“Alright Dr. Thompson, freeze!” Special Agent Karen Wong shouted out as she drew her weapon and started to slide out of the car she’d just skidded in to the parking spot.

She’d been chasing Dr. Thompson half way across the city when she’d finally caught up to him in the underground parking garage of his condo tower. She’d been sent undercover by “the company” to find out what was up with his psychology practice three months ago and she’d finally gotten everything she needed on him.

It had been easy enough to pose as a stressed out executive at a fortune 500 company, having weekly sessions with him and giving her some time before each one to dig around his office before the patient before her left.

She manged to step out of her car, her gun trained on him the whole time, “Don’t shoot Special Agent Wong, I surrender.” the Doctor said and something in the back of Karen’s mind tweaked, how did he know she was an agent, let alone her real last name?

A smile cross his lips as confusion crossed her face and her gun wavered and lowered just a bit, “Is there something the matter Special Agent Wong?” he said again and Karen’s world began to spin just a little.

“Wh… what… stop saying that…” she said, frustration in her voice as she tried to focus.

“Saying what Special Agent Wong?” he said and this time her arm felt like jello and it fell to her side, her fingers only just managing to hold on to her weapon.

“Please… please stop…” she half muttered as her eyes lost focus and he took a step towards her.

“Stop what Special Agent Wong? Calling you *special*?” this time she couldn’t help it and she let out a gasp as he step right up to her, his fingers taking hold of her weapon and disarming her.

“What else would you call someone like yourself? I mean here you are, dressed up in a black cat suit and your tits hanging out. You sound like a very *special* kind of agent to me.” he said, taking his thumb and placing it on her chin to tilt her head up so she was looking right in to his eyes.

Her lower lip quivered as her head spun even more, “So tell me Special Agent Wong, what makes you so special?”

Her eyes opened wide and she gasped just before the words started to fall from her lips, “I’m special because I’m a double agent. I’m your double agent.”

Everything in her mind suddenly because crystal clear, the weeks of hypno therapy let him in to her mind, once there he twisted her loyalties around until she was his, body and soul.

“And what does my Special Agent have to tell me tonight?”

Her eyes sparkled as a smile crossed her lips, “It is done Sir, the company no longer suspects you of any foul play. They accepted my report whole heartedly. I am being reassigned next week to a new case.”

“Very good Special Agent Wong, and what will you do then?”

“I will continued to be your Special Agent inside the company. I will do everything I can to ensure no harm comes to you.”

“You have done well Special Agent Wong, now assume the position.”

Karen dropped to her knees, folding her legs beneath her as she clasped her arms behind her and pushed out her tits as much as she could. She tilted her head back and opened her lips in to a perfect circle. Moments later Dr. Thompson slid his dick between them, grabbed the back of her head and fucked her face.

She moaned and squealed with each thrust, the pleasure of his cock sliding down her throat almost as great as the pleasure of serving him.

He continued for several minutes until he finally pulled out at the last-minute and sprayed streams of cum on to her face and tits and she orgasmed as she did every time he gave her his seed.

“Very good Special Agent Wong, now don’t bother cleaning up and head home.” he said and she rose to her feet and slipped back behind the wheel of her car.

“Oh, and next week when you come to deliver your report, skip the whole gun routine would you?” he called back to her just as he was walking towards the parking elevator.

“Yes Sir!” she replied, flipping the sun visor down and opening the mirror to see his cum dripping from her chin. Another smiled cross her lips as she closed the car door and drove off. She knew when she arrived home and cleaned up, she’d forget all about her report to the Doctor, but she also knew it would only be a week before she’d deliver her next one.