So now that my Tumblr is gone I decided to take a look back at my writing statistics.

The first thing I noticed is that It’s technically been just over 10 years since I posted my first story to the EMCSA, but I don’t quite consider that the start of my real writing as I then took a two year hiatus until posting anything else.  Since then I’ve posted at least one story a year to the EMCSA with 2014 being my high point of 11 stories.

But there’s something something interesting that happened that year too, I started my Tumblr.

In fact, those 11 stories posted in 2014 all happened in the first six months of the year, which coincides with when I really started doing captions on Tumblr to a schedule.

YearWords posted to

Unfortunately there really isn’t a good way to get my word count from Tumblr, but I can create some kind of estimate by using some assumptions:

  • I started really posting in April of 2014 (there are a few posts in March, but not much).
  • I posted a “sexbot” or “fine art” kind of post every other day (low word count).
  • I posted a “real” caption every other day (higher word count).
  • My captions grew over time in length.
  • I had several breaks, but they never amount to more than a few weeks or so.
  • Once in a while I would double post on a day or do news items/Q&As which all added to my word count.

Base on the above, I started with an average of 200 words per day and increased it by 50 words each of the following years.  That makes my Tumblr word count look something like this:

YearWords posted to Tumblr

And that probably seems reasonable, since some of my captions exceed 4000 words near the end.

That means my total writing output looks like this:

YearWords posted to MCStories.comWords posted to TumblrTotal

Which puts me over three quarters of a million words… that’s kind of scary 🙂

Now I don’t expect my writing for the EMCSA to suddenly pick up by ~150k words a year, Tumblr was a unique platform that allowed me to write short captions based on images that everyone could see.  Writing without the images takes more time and effort.

Also, I’ll be posting some captions here along with the First World Bimbo Problem images which take a different kind of effort to do 😉

I think I’m going to set myself a goal for the year and see if I can do it.  Currently I have ~18k words written in three stories, plus I have another BoB story planned and they seem to run about ~6k words, which means I probably have ~25k words for 2019 already.

So, while I might regret putting this in writing, I’m going to target 100k words for 2019 excluding anything I post here or on DeviantArt.

That should almost double my output from 2014.

The majority of my writing will get posted to the EMCSA, but I might try my hand at some non-MC based erotica that would obviously not get posted there but over at Literotica.

And I might even try something non-erotic all together 😉

Well, now that I’ve set the goal, you’ll have to check back at the end of next year to see if I managed to reach it 🙂

Hope everyone has a good (and apparently productive) new year!