out between ragged breaths.

“Awe, that’s nice, all horny for me!” he said with a chuckle and all she could do in response was look up at him with wide, pleading eyes.

“Tell me Jenna, what did you get me for Christmas?” he asked with the most innocent of looks on his face that he could muster.

Panic set in as she realized that she’d spent the last weeks so wrapped up in her sexy dreams that she had completely forgot to get John anything.  Then, just like when she’d seen his dick a few minutes ago, everything click in to place.

“ME!” she cried, “Me!  I got you me!  I’m your present!  I’m your sexy little elf!  Fuck me, use me, own me!”

He smiled and stood up, pulling her to her feet once more before bending her over so her hands were on the coffee table in front of the couch.  He flipped her skirt up and slide his cock in to her pussy and she almost orgasmed instantly.

“Yes!  Yes!  Yes!” she cried out as he slammed in and out of her, she barely registered him speaking throught the haze of pleasure that assulted her mind and body.

“Oh god!  Oh god!  Wh… what?” she stammered out.

“I said, don’t you want to know what I got you?”

“Oh god, please say it’s your cock!  I want your cock more than anything!” she responded.

He let out a hearty laugh as he counted to pound away at her pussy, “No, no, no, Jenna, not my cock… it’s right there in front of you on the coffee table.  Go ahead and open it.” he said and her eyes managed to focus once more at the plain white envelope with her name on it.

Somehow she managed to get her fingers to work well enough to open it and slip out the single piece of paper inside.  Printed on it was the two perfectly round tits from her dreams with a block of text over them, “One Free Boob Job”

Another orgasm crashed over her just as John pushed as deep as he could in to her pussy and let his load release in to her.

John looked down at Jenna sprawled across the coffee table and smiled, they’d been married long enough that their sex life had stagnated.  Though it hadn’t been much to begin with really, Jenna preferred the light off and often did little more than just lay there.

He’d tried everything he could think of to get a spark going, but when he’d found his Christmas “present”, a bland sweeter vest, he knew he needed to do something more drastic.

It was time to divorce her and find someone that was more than a dead fish in bed.  He’d been spilling his guts out to his best friend about it when he’d suggested something other than an expensive divorce and given him a web site address.

At first John hadn’t believed it, it was clearly some kind of scam, a small black box you put under your bed that could completely alter a person?  Impossible.

But his friend wouldn’t have steered him wrong and so he’d put it on his credit card and awaited the device to arrive.

Now, looking down at Jenna, his cum slowly running down her thigh, her eyes still locked on the “coupon” he’d printed out, he couldn’t wait for her to cash it in.

He was looking forward to many more years of being a happily married man.

Happy holidays everyone!