When the world fell, the heroes fell with it and were scattered across the globe. Many ended up in the clutches of their arch enemies, which had flourished in the chaos of the new world as it grew from the old.

I was lucky enough to capture Scarlet Saber, leader of the League of Superheroines myself, but her four compatriots escaped me. Lady NighShadow, SolarGirl, Miss Americana and Shining Star had been taken to the four corners of the world.

Of course in the new world, nothing was out of reach as long as you were strong enough and patient enough. I had plenty of both and when the opportunity arose I took advantage.

Lady NightShadow had fallen in to the Mad Russian’s hands, but he over reached in a move to gain more territory, leaving himself vulnerable. The small, specialized team I sent in had no problem in retrieving her for me.

SolarGirl was in the clutches of Dex Ruger, once a titan of industry but now the undisputed warlord of the east coast. A business man to the end, it was only a matter of time until I could make a deal with him for her.

Miss Americana had been the most challenging, held by one of the last remaining countries left standing as a political symbol of the defeat of it’s enemies. She was constantly on display in the capital’s central square as a monument to their leader. It took me years to engineer the countries downfall, but when the revolt finally took hold no one noticed the missing heroine in all of the commotion.

Shinning Star had been the hardest to find, though easiest to “liberate” from her situation. I finally tracked her down in a brothel in what had been South America. No one knew who she had been and so I had bought her from her pimp for a pittance.

But now, finally, all five stood before more once more. We had tangled so many times over the years, always battling to a stand still until one side or the other escaped to fight another day. But this time would be different, there would be no escape for them.

“So ladies, how does it feel to be back together once more as the mighty League of Superheroines?” I asked and the five of them stole quick glances at each other before Scarlet Sabre took a step forward from between the other four.

“I speak for the entire League Sir when I say we are all eternally grateful to you for making this possible.” she said with reverence in her voice.

SolarGirl nodded and stepped beside Scarlet Sabre and threaded her arm around Scarlet Sabre’s waist before pushing her chest out and smiling. Miss Americana did the same on the other side as Lady NightShadow and Shinning Star moved be behind them and wrapped the arms around the three heroins in front of them.

“Perhaps Sir we can do something for you in return?” Scarlet Sabre asked, “I’m told that SolarGirl has a very tight pussy and that Miss Americana’s ass is even tighter. Or perhaps Lady NightShadow and Shining Star can get down on their knees and provide you with oral pleasure? And of course my body is always at your beck and call Sir.”

“Yes, that all does sound very good. I think I’ll start with Miss Americana. Why don’t the rest of you get each other in the mood.” I replied and all five former heroines smiled broadly.

“Of course Sir.” Scarlet Sabre said and turned to SolarGirl, placing a firm kiss on her lips as they started to make out. Lady NightShadow and Shining Star embraced each other and sunk to the floor, quickly manoeuvring in to a 69 position.

Miss Americana stepped forward, swaying her hips from side to side as she did and then turned around. She put her hands on her hips and bent over at the waist, wiggling her ass and then raising her hand up and giving it several hard slaps in succession.

I smiled as the show started and a feeling of accomplishment came over me. Each had been broken by a different villain, each fighting on their own right to the end. But now, finally, there were reunited and working as a team once more.

It was not the team that I had fought on so many occasions before the world fell… no, this team was far superior to that one and I was sure they would prove it time and time again over the coming months.