After looking around a bit I think I know what I’m going to do with my content.

I considered going using, which seems to be a cut rate knock off of Tumblr dedicated to adult material, but it’s really focused on images and videos, so my kind of captioning does work very well for it.  But others may find it a good alternative.

I considered going to, but really not all that interested at this point in starting all over.

So instead I’m going to convert all three of my Tumblr’s (this one, firstworldbimboproblems and bimboorbillionaire) in to PDF’s and post them on a gdrive folder.

I’ll add the link to it here, on my DeviantArt page (yes I do have one but it’s just for lurking, at least it was… ;), and on my Literotica Profile (did I forget to mention I’ve recently reposted most of my stories over there?  Oops 🙂

This is of course subject to change if a better option comes along

P.S. I’ve been poking around for the last few hours on how to convert my blogs to PDF have have come up with two tools that seem to be useful so far: