Kimmy looked down through her glasses at the shiny material that covered her ass to make sure it was as smooth as it could be, before pushing her glasses up her nose and wiggling her way out of the back room to the podium at the front of the club.

There she relieved Libby, a tiny blonde that was similarly covered in latex and a corset, “Has it been busy so far Libby?” she asked.

“Not yet, but the reservation book is pretty packed for later.” Libby replied.

Kimmy rolled her eyes at the news as Libby started to walk away, “Hey Libby, did you go down another size?” Kimmy called after her.

Libby turned back to her, a broad smiled across her face as she put her hands on her tightly constrained waist, her finger tips almost touching, “Yeah! One more to go before I can take my first shift inside!”

“Congrats Libby, I’m so jealous!” Kimmy replied as her own hands wrapped around her waist, but didn’t come nearly as close Libby’s. She figured she had a least three more sizes to go before she could take her first shift inside.

In the mean time, she had to work the podium to make sure the clients were well taken care of in more mundane ways.

Speaking of which, her first client of the day approached and so she put on her best smile, clasped her hands behind her back and pushed her modest breasts out as best she could, “Hello Mr. Mayor, I have you down for your regular room with Tammi, correct?”

The older, overweight, balding man smiled, “That’s right… Kimmy isn’t it?”

“Oh yes Sir, thank you for remembering.” she replied as his eyes roamed up and down her body and a tingle ran down her spine in to her pussy.

“You’re looking very fine Kimmy, I might just have to book some time with you once you finally get your first shift inside.”

“It would be an honour Mr. Mayor!” she replied as the tingle in her pussy intensified even more, “Right this way Sir.” she said and lead him back in to the club.

The main area was reasonably small, a few of the girls were on the couches, covered from head to toe in black latex. Other than minor differences in their height or size of their waist or chests, they could have been interchangeable. They were the lowest of the girls, tasked with entertaining anyone who might want to just drop in for a few minutes of unscheduled time.

They moved along the one side of the area until the reached the back wall and then past the first of two hallways. Down it was a row of small rooms, mostly just big enough to hold a couch and a small table. These were each attended by another set girls, but each wore a custom outfit. Usually a pony girl was there, along with a cat or dog girl, some wore heavy bondage gear and there was, of course, always a french maid present.

But Kimmy turned down the second hallway, where the rooms were larger, with a couch and a bed in them, along with more specialized girls. These were the top earners in the club and often they would be booked for hours at a time with the best clients the club had.

Kimmy opened the door to the Mayor’s room and let him enter before closing it behind him. Kimmy watched the small Japanese woman, in the stereotypical school girl outfit that was made of latex, bounce over and throw her arms around the Mayor as she gave off a high-pitched squeal.

She walked back to the podium and resumed her position until the next client arrived, when he did her whole body shuttered, “D… D… David!” she let out in a small squeal. He wasn’t on the list, what was he doing here!

“Hello Kimberly… I’m sorry, I keep forgetting, Kimmy.” he replied with a wry smile and her knees almost gave out from beneath her.

David was with the District Attorney for the city and her old boss. She’d worked under him for four years as the lead prosecutor on some of the highest profile corruption scandals in the city. Then… then… then something had happened. They’d been investigating a big case that seemed to go all the way to the top, when she decided to resign and start working here at the club.

She didn’t have any more time to think about it as David step to her side, placed his hands around her waist and spun her around to face the wall. Then he slid his hand around to her stomach and pushed her over with his other hand until she was bent over at 90 degrees at the waist.

Her hands flew out to the wall in front of her to steady herself as David’s hands rubbed her ass, “Damit it Kimmy, you’re coming along well. You know they promised me unlimited access to you for my co-operation and I just couldn’t turn them down. How’s your ex-assistant coming along?”

“Li… Lib… Liberty? She… she’s coming along well Sir.” Liberty had been a brilliant young legal researcher, key in so many of Kimmy’s prosecutions.

He grabbed a hold of her hair and pulled her upright once more before spinning her around to face him. Her whole body was on fire, her nipples were as hard as rocks and she was sure she could feel her own juices starting to run down the inside of her thigh.

“That’s good to hear. Don’t worry about the fact that I’m not on the schedule, I just dropped by for a few minutes in the club. I’ll show myself in.” he said and took a step forward before reaching back and slapping her ass as he chuckled.

She only remained upright due to the fact that she had grabbed hold of the podium to steady herself.

Minutes later she could here the sounds of one of the girls in the club moaning in pleasure as she was sure David was deep inside of her.

She held herself together as best as she could, but in the end she resolved to work twice as hard to get a shift inside. She’d go straight to the corseter right after work. If Libby was just one size away, there was no reason she shouldn’t be either, after all they both started at the club at the same time.

With the new resolve and the sounds of sex filling the air, Kimmy bit her lower lip, closed her eyes and thought of David fucking her and managed to eek out a small orgasm of her own. She smiled and waited for the next client to approach the podium, even though it was going to be a long night, she had something to look forward to.