Linda walked in to the large mansion with the three other girls, they were all dressed to the nines and she thought she recognized them from the club last night.

She’d been out dancing with some of her friends and they’d all had a good time, even with all the guys that had tried to hit on them. They had been the typical losers, guys that thought they were gods gift to women or rich assholes that thought money could buy them anything they wanted.

Of course it wasn’t like she was going to turn down free drinks of course, she figured it was just the universes way of teaching them a lesson.

But there had been one guy that she’d gotten weird vibes off of, she’d seen him strolling around the club, talking to a few different women before he’d gotten to her. But unlike the other men that had half drooled over themselves, he was confident and had an easy going smile. He’d simply complemented her dress and walked off without even asking for her number or anything.

She’d put it out of her mind, enjoyed the rest of the night and collapsed on to her bed to sleep off the hangover.

Now, taking a second look at the other women here with her, hadn’t she seen him talking to each of them at some point during the night?

She shook her head as she waked by a woman that definitely hadn’t been at the club, she was dressed as some kind of old fashioned butler and was directly all four of them towards the far side of the foyer that they had walked in to.

All four sets of their heels clicked sharply against stone tiles as they each went to the wall and turned around, stand as if on display.

Linda was still trying to figure out what was going on, she’d woken up this morning, a slight hanger still clouding her mind as she headed to the bathroom and took a nice long hot shower. Once she’d dried herself off she’d sat down at her makeup table and started to get ready. She’d applied her makeup, done her hair, shaved nearly every inch of her body and then headed to her closet to find the shortest dress she could find.

She finished her outfit off with some jewellery and a nice matching pair of heels before she called for the Uber on her phone and headed out.

Even now, that she was here, if you’d asked her what the address she’d typed in to Uber was she wouldn’t have been able to tell you. It was the strangest feeling, knowing something yet being unable to think it, say it or even write it down. It was like someone had inserted the commands for her fingers to type it out on her phone but that she could do nothing else with it.

“I see the Master has found a fine crop of new recruits.” the butler said and Linda snapped back to the moment as she turned her head to the butler.

Linda was about to ask what she meant by ‘Master’ when the butler spoke once more, “Alright ladies, let’s see those breasts.”

Linda’s hands flew up to the top of her dress and pulled it down over her breasts, her nipples hardening at the cool air of the room. She looked over to her left to see the other three doing the same thing.

“Now turn around and let’s see those bums as well.” the butler said and all four turned around, lifting up their dresses and sticking their bums out as they steadied themselves on the wall.

Linda heard the butler walk over to the woman farthest from her and after a moment Linda heard her moan, “Not bad, you need some colour though. Report to the pool.” the butler said and then she heard the click of heels once more as the woman walked from the foyer.

The butler stepped over to the next woman and just as before Linda heard a moan after a moment, “You need to loose a few pounds before you will be ready for the Master, report to the kitchen for now.” the butler said and Linda once more heard footsteps leave the foyer.

The process repeated itself once more with the woman standing beside her, “Yes, you’ll do for the Masters morning service. Turn around and wait here.” the butler said and then step over to Linda.

Linda felt her tough upwards on her dress and grab her ass, inspecting her like a piece of meat. It felt incredible and Linda closed her eyes as her lips parted and she moaned as the pleasure coursed over.

“The Master always had fine taste when it comes to a great posterior, wait here.” the butler said as she let go of Linda’s ass and Linda whimpered slightly as the pleasure left her.

The butler’s footsteps echoed through the foyer as she walked up the ornate staircase and Linda’s mind swirled with thoughts of leaving, of running away, of escape. But her body remained firmly planted in place.

A few minutes later, two sets of footsteps came down the stair case.

“A fine selection as always Master. I have sent the one to the pool to get some colour and the other to the kitchen until she is more presentable to you. But these two are ready to serve you now.”

“Very good. I knew Cindy needed some work, but I just couldn’t resist that sparkle in her eyes. And as for Tammy, I trust your judgment, a few days by the pool will do her good I’m sure.”

“Thank you Master. I live to serve.”

The man speaking moved towards the woman beside Linda and she managed just to catch sight of him in the corner of her eye. It was the same man that had complemented her the night before.

He reached out and grabbed the woman’s breasts, squeezing the two large globes with little concern for the woman’s pleasure. To Linda’s surprise the woman let out a moan and pushed her chest out even farther.

“You know Vicky when I saw these tits last night I just knew I was going to have to fuck them.” the man said.

“Y… Y… Yes Master…” Vicky let out between moans as he continued to assault her breasts.

After a moment he stopped and stepped over to Linda. He grabbed her ass and she gasped.

“And Linda. I watched you wiggle this ass all over the dance floor, flirting with every guy that gave you a second look with no intention of putting out. Bad girl… bad girl.” he said as he raised his hand up and landed two hard slaps on to her ass.

She bit her lower lip and moaned loudly, “Puh… puh… please…” she managed to get out as two massive waves of pleasure crashed over her.

“Please what Linda?” he asked.

“Puh… please… let me go…” she forced her lips to say as her surreal situation finally started to come in to focus.

She wasn’t sure how he was doing it, but he’d controlled her mind last night at the club. Planted the idea of coming to his mansion today, dressed up as if she was going to the club again.

He was even implanting the idea that standing here, half undressed, being graded like some kind of piece of meat while having her ass slapped was turning her on!

“Oh I like this one Ali, she’s got some spirit in her.” the man said to the butler before firmly grabbing one of her ass cheeks and jiggling it hard.

“Oh god! Oh god!” Linda cried out. It was too much. It was like he was holding a vibrator right on her clit each time her ass jiggled up and down.

“I’ll tell you what Linda, I’ll let you go and all you have to do is tell me to stop.” he said as he continued.

“Ngh… ugh… please… ssss… ssss…” she got out before his other hand raised up and slapped her ass once more.

“OH MY GOD!!!!!!” she cried out as a small orgasm crashed over her.

“Do you *slap* want me *slap* to stop? *slap*” he asked as his hand landed on her ass three more times, causing three more small orgasms.

“Na… na… no!” she stuttered out.

“No what Linda?”

“No… no Master!”

He grabbed her other cheek and jiggled them both at the same time, it was too much for her, “Oh god yes Master! Play with my ass! I love it Master! I love it Master!”

The orgasm that crested was unlike anything she’d experienced before and her knees almost gave out from under her.

“Yes, she’ll do fine Ali. Vicky can be my new lunch time girl, I’ll enjoy having those tits wrapped around my cock while I’m eating. Linda can take on my bedtime duties, I think I’m going to enjoy going to sleep with my cock in that ass each night.”

“Yes Master. I’ll see too it.” the butler replied as the man walked off.

All Linda could think about was that if Master could bring her to such an orgasm just by playing with her ass, what would it feel like to have her Master’s cock buried deep inside it?

A shiver of delight ran down her spine as she knew that it wouldn’t be long before she found out.