“Look, I can’t talk now, he’s coming back…” Detective Judith Conway said as she looked out the window at the driveway.

“Alright, just don’t wait so long to check in next time.  If you don’t find something in the next few weeks we’re going to have to pull you out.” Sergent Jack Watson replied gruffly.

“I can’t help it if he doesn’t leave the house and you know it.” she replied and hit the end call button, quickly hiding the phone once more.

She’d been undercover for a month and this was only the second time she’d managed to check in, not that she really had anything to report anyways.

She looked down and smoothed out the latex outfit she was wearing before heading down to the front door and opening it for her target, Dr. Jack Dunly.

The DA and the police had both been trying to get dirt on him for years, but had failed to get anything to stick, even though they knew something was going on at his practice.  They’d had too many reports of his past patients suddenly disappearing to be a coincidence.

Hence why they finally decided to send in an undercover officer.  But it wasn’t just anyone that could infiltrate the Doctor’s inner circle, they needed a certain look and a moral flexibility that most officers didn’t have. So they’d scoured the entire force until they approach her, not only did she have the look that the Doctor preferred, but she had done several undercover stints and shown a certain flexibility when it came to what had to be done.

“Hello Doctor, welcome back.” she said and bowed her head slightly as he passed by and closed the door behind him.

He grunted and headed right in to his office, he’d bought the unit right beside his home and had it converted in to his clinic, then connected the two of them together so that he seldom had to leave.

She followed him in to his office and stood by the side of his desk, posing herself in one of the ways he liked, her hand on her hip and her other hand grasping her arm from behind her back.

She’d had to make an appointment with him, a supposed nose job, in this very room to finally meet him.  She could still vividly remember sitting across from him, flirting as hard as she could to get his attention.  And she had, he’d brushed aside her clearly fake request for a nose job and instead suggested they have dinner.

He moved quickly on her and she let him, within a week she’d moved in to his home.  A week after that she was dressing in latex all the time.  A week after that she was serving as his full time slave.

She’d let him go as far and as fast as he wanted, never denying him anything and it had worked, she’d gotten access to every part of his life.

It was just that there didn’t seem to be anything for her to find, beyond some consensual fetish play of course.

After a while he stood up from his desk, opened a draw and removed a small vial before walking over to her and unstoppering it right under her nose.

She instinctually inhaled and the sweet smell filled her nostrils and she let out a small moan as her mind swirled in pleasure.

“Tell me detective, did you file your report while I was away?”

“Yes Sir.”

“And did he believe you?”

“Yes Sir, though he wasn’t very happy about it.”

“I’m sure he wasn’t.  Were you happy about it?”

“Oh yes Sir!  I love following your orders!”

“Yes you do, don’t you?  It makes you fell happy and horny doesn’t it?  Just like wearing all that latex does.”

“Yes Sir… sooooo horny….” she moaned as her pussy moistened.

“Is there anything else he said that I should know?”

“Yes Sir.  He’s going to pull me out in a few weeks.”

“Very good.  And what are you going to do then?”

“Give my report.  I didn’t find anything wrong.  You’re an upstanding citizen and pillar of the community.”

“And then?”

“Resign from the force.  Sell everything I own.  Leave the city and go to Bangkok and find Simon.  He will sell me to the highest bidder to whom I will become a sex slave.”

“Very good.  Now kneel and perform your duty detective.”

Judith dropped to her knees and took the Doctor’s dick between her lips, sucking him deep in to her mouth.  

She looked forward to these times, when he would unlock the real her and let her serve him, instead of clouding her mind with the half truths he forced her to believe most of the time.

He’d exposed her to the drug almost immediately after she had agreed to dinner that first day, he’d bent her over his desk and taken her right then and there.  Afterwards he’s laid down the foundations of her new life; her total submission to him, loyalty to no one else, obedience above all else.

The weeks that followed had just been a show for those that were watching from afar.  And now, as she felt his cum start to flow down her throat, she knew the pretense was almost at an end and she would join the dozens of other women he had sold in to slavery.

The thought made the orgasm she felt as he finished off in her mouth all that more special as she felt the half truth’s start to invade and take hold of her mind again.