Tammy pushed her tits out and looked over at her boyfriend Hank, the mostly blank look on her face didn’t betray the complex emotions that bubbled up under it.

Fear, anger, humiliation, hate, and outrage were just a few of them and she was sure there were many more that formed the knot in her stomach.

She’d been dating Hank for just a couple of months, but in that time she’d quite her job, starting going to the gym, had three surgeries, had her tongue, nipples and clit pierce, and been pretty much been his live in sex doll for the last six weeks.

Case in point was the fact that she was standing there beside the TV as he watched the Sunday game.

“Yes! Another point on the board!” Hank cried out and then looked over to her, “Hey Tammy, come over her and give me a blow job.” he said.

She wiggled her way over and knelt down between his legs, pushing the house coat to each side and then taking his shaft in to her mouth. She bobbed up and down as the commercial played and continued as the game resumed.

“Come on babe, keep your head down,” he said and pushed her head lower, “you’re blocking the TV.”

She scrunched down between his legs farther, pulling his dick lower until she was actually looking up at him. His gaze was firmly on the TV as she did her best not to get in the way.

Minutes later, during the next commercial break, he grabbed her hair, pulled her backwards and came all over her face and tits.

She remained there for the rest of the game, looking up at him as his cum dried on to her, until it was finally over.

“Go get yourself cleaned up and put something sexy on.” he said and she bounced up, heading right to the bathroom, relieved to be able to finally clean his cum off of her.

She returned to the living room half an hour later, after a shower and a change of clothes, or more aptly putting some on. She was surprised to find another man sitting on the couch with Hank.

“So this is her?” the new man said.

“Yep, a total slut. She’ll do anything you ask her to.” Hank replied and humiliation filled her once more, but her face remained placid as she stood in front of them like some kind of piece of meat.

“Go ahead Tammy, give our guest a little show.” Hank said and Tammy immediately started to dance, running her hands all over her body. She grabbed her tits, turned around and did the same with her ass, she bent over and flipped up her little skirt showing off her bare pussy.

“Damn, I love that ass.” the new man said.

“Yeah, I know right? And it’s all natural, it’s why I picked her in the first place. That’s good Tammy.”

Tammy stood back upright and turned back around and once more stood placidly in front of them.

“Man, I just don’t know how you do it Hank. One day you’re going to have to tell me your secret.”

“No way man, that’s my golden ticket. No one is ever going to find that out.”

Both men got up from the couch and came over to Tammy, “Now Tammy, this is Jake, your new boyfriend. Your going to be just as an obedient little slut with him as you are with me, understand?” Hank said.

“Yes Hank.” she replied and nodded her head as her eyes wandered over to Jake, “Hi baby! Like, do you want me to suck your cock now?”

“Not now slut, maybe later.”

“Like, ok!”

“And Tammy?” Hank said and she turned back to him, “Jake owns a strip club, you’re going to work there and be the best stripper in the place. Make sure to give him all the money you make and that any client that takes you to Jake’s ‘private’ VIP area leave completely satisfied, no matter what they want. Got it?”

“Of course Hank, for sure!” she replied but only wanted to wrap her hands around his throat and choke him until his lifeless body hit the ground.

“And who knows, if you’re a good slut for Jake I might even drop by one night and visit the club.” Hank said offhandedly and Tammy giggled in reply.

Jake grabbed a piece of Tammy’s ass and moved her towards the door, she in turn wrapped an around his shoulder and let out a soft giggle as they left Hank’s place.

“Just simply amazing… don’t know how he does it.” Jake said under his breath as the door closed behind them and Tammy couldn’t agree more.

Hank had turned her in to a plastic fuck doll for his own enjoyment and then shipped her off to be a stripper and more than likely whore, in some sleazy strip club. And to top it off she’d be ‘dating’ the owner and giving him all of her earnings.

They got to his car and pulled out of the driveway a few minute later when Jake half turned to her, “Hey Tammy, how about that blow job now?”

“*giggle* like, sure thing baby!” she replied and leaned over the center console, getting her in to position and then fishing his dick from his pants. Her lips wrapped around it and she sucked it deep in to her mouth.

Tammy didn’t know how Hank had done it either, but the one thing she did know what that however he’d done it, there was no way to fight it. So she closed her eyes, moaned as she sucked and tried to make he best of it.

She was Jake’s girlfriend now, his slutty little stripper whore, but somewhere deep down she knew she was still Hank’s property. Maybe, just maybe if she was a good enough stripper, a slutty enough whore, he might come and visit her and take her to that private VIP area.

Her pussy buzzed at the thought just in time for Jake’s load to fill her mouth. She popped her over inflated lips off his shaft, keeping every drop inside of her mouth, then turned her head as far as she could so she looked up at Jake, opened her mouth and showed him what a good slut she was.

“That’s great slut, stay just like that till we get home. I want to see you spit that load out all over your tits before licking it back up and swallowing every last drop.”

The mix of emotions swirling around in her head finally collected in to a single burning one, pride. She was a great slut and that meant Hank might come to the club and that was all that was important now.