“Hey Tammy, are you alright?” Kevin asked as the bemused blonde bombshell before him giggled in reply.

“Ugh, like, Tammy?” she said vacantly.

“Shit, I think I over did it.” Kevin swore to himself more than anyone else as obviously Tammy was no longer in any condition to understand his plight.

Kevin looked down at the small bag of pink pills and shook his head, it was so difficult to get the dosage right sometimes. After all the acme scared, overweight, nerd that had been Tamara a few minutes ago should have easily been able to deal with 3 pills without losing this much of her mental facilities.

But those vacant eyes hide nothing behind them now and there really was only one thing left to do. Kevin fetched another pill from the bag and put it up to Tammy’s lips, “Swallow.” he said and she took it in to her mouth and swallowed it down.

It didn’t take long, her already over filled lips plumped out even more until they could no longer close completely, her giant tits pushed against the material of the top until it looked like it was going to break and the rest of her body followed suit.

He took her head in his hands and looked her right in the eye as he watched the pill reach her mind, “You are a sex doll. You do not speak, you moan and squeak. You are owned and used for sexual pleasure, you exist only to suck and fuck.”

He watched her pupils dilate just before her eyes rolled back in to her head and a massive orgasm crash over her.

He shook his head in disappointment, sex dolls didn’t bring as much as a proper trophy doll, but sometimes you just had to take what you could get. And there were lots of men willing to by a living sex doll-like Tammy, he’d still earn a profit, but she’d been so promising otherwise, it seemed a waste to have to sell her off in this fashion.

He made a mental note for next time, don’t take the risk of giving them three pills even if they looked like they could handle it, start off with two and go from there. After all, two was more than enough to get them to agree to take a third, fourth or fifth pill if that was required.