Stacey pulled he tongue gently towards her mouth, the stud connecting her tongue to Wendy’s was firmly affixed to both of them. It sent a little shiver of pleasure through them each time one of them gave it a little tug one way or the other.

It was much like the two rings that connected their nipples or the ring and chain that connected their clits.

They both stood together in the corner of the room, slowly, methodically, making out with each other.

Wendy leaned in and locked lips with Stacey as they both sucked on each other’s tongues for several minutes before once more opening their mouths and separating as much as they could.

They both turned their heads slightly to look over at the desk where three men were sitting. One behind it and two in front, they could easily hear the conversation, but paid it no mind as they continued their sensual embrace.

“My services, as you know, do not come cheap.” the man behind the desk said.

“Money is not an object.” one of the men in front of the desk replied.

“Can you deliver our request?” the other asked.

“Of course…” the man behind the desk said, waving over towards Stacey and Wendy, both felt a shiver of pleasure run right down their spines and in to their pussies.

“These two were once the cities most fearsome advocates for law and order… I’m sure you recognize officer Wendy Storm and district attorney Stacey Lawson?”

“Oh… yes, yes of course.” one of the men said and the other’s mouth just hung open.

“Now they are mere ornamentation in my office, two pretty things on display for my enjoyment… isn’t that right girls?”

On queue they both pushed their faces and hips together, kissing each other passionately as they dry humped each other. Moments later they both orgasmed together and returned to slowly making out.

“Very impressive.”

“Yes, very.” the two men in front of the desk said.

“Then I await your payment and the details of the job.” the man behind the desk replied and stood up, extending his hand to the others.

“We will send both over as soon as we get back.” one of the men in front of the desk said and shook his hand, the other nodded and shook it as well.

All three walked from the office and Stacey felt a sudden loss that she knew Wendy did as well. Their purpose was to be on display, but that wasn’t possible if there was no one to see them.

The only thing she could hope for was that someone would return soon. In the mean time, she continued to make out with Wendy as it was the only thing she knew how to do.