Stephanie grabbed her legs and tried to pull them together, but just as they wouldn’t move from the seat, they refused to close as well.

She kept a side long gaze at the staff in their white coats that were talking to one of the other women, who like her, were seated around the area.  There was one other girl between them, she seemed to recall her name was Tiffany.  Her long, straight blonde hair fell all the way down to the seat cushion but her outfit, a dark red, was more elegant than the folksy pattern that she wore.

She’d been here for almost a week, if it had been what it claimed she would be looking forward to going home today after a week long vacation at The Ranch, an all inclusive spa and resort.

Her husband had bought her the trip, a “I’m sorry” gift after she’d caught him leering at a bottle blonde when they’d been out to their anniversary dinner.

She’d been excited, though she hadn’t show it outwardly, when he gave it to her.  She’d heard The Ranch whispered about between some of her friends, it was supposed to be a legendary experience that everyone raved about when they got back.

Of course now she knew why that was, not because it had been such a perfect experience for them, but because they could say nothing about what had really happened there.

The first day she had arrived it had been just what she expected, a high end spa/resort.  But by the end of the first day everything had changed, her first spa treatment had made her so docile and compliant that she did whatever the staff told her to.

They had spent the next five days putting in all kinds of new ideas in to her head, and taking out many of her old ones.  Those days were a haze of spa treatments intermixed with long sessions of masturbation.

Today was the first day that she clearly remembered since she had arrived.  She’d woken up bright and early, went to her closet and picked out the frilly panties, towering heels, tossed on the folksy top and the pushed the straw hat on to her head.

Then she’d walked around the compound for a while, her tits hanging out for everyone to see, before she settled in to the chair like everyone else.

Since then she’d tried so hard to stand up and walk away, run away, do anything, but she just couldn’t make herself do it.  Instead she watched the staff move close and closer to her until they were finally in front of her.

“And here we have… Stephanie Monroe.” the first man with a clipboard said as he flipped a few pages over.

“Looks like a standard trophy wife package.  Less inhibitions, higher libido, less head strong, more obedient.  A few options as well; exhibitionist streak, bi-sexual… oh and an increased audio performance during sex.”

She wanted to say something, but they were all looking at her so she let her legs fall to the sides of her and her pussy moistened even more.

The man with the clipboard handed it off to someone beside him and stepped right up to her, she looked up in to his face, her eyes pleading with him, “Well, let’s see how she’s made out.”

He reached down and slide two finger in to her waiting pussy and she let out a load moan as she bucked her hips as best she could and pushed her tits out as well.

“How does that feel Stephanie?” he asked and her lips moved without her wanting them to.

“Oh god, I love it!  Stuff those fingers in my pussy!”

He pulled them out and raised them to her lips and she sucked them clean of her own juices.

“Bring over Tiffany would you?” he called out as she finished with his fingers and he pulled them out and Tiffany came in to view.

Tiffany walked up to Stephanie’s chair and pulled her panties to the side, then grabbed Stephanie’s head, knocking her hat off and pulling her right up to her pussy.

Stephanie extended her tongue and eagerly licked Tiffany’s pussy, moaning as loudly as she could with her face buried in the blonde’s muff.

She felt a hand on her head and she was pulled back, looking up at Tiffany with wild eyes, “Please!  Please!  Let me lick you pussy more!  I want you to cum on my face!”

“Is that right Stephanie?  Is that what you want?  What if your husband wanted to fuck your pussy while you eat her out, would you like that?”

“Yes!  Yes!  Of course he can fuck me!  He can fuck her!  He can fuck anyone he wants!”

“And you don’t mind being in the middle?  On the bottom?  Being used just as a set of holes for his pleasure?”

“Of course not!  That’s what I’m for!” she cried out as the hand released her and she dove back in to Tiffany’s snatch.

A few minutes later Tiffany came on Stephanie’s face and Stephanie’s own orgasm crested as well and she fell back on to the chair, a smile on her face from ear to ear.

The man took his clipboard back from the person beside him and checked off several boxes on it before signing at the bottom.

“Alright then, she’s passed quality control.  Have her prepped to to leave and give her husband a call to let him know he can pick her up any time.” the man said to one of the other staff that was in the group before they moved on t the next chair in the line.

Stephanie sat there, legs splayed wide as one hand played with her pussy and the other with one of her tits, as she waited for one of the staff to come over and tell her what to do.

She couldn’t wait to get home, after all she knew Tammy, her best friend in the world had come to The Ranch just a few months ago and she was sure Tammy’s husband would lone her out to them as long as her husband reciprocated.